Stories from Collective

Making a videogame has always been a dream of mine. It’s a chance to tell a compelling story where the player is in control. And that fascinates me.

- Maho Williams, Producer

Cherrymochi is an independent game studio that aims to bridge Japanese and Western game design. Inspired by Japanese pop culture, anime aesthetic and Western adventure games, Cherrymochi is a small dedicated team from 5 different countries with the goal of using their multicultural experience to make story-focused games for an international audience.

The story is based around an urban legend in Japan that says there is a door deep below the sewers of Tokyo, and all who enter it are lost forever. For us, that was the spark.

- Jon Williams, Project Lead, 3D Art & Programming

I grew up playing video games. Making Tokyo Dark really let me combine two of my favorite things: drawing and video games.

- Maho Williams, Producer

Tokyo Dark is an anime-style horror adventure game combining point and click and visual novel genres. The story follows Detective Itō accross Tokyo, searching for the truth behind her partner's strange disappearance. Featuring puzzles, stat management, and difficult decisions, Tokyo Dark puts the narrative in the hands of the player. Players' decisions change their character, opening or locking options and leading to multiple endings. Tokyo Dark is currently being developed for PC and Mac.

The themes and ideas in Tokyo Dark originated during our experiences of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, particularly the blackouts that affected our area during the nuclear disaster.

- Maho

Maho and I both have quite different gaming histories, and that is part of what makes Cherrymochi exciting, as we try to blend our passion for both Western and Japanese game design.

- Jon

Maho and I met working together and would spend lunch breaks endlessly talking in detail about the pros and cons of all the latest game releases... So, of course, it was inevitable really that we would get married and set up our own indie studio together.

- Jon

Our core principle for Cherrymochi is: To tell original stories in a way that blends Japanese and Western design. Because of our talented multi-cultural team and passion for storytelling we think we're in a great position to create unique experiences. We're driven to do this because there is nothing else we'd rather do!

Creating a game set in Tokyo, and being based here is incredibly convenient. Whenever we need ideas for location design or get writer's block we just walk the street for a few hours. Problem solved!

- Jon Williams, Project Lead, 3D Art & Programming

Where AAA studios can not afford to take big risks, indies with much smaller development periods and lower budgets can. I hope that indie teams keep innovating and trying new things.

- Laura Jin, Character Design & 2D Art

keeping the game's scope limited and focused is really important. With a small team, it's easy to get excited about a possible new feature and jump straight into prototyping it. But you have to be realistic about how long it will take.