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Troll and I

Troll and I is a third person, dual protagonist, action adventure.

Troll and I
Yes 92% No 8%

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, RPG

Developer: Spiral House Ltd



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Platforms: PC


Final imagery for some of our characters... go and check them out and let us know what you think...

Final Imagery...


Gameplay footage added.. go check it out...

Gameplay Footage


We've added more information about the Troll hunters in the first update, so be sure to check it out.

The Human Element:


Set in the 1950’s, in the harsh, demanding landscape of Northern Europe, ‘Troll and I’ is a third person, episodic, action adventure in which the player takes (flip flop) control of two unlikely friends; a young boy called Otto who is agile, skilful with a spear and deft with melee weapons; and a giant, magical Troll, also in his infancy and yet to learn and harness the magical abilities of his kin.


PC (Steam), PS4 (PSN) and Xbox One (Xbox LIVE)


We wanted something more than a regular third person action adventure and so implemented a heartfelt emotional story, combined with multiple, controllable, contrasting characters that have a unique presence and gameplay function. Together, as a team, they must rid the world of Troll Hunters and monsters, close gaping fractures that litter the landscape and find a way home. It’s an arduous journey with many big challenges, a journey that will test their friendship to the limits. For Troll’s are feared by humans and humans are banished from the Troll world.

The game has sprinklings of various genres including RPG's and Action Adventures. It has a layered melee and long range weapon systems with damage and durability values to manage. It relies heavily on an inventory system with crafting and collecting supplements to create numerous weapons. The boy can use a stealth system that allows the player to plan his approach if he chooses and the Troll has various magic abilities that are honed to either protect, hide or disguise both characters. The magic is not designed to be a weapon; Trolls in our game world are generally good natured creatures, unless threatened of course.

When the game begins, the story reflects Trolls as myth and legend, not unlike the Yeti or Sasquatch. The general public have heard about the potential sightings and the glorified horror stories, but have no real evidence that Trolls exist… until now!


  • Single Player, direct control, dual protagonist teamwork with boy and magic troll
  • Multiplayer, co-op play (stretch goal)
  • Melee and long range combat
  • Stealth
  • Crafting, melee and long range weapons
  • Survival, hunt animals and forage for food
  • Puzzle solve
  • Explore, climb, jump using both characters individually or together as a team
  • Skills and abilities, upgrade with skill points
  • Varying enemies and factions
  • Story, plot
  • Collectable's, Troll lore, Troll Hunter plans
  • Varying gameplay approach

The core feature is the switchable, dual protagonist control and the way in which they come together and form a team in the face of adversity. They are from different worlds; they look different; they have a different function in the game; they're both being hunted and they both desire the same thing. But not only is this conveyed through the story, it's embedded in the gameplay too. You cannot play this game without controlling both characters as individuals or as a team. Both will be required to traverse the human world and the Troll world while avoiding the many pitfalls that lie in wait.

 Traverse the environments with the boy or the Troll, or both together...

 Use the muscle of the Troll to create a path...


Another key feature is the crafting. Not only will you be able to find weapons that are already functional, but you'll be able to craft various additional weapons from supplements that you find in the environment. Otto was trained by his father to hunt so to utilise that skill you will have to seek out trees that are suitable for spear making and actually chop the bush down to create a basic spear. If you want to add a spearhead that will do some real damage, you will need to find some binding and various spearheads to craft more powerful spears. The basic spear is perfect for hunting, but has limited use as a weapon.

This logic is also applied to melee weapons.


 And equip them when action dictates...


The game takes place in Scandinavia. The landscape and locations are not verbatim, but merely themed around that area of the world for its distinct look and feel, its wealth of history, it's curiosity, and the atmosphere that it offers. The locations will vary from lush mountainous landscapes, forests, dangerous Hunter Camps built into the rocks and crevasses, secret military WWII themed bases that burrow into the hillsides, and Troll caves that tunnel deep into the mountains to name a few.

The Human World:

 The Crevasse:

 Troll Hunter's Mobile Camp:

Troll Hunter's Permanent Camp:

Troll's World:

 Troll Bridge:

Troll Cave:


It is not an open world. The game has a linear storyline, but the game will allow you to travel back and forth through the world. The entire game is split into four episodes. Each episode is approximately four hours long, but it depends on how you play and it still needs to be confirmed on play through. There are approximately 16 chapters in each episode, but each chapter varies in size from a big exploration / puzzle area, to a much smaller boss arena. We will be releasing one episode at a time at dates to be confirmed. Everything you see here is for Episode 1 only.


The game has a two tier enemy system in the form of human Troll Hunters that have set up camp throughout the landscape, and fantastical monsters that spawn from Fractures in the ground. Both have the same goal – to kill/capture Trolls and humans if necessary.

The player must protect the Troll from the Troll Hunters and the monsters. Troll Hunters will do anything to capture a Troll and if the player should run into them, pray they don’t capture your Troll! Beware of the hideous traps the Hunters have hidden in the landscape. Don’t let the monsters spot the Troll, or a horn will be blown and a small army will be your challenge.

Both types of enemy are fundamental to the storyline so we’re not going to go into too much detail as to the reasons why they are there, needless to say, they pose a huge threat to the Troll, the boy, and their goal.



Two forms trek across a ravaged landscape. Leading the way is a sinewy figure of a young boy whose cautious movements betray his fear. Behind him, an enormous form, many times the boy’s size. The creature could knock the boy stone dead with a single blow of his boulder sized fist, but its guarded stance and alert expression gives him a human like quality. The boy carefully surveys the landscape, moves forward, and leads them to an uncertain future.

After a disaster destroys his village, a young boy named Otto is forced to run, leaving his family and friends behind to fend for himself in a harsh, demanding landscape. But in the midst of chaos and from the desire to survive, Otto befriends a Troll. Together they embark on a journey that explores the friendship and emotional depth of human and beast as they trek across a devastated landscape that has concealed many secrets… until now!

Note: The story arc has been written for all four episodes and the first episode is complete to first draft script. We don’t want to reveal too much of this information at the present time because we don’t want to spoil it for you, the player. Needless to say the disaster happens for a reason and they are not alone on their journey!


As mentioned previously, the game is episodic, and the story will flow through all episodes in a traditional act based structure, with cliff hangers, sub-plots, twists and turns. Both characters will grow both visually and emotionally, and it will culminate into a spectacular ending.


The first episode is well underway and we'll have a prototype ready around mid-March 2015. This will show off the core gameplay mechanics of both characters; the relationship between the two characters and how they interact together to form gameplay; combat system; stealth system; the artistic direction; proof of concept and proof of (our own) technology on all three platforms.

We are also currently developing the two main characters further to bring them up to a level of quality that gamers are expecting today.


Gameplay footage mid-March 2015; A promotional video mid-March 2015; The first episode is currently scheduled for release fourth quarter 2015.


Now we need your help. As a team, we get very close to a project and we believe we’re creating something special, fun and unique, so having a fresh perspective from the people who will be playing it is invaluable.

Not only that, we’d like to take you on this journey with us. We'd like you to get involved in some of the decisions. We’ll reveal concept art and backer only first look gameplay footage. We’ll even ask you to help shape it into the game it will become by putting it through its paces at Beta, and share the ups and downs of development through forums and social media. So get involved, learn how we put games together, see it during production, and play the final result.

Why We're looking For Funding:

For 15 years, we've been developing games for other partners, keeping the boat above water so to speak, and our goal and dream has always been to one day develop our own ideas. Recently, the stars aligned and an opportunity arose for us to do this. Combining this opportunity with the crowdfunding channels puts us in a strong position going forward. We'd like to take the gameplay experience for 'Troll and I' as far and wide as we possibly can, and we have a lot of ideas we'd like to develop, but we need your help.


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More Updates



Thanks again for the support. You guys are awesome. The team @ Spiral HQ have been hard at work, and we figured, for this update, we would show you some gameplay footage. What you’ll see here is actual, real-time gameplay footage. We haven’t altered it in any way apart from editing the footage together. This shows snippets of…

  • Boy and Troll communication
  • Boy and Troll interaction
  • Ranged weapon stealth kill
  • Boy melee combat (base layer)
  • Troll Combat (base layer)

This is very much, work in progress. We couldn’t possibly begin to list all the things we’re not showing, the additional things we want to do, and the things we want to enhance, but there are some glaringly obvious elements that will change.

For example, you’ll obviously see the two main characters; they’re currently in the progress of being upgraded and they weren’t ready for this update so we’re showing pre Alpha characters here.

Visually, we’re quite proud of our Troll’s fur… it’s been hard to get it to the level it currently is and we have ideas on how we can improve it further. Real-time fur is no easy thing, especially on a character of that scale, but he’s important to us so we want him to look the best we can make it.

The environment is a location from the game (without giving too much away) and we’re using it to test a lot of the features and to build the visual tech alongside the gameplay. So again, it will most likely change before you see it again.

As our campaign progresses, more gameplay features will be revealed and we’re hoping to reveal some of the softer elements of the game next time. We hope you enjoy it and it gives you a little more insight into what we want to achieve with the game.

Thanks again.


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  • KiraDawn
    KiraDawn / 4 years ago

    now when to i get to download and play it?

  • Jackpack00
    Jackpack00 / 4 years ago

    @wisewulf like the players choIce, I definitely prefer no auto attack. Shield might be over the top. A dodge, fence or perhaps just a troll bone strapped to the arm would do.. might be a good crafting item. Scrolls are not a trolls way. If he needed to learn magic, I guess the troll would teach him, in some of the magical caves and locations. Perhaps in a late part of the game. but I like that the troll is magical, and that the kid isn't. free hand markings on the map would be a cool feature!

  • wisewulf
    wisewulf / 4 years ago

    combat looks weak, make it auto attack mode , player's choice. give the boy a shield so that he can defend himself from foes. The troll really needs some rework, it looks like a overgrown ape. If there is elements of quest, make it auto locate location on maps. The boy should be able to use magical spells using the four elements, this could be learnt using scrolls. Game characters need some rework they look crude.

  • Jackpack00
    Jackpack00 / 4 years ago

    This really looks great! Might end up being the best work yet! I'm really looking forward to trying your combat system! it looks smouth and a bit more challenging than a lot of locked target systems i've tryed. not even sure if it is locked?? (actually hoping that it isn't.) Well, best of luck from here! hope that there will be a few more videos about the crafting and hunting!

  • FTxNatsuz3z
    FTxNatsuz3z / 4 years ago

    I want to play this game !!Because i can play with gorilla!


  • Spiral House Ltd
    Spiral House has over 15 years of game development experience and we are now going back to our roots. We are currently 16 people strong and we fully intend on bolstering that number once the campaign is over . Since creating the acclaimed PC / Dreamcast RPG game ‘Silver’ back in 1999, Spiral House have gone on to develop and co-develop many successful titles including Alone In The Dark on PC and PS2, ‘Ghostmaster’ on Xbox and PS2 and the PS3 Launch title ‘Motorstorm’, amongst many others (see spiral house website for a full list). It was with our recent game, ‘Playstation®Vita Pets’ that we tasted adventure and story once again and were reminded how much we love this genre. We took the virtual pet game to whole different place by incorporating a story and adventure that allows the player take their dog on an adventure to discover ‘The Legend of Castlewood Island’.