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Das Tal

MMO and MOBA meet in a harsh sandbox world. Fight to escape from a dark fantasy prison. Grow strong and build your own settlements.

Das Tal
Yes 56% No 44%

Genre: MMO, Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy

Developer: Fairytale Distillery



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Platforms: PC

Update 23/01/15 - Ability Showcase Video

We have a brand new video releasing today, showing off all the abilities currently in game! You can view it here on youtube or here below!

Update 22/01/15 - Public Alpha Test

A lot of the feedback we are getting at this point is that people would have an issue backing a game they have not had the chance to see first hand. For this reason we will be holding a public playtest on the 8th of February at 8pm CET, in which all signups on our website will have access. They will also then be in the draw to receive a permanent tester key when we do periodic giveaways. I hope you guys can make it!

What is Das Tal?

Das Tal throws you into a dark fantasy prison world. You have only weeks to grow strong and build up your clan's settlements before facing the final challenge of breaking free of the valley. Hundreds of other players join you - wil they be your allies or enemies?

In Das Tal, Sandbox MMORPG meets MOBA: Full Loot and Open PvP create a game of 'risk vs. reward' where you weigh up your options before engaging others. PvP is never restricted, but cooperation is often rewarded. Each world is unique in its feature set and geography, with players voting on how worlds are put together. Time-boxed servers create winners and losers and allow you to regularly start anew. A fluid character system allows you to shape your character to fit your playstyle. You fight for resources to craft your equipment and construct your settlement. PvP combat is 100% skill-based and quick to be found. Both small-scale clashes and large-scale sieges are available for all players at any time.

Above: Two enemy clans fight over a choke point between key areas of the current pre-alpha map.

We call Das Tal a "Seasonal Sandbox PvP-RPG" - what does that mean?

"Seasonal Sandbox PvP-RPG" is our way of saying "we've mashed together features from several existing genres and then added a lot of new ideas of our own". Das Tal takes the large scale player interaction of an MMORPG, the intense and satisfying PvP of a skill based MOBA, the Full Loot, customizable open world and lack of restrictions of a Sandbox, and fluid character progression similar to that found in quality RPG’s. These combine, whilst removing elements that we see as being problematic - such as excessive grinding, targeted combat systems, the inability to progress without huge time investment and lack of real player interaction.

Features: (Video)

An MMO Without the Filler

Das Tal is a relatively small game, but boasts many of the qualities of an MMORPG, such as log in, log out persistence and much larger player count than an arena or MOBA game. This means that the world keeps spinning and developing over the server’s lifetime, rather than only being active when the player is. But as oppose to an MMO, players will not spend all their time grinding through hundreds of profession points or killing thousands of meaningless NPC’s. Instead you will meet other players in PvP combat and your world will tell the story of those fights. No quests. No cut scenes. No filler.

Open PvP and Full Loot

Player interaction is the key part of enjoying a Sandbox MMORPG, and for this reason we will not restrict PvP with padding systems such as flagging or safe zones. Instead, players will find that there are consequences and benefits to how they interact with their fellow players - even those of a different skill or character level. Veterans will be rewarded for mentoring newbies. Ganking newcomers is a dangerous game - as they don’t lose their gear but your high-level stuff easily gets lost.


Custom, Time-Boxed Worlds (Video)

Time-Boxing a persistent MMO means breaking up an endless journey into unique chunks. Each server in Das Tal will eventually reach a climactic end event and then refresh, leaving behind a world full of stories, triumphs and defeats. You as the players then decide on the feature combination of the new server and eventually enter this new world with completely new challenges.

Above: Two players get rid of an enemy intruder to make sure they don't lose control of their settlement.

Limited Grind: Compatible with Having a Real Life (Video)

Das Tal will remove a large portion of the grind that is currently necessary in other Sandbox MMOs. You will not be forced to macro your skills or click on resource nodes for hours. Instead you will find that both character progression and the war for resources are tied to PvP events big and small. This means frequent raiding, treasure hunts and city sieges instead of farming mobs for hours and hours.

Player Settlements & Sieges

All cities in das Tal will be player settlements. You will restore the ruins that you discover in the game world and use them as defensive structures for your clan. These settlements will also offer facilities for training, crafting and storage - and they are your clan’s major respawn points. Every now and then you will be sieged by those clans who wish to take your town - and sometimes you might even be the attackers.

Two large clans meeting in the desert.   

Resource Warfare & Player-Driven Economy

You will spend your prime time in game fighting to capture and hold resource deposits. Those are your means of gaining materials for crafting and building, but they can also be used as a method of starving out your opponents. Denying enemies the ability to craft better gear or improve their settlement could mean a serious tactical advantage, turning the tide in what may have otherwise been defeat in a head-on battle.

Above: A lone scythe-carrier stands guard at a key resource point.

Fast-Paced Combat (Video)

PvP is at the core of Das Tal. Technology has advanced enough so that we can finally take a step away from good ol’ Tab-targeting and create an exciting combat system that rewards accuracy, timing and tactical decision making. All abilities in Das Tal will be free-aimed. Full friendly fire & player collision will be enabled. An organised group of skilled players will have a significant advantage against a simple zerg.


Flexible Character Development

Characters in Das Tal are classless. That means that abilities are attached to weapons and armor so that players construct their build when they put on their equipment & pick their abilities. This makes changing roles a matter of swapping out equipment & doing some re-training, allowing players to experience many types of gameplay without having to create multiple characters.

State of Development: Pre-Alpha

We have spent the last 24 months on the first stages of game development: pre-production and pre-alpha development. We have assembled an awesome team. We have created multiple gameplay and technology prototypes. We have found our art style and setting. We've done the scheduling and the budgeting. We have funded ourselves mostly through angel investment and a government grant, but we are reaching the crucial stage where we will need further funding to enter full production to bring the game to its release state.

We're now in Pre-Alpha. We have  built the core elements of the game: The game server, the basic combat system, crafting. Right now we're working on the first large-scale features: player progression, settlements, resources and crafting. Read our blog for the concrete development roadmap and check out our website at for further details.

Can I play the game?

Yes and no. We are running a closed alpha test for the game. If you want to join our group of testers sign up here for a chance at being selected. Those who support our development through the purchase of supporter packages also gain access to the server.


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  • Fairytale Distillery
    Fairytale Distillery is a small, independent game studio located in Munich, Germany. Our founders (Alex & Sebi) spent about five years both making small independent games (in Alex' first startup studio, the Bit Barons) and large MMOs (Sebi worked on Travian). Now we've decided to start working on our passion project: Our very own PvP-RPG. We've grown to a team of six people who have worked on this latest prototype. Being funded we're now being joined by some freelance friends who will bring the team size for the pre-alpha phase up to nine team members.