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Tokyo Dark

Legend tells of a door deep below Tokyo's sewers. All who enter are lost forever. Detective Ito's partner is missing. Explore Tokyo & uncover the darkness that lays beneath the streets in this Point & Click - meets Visual Novel - narrative adventure that

Tokyo Dark
Yes 94% No 6%

Genre: RPG

Developer: Cherrymochi



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Platforms: PC


Tokyo Dark™ is an anime style horror adventure game that combines gameplay elements from Western point and click games with Japanese visual novels.

Against the neon lights of modern day Tokyo follow detective Itō into the shadows, into violence, lies and paranoia. Explore the tunnels and sewers beneath the city and uncover a paranormal conspiraciy hidden in the depths of the Tokyo dark.

Unravel the case and confront the unknown.

Make difficult ethical decisions that affect the story, explore Tokyo above and deep below ground, solve puzzles and collect evidence. With a branching narrative and multiple endings what happens is up to you.


Detective Itō`s partner has gone missing, what starts as a straight forward missing persons case soon spirals into a twisted nightmare when Itō is forced to confront her past and question her own sanity. Is there really a lost door deep below Tokyo? Is it just an urban legend? Are the living shadows she can see in the dark real, or signs that she needs help? Should she regret her past or stand by her decisions? These choices are yours to make.

How will you solve the Tokyo Dark?

 Tokyo Dark explores both the locations and people of Tokyo. The story confronts some of the true human horrors of Tokyo; suicide, child idols, institutionalised sexism and increasing nationalism. Against this very real background is a twisting and supernatural horror that makes detective Itō question her own sanity and the boundary between life and death.



Tokyo Dark blends together a number of different game genres, most notably point and click adventure games and visual novels. Follow clues, solve puzzles, make difficult decisions and discover that your actions have serious consequences.

 Explore side scrolling locations across Tokyo above and deep below ground.




3D maps of Tokyo, based on real locations let you choose where to go.


Travel around Tokyo by train


Search for evidence and solve puzzles.


GPS scanner

Player decisions increase or decrease a range of social stats that affect Ito’s interactions with others and open up or cut off entire branches of the plot. Every choice the player makes changes detective Itō. Throughout the game you'll need to keep track of Itō's mental state and take care to stay sane.


Tokyo Dark features huge branching conversations, with sometimes up to 30 possible choices per conversation. Your choices and actions unlock and lock future content and scenes.



Make difficult life and death decisions and deal with the consequences.

stand off

Although having visual similarities to an action sidescroller and the player being equipped with a gun from the start, firing your weapon is a very serious choice.

Tokyo Dark may be one of the only games where firing your gun can lead to a disciplinary hearing, counselling and trauma therapy.


Tokyo Dark combines detailed hand drawn anime style characters and sprites with 3D rendered environments and lighting. This combination of techniques and our attention to detail give Tokyo Dark it's unique look.








At first we plan to launch on Windows and Mac, depending on our kickstarter success we may also launch on Linux and WiiU.

If we see enough support and interest in bringing the game to other platforms after launching and have the opportunity, we would consider porting to Unity and releasing on Playstation Vita, PS4 and Xbox one.

why we need you

Tokyo Dark is being developed by Cherrymochi we are a new small British/Japanese indie games studio based near Tokyo, Japan. We're putting everything we have into making Tokyo Dark a great game, but our funds only go so far.

Please help us by supporting us here with Square Enix Collective and in the future with our crowdfunding.

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Finally, here is a sneak preview of one of our Kickstarter rewards, a chibi detective Ito toy.

Detective Ito toy

If you want to help us right now and can spare a few minutes we would really appreciate it if you could answer these questions in the comments below:

What do you think of the game so far?

What features would you like to see in the game?

Does this page make you want to support our Kickstarter?

Why / Why not?

Thank you for taking the time to check out Tokyo Dark.




We've been working on adding dynamic lighting and shadows to Toyko Dark.


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The neon crackled and spat out a harsh blue light throwing my shadow across the road. I looked down, wait. The blackness crawling under me, it's not my shadow.

Hi, thank you for all your support and feedback. :)

We've been working on some new features for Tokyo Dark, an important one not in our current trailer is dynamic lighting. Once in place it will make detective Itō feel more connected to the world and allow us to create dramatic lighting effects.

Early dynamic lighting test: lighting


As always we'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions, feelings, support and grumbles.  Every comment helps us to make a better game. Thank you.

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  • RyCruz
    RyCruz / 5 years ago

    It would seem as if there is a heavy opinion in favor of this game being available for a console or mobile device. I myself think this game would do great on any of the PS consoles to include the Vita.

  • gasaixyuno
    gasaixyuno / 5 years ago

    Vita would be an awesome platform for it.

  • Thealmightykey1
    Thealmightykey1 / 5 years ago

    This looks amazing and would definitely fit the gaming consoles of any type really. I can't wait for this game!

  • mph2501
    mph2501 / 5 years ago

    It looks like it would be great on a mobile platform like the Vita (which, by the way, has a great big roomy screen that would be perfect for your visuals) or the 3DS. Failing that, I'd get it for my PS3 in a heartbeat.

  • Zoraxyder
    Zoraxyder / 5 years ago

    Wow! it's amazing. I cant wait for that game! :D


  • Laura aka Moochirin
    Laura has been drawing since a young age but only switched to digital art in 2012 when she bought her first tablet. Discovering the communities at Deviantart and Pixiv motivated her to learn more about digital art and Japanese culture. Her style is inspired by anime and manga, but uniquely her own. Cherrymochi began working with Laura in September 2014, she creates all the beautiful character designs in Tokyo Dark.
  • Jon Williams
    Jon Williams has been working in indie games and designing interactive narratives for over 10 years. In 2008 he worked with Hewlett Packard Pervasive Computing Lab in England to develop mobile GPS and alternate reality games. During this period he worked with a number of companies developing digital content including Aardman digital and had indie projects funded by the arts council UK. In 2009 Jon moved to Japan, taking just one backpack and enough money to survive for a month. His plan was to stay for up to a year to seek inspiration for future projects. During his time in Japan he focused on developing his artistic skills, exhibiting digital art in galleries across Tokyo and researching background material for an interactive story. Experiencing the Tōhoku earthquake and nuclear disaster in 2011 first hand made Jon even more inspired to share his experiences of Japanese culture. He began writing Tokyo Dark. 3 Years later, married and still living in Japan he founded Cherrymochi, gathered a small team of talented creatives and began developing Tokyo Dark.