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Snot is a quirky 2D Action-Adventure with a sense of humour. [PC and Console]

Yes 68% No 32%

Genre: Action

Developer: SuneX Games



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Platforms: PC

Snot is a quirky 2D Action-Adventure with a sense of humour. Explore 8 well-designed areas, meeting bizarre characters and battling manic bosses, while discovering many secrets. Unleash the power of 8 different elements to make yourself stronger and open new areas in previously-explored places!

In the beginning the Mollusc God created the ball of mucus and shell. And the shell was without power, and confusion was upon the face of the snail. The evil spirit of the Magician moved upon the cloudy worktable. And the Mollusc God said… "Who the slug are you?!"

With a crash of thunder, the magician shrieked “LET THERE BE EVIL!” … And there was evil, oozing from the Mollusc God's visceral mass as she (he?) flew off to wreak havoc on the land of Surreality.

The next thing Snot could remember was being defrosted on a beach by the harsh sun and hearing someone babbling in a distinctive accent. A prawn, sporting fairy wings and bug eyes hovered above, begging for help. Snot’s lack of a real mouth prevented him (her?) from declining, and so the experience began...

Want to read more? You can find our Blog Post at IndieDB and TIGSource.

Snot takes huge inspiration from the colourful atmosphere found in Banjo-Kazooie and the exploration aspect of Metroid games, set up in a universe full of molluscs, mushrooms and flamingos. (And more!)


STORY & PLATFOMER - Action + Adventure + Platforming = The ultimate metroidvania-style game!
INNOVATIVE WORLDS - 8 huge worlds in different well designed themes!
MANIFOLD ENEMIES - Over 100 different enemies and up to 30 different bosses!
GREAT SECRETS - Over 100 secrets! Every secret has its own kind of puzzle!
HELPFUL ELEMENTS - Learn up to 8 different elemental powers. Each element will give you three or more new abilities to master!


BOSS CHALLENGES - Fight against bosses in four different modes and show your friends how it's done!
TIME CHALLENGES - Play parts of the game with a time limit and beat your friend's best time!


CO-OP STORY – Play the story mode with a friend and beat the game together!
BOSS TEAM BATTLE – The hardest challenges are awaiting the best teams!
DEATHMATCH - Fight against your friends in crazy arena maps!
CAPTURE THE PEARL - Fight in teams to capture your enemy's pearl!
KING OF THE FLAMINGO - Play in teams to capture flamingo outposts, hold them, generate points and your team will win!
DEFEND THE HOLY MOLLUSC - Play with your friends in one team and protect the holy mollusc against huge waves of enemies


MULTI PLATFORM - Windows, Mac OS, Linux are confirmed. We want to release the game on Wii U, PS4, XBox 360 and Ouya too, but we cannot promise this. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft has the last word about it ;-).
MULTI LANGUAGE - Game will be released in many different languages!

In Snot, the player will be able to explore 8 huge worlds. Each world has a strong, well designed theme that sometimes merges several kinds of environments together. Every world is connected, but the path to new areas is not always clear.

Unlocking a new world does not necessarily mean the previous world is complete! It is always possible to backtrack to previous worlds to unlock new areas in already-explored levels. Usually, these hidden areas are revealed once the player obtains a new ability later in the game and returns to points of interest.

For example, World 1 - Calamari Cove:

(More world design in the video in the music section!)

The game starts off in a beach environment, but as the world is explored more by the player, they will find themselves traversing oceans, caves and piratey lagoons! Every sub-theme within a world will have its own unique artwork and music.

Here’s a sketch of a map for Calamari Cove. It’s one of the smallest - we expect the story in each world to last two or three hours, or much longer if the player aims to collect every hidden item and complete each side-quest.

Introducing the most athletic snail the world has ever seen...
Snot runs, jumps, and beats the slime out of his enemies! A
true mollusc hero that uses shell customisation and masters
elusive elemental powers. Believe me, there may be more to a
mollusc than meets the eye.

Melee Attack
Defeat enemies with close-range attacks or by throwing shells. Close-range attacks can be aimed by controlling Snot's gaze, hitting nearby enemies with his tail.


Melee Attack + Element
The melee attack can also be upgraded by giving Snot's body
the power of Fire, Light, Mushrooms, and more! These
power-ups can only be used for a limited time, but allow Snot
to perform all kinds of abilities such as flamethrower attacks
or lasers!

Now onto the shells... Shells are found all throughout the game, Snot can store many of them in his Shell Inventory, and can throw them at enemies from a distance. Snail shells are most commonly found and are fired in an arc, requiring careful
aiming. Conch shells on the other hand, are slightly rarer and are fired in a straight line.

Shells + Element

The shells can also be powered up with elements, creating a plethora
of weapons and utilities for Snot to carry on his back.
Using Fire Energy as an example:

When a new element is unlocked, it can be collected in every world
and can then be used to solve puzzles and defeat enemies and bosses.

Each shell can only be used once – so aim carefully!

Psychic Flamingos

The Psychic Flamingos work in mysterious ways. They perform the following functions:

  • Save your game
  • Fully heal Snot
  • Re-spawn enemies
  • Allow Snot to warp

If Snot chooses to warp, the Psychic Flamingos will direct him to a telepathic hub world where he can more easily travel between worlds.

Here you can listen to a music preview for Snot. The song may not be final, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect!

Click to enlarge them.

The game idea has taken shape over 6 years, through many development stages, and there is a lot of concept art for each world, character, special effect and every other visual element that appears in-game. The last six months we have worked together on Snot and created a basic system.

But that’s not all: The first four worlds have a lot of finished sprites. Some of it may not be final, but changing stuff is easier than a complete redesign :).


Now comes the part where we need to design the content itself and we cannot do that without the help of you all. The game development will take up to one year to design all 8 worlds, with over 100 enemies and 30 boss fights. Josh, who helped us with the music you listened to, should not work without payment. We also still need a sound-effects designer. The first world will be available already in the new year, after that there will be updates weekly.

It is a great way to get in contact with players all over the world. SuneX Games is a new studio and that makes it very hard to get into the market.

We really want to get some feedback and generate some fans who are as excited as we are.

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  • Tobias Mittelstädt
    Lead Game Designer – Programmer – Public relation Manager Tobias has worked for 3 years at Independent Arts Software GmbH as a programmer on four different projects. He has over 10 years of programming experience and has a bachelor degree in "Biomedical Technology". He is also a humorous person, who has played a lot of games. His friends are beginning to think he is actually a robot... Does he ever sleep? Who knows..?
  • Michael Hodkinson
    Creative Director – Artist – Game Designer An animation graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth, Michael is the original creator of Snot and has spent the past six years conceptualising and creating concept art for the project. He specialises in pixel art and plasticine modelling, and will be taking on the roles of artist and creative director for Snot. Michael really looks like a pirate... Perhaps you'll find him aboard the pirate ship in world 1.
  • Jakub Derbich
    Project Manager – Financial Manager Jakub takes the part as manager in the team. He has a bachelor degree in business management and extensive experience as a sales controller for a large company. In this project he is responsible for financial issues and project management. Jakub works behind the scenes on the project and pays the bills. As producer, he will be paying attention to the schedule so that our fans get the game on time.