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Severed Winds

A 2D episodic turn-based JRPG that invigorates nostalgia of classic JRPGs while taking some innovative steps in the genre.

Severed Winds
Yes 84% No 16%

Genre: RPG

Developer: Faustination



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Platforms: PC

What is Severed Winds

Severed Winds is an episodic JRPG. It is a turn-based RPG that combines the old-school feeling with ideas that are completely new and fresh. One of those ideas is the concept of Episodic storytelling. We aim to deliver a story that will keep you absorbed and evoke an emotional attachment to the world and the characters in a way that will leave a lasting impression well after playing the game. The game will be filled with cliffhangers leaving you eager to play the next episode.


The game begins with the main character, Feiz, and his girlfriend Dina, traveling through a cavern in search of “The Malnumen of Perpetual Destruction”. They are both malnumen hunters (Translate the word "Malnumen" to monster for now) that work for an organization known as Adstus and they have a “synergetic” nature. One of the key things about this game that is different from other JRPG's is the focus on their relationship. Most JRPG's contain love stories, but they tend to emphasize “falling in love”. From the start, Feiz and Dina are already in an established relationship, and the emphasis is on how they maintain that relationship through the challenges  that they must face. It is a concept that is surprisingly not often explored in this space and we plan to exploit many other unique themes and bring them to this genre while still invigorating the feeling of a traditional JRPG that feels familiar to you. We wish we could share with you many of the other aspects of the story, but we would rather not spoil the game for you.




You'll notice that the menus are filled with all of this terminology known as “severance”.  Severance is essentially the life essence that the world of Severed Winds lives and breathes. It's perfectly normal if the concept feels a bit overwhelming to you. Part of the enjoyment of playing the game is learning about how severance works and some of the mysteries surrounding it. While we could have used traditional names for things, we feel that by using different terminology, it creates more of an attachment to the characters and to the world.

Check out our Update that goes into more detail about Severance!



The World in Severed Winds is shaped like a “Y” and it contains three regions: The Northwest region has a cold and snowy climate, the northeast has a warm and tropical climate, and the center region is caught somewhere in between the northwest and northeast. Each region not only has a different climate, but they also have different cultures. While it would be exciting for us to talk about the different cultures, we will not talk about it yet as we don't want to disclose everything about the game and spoil all of the fun that comes from exploring the world in Severed Winds.




Feiz is the hero of Severed Winds. He works as a malnumen hunter for the Adstus Organization. He means well, but he can be a bit cocky and sometimes hot-headed. However, his girlfriend Dina is usually there to keep him cool and level-headed. He is agile and acrobatic. He wields a unique weapon known as the Quadraspear. The Quadraspear has two blades on each end that can be connected together to form one spear; it can also be detached to allow for dual wielding. This can come in handy for a number situations that Feiz will encounter throughout his journey.



Dina is the heroine of Severed Winds. Like Feiz, she also works as a malnumen hunter for Adstus. She is strong-willed with a caring attitude. She may not be quick on her feet like Feiz, but her mind is quick in making decisions. Her characteristics inevitably allow the two to have great “synergy” and together they are some of the most formidable malnumen hunters in Adstus.


Action Point System

The combat in Severed Winds is conditional turn-based, but with a twist. Everything is based on an Action Point system. There is no MP in this game; instead every action you take in combat takes AP and at the end of the turn AP is regenerated. What this means is that you can effectively perform multiple actions in one turn. Want to heal your ally, buff your defense and attack all in the same turn? Well, in Severed Winds, this will be possible. We intend to make the game challenging in a way that will make you study the turn order and spend a lot of time strategizing each turn so that you will make the most out of your AP.

Experience Points


In addition to the Action Point system, we will introduce a fresh take on calculating experience. Traditionally, experience points are earned at the end of combat in most JRPGs. However, in Severed Winds, experience is earned mid-combat and your characters will gain stat boosts on the fly.

Sever your party in two


One of the most exciting features in Severed Winds will be Party Severance. Essentially you can “Sever” your party in two and split them up, tackling many of the game's puzzles. Severing your party can also give you certain other advantages; by using the power of Conseverance you can “connect” one party member with another and share magic spells and other abilities for use when they are separated.


At the moment, the only platforms confirmed are PC and Mac. However, our plan is to bring Severed Winds to as many platforms as we possibly can. We will follow up with a Kickstarter Campaign in a few months if all goes well with this Collective page, and we will be sure to incorporate stretch goals for developing for Wii U, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. I will also say that Wii U development is intriguing to us given our split party mechanic and it's ability to have two screens. However, we still believe it's beneficial to be in as many places as possible.


We, here at Faustination, are a few passionate developers who believe in this project and are willing to work diligently for little pay. By voting "Yes", you are helping us take the first step towards making our dream a reality and it gives us the chance to prove to you that we can deliver a mind-blowing experience. Keep in mind that what you see is still very early in development, but regardless, we appreciate all feedback whether it be positive or negative. If you believe in us as much as we believe in us, be sure to like our facebook page or follow us on tumblr and share our story.



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  • Jessica Crosier
    Monster Designer - Environment Designer Jessica has been drawing and sketching for as long as she can remember. Despite her interest in video games, her first steps into creating her own creatures and characters were actually spurred on by TV shows such as “Digimon”, “Dragon Ball Z”, and “Gundam”. It was around this time that she was introduced to her very first video game: “Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time”. “Legend of Zelda” quickly became her favorite franchise, and a major inspiration for her creature, character, and story development, ever since. “Severed Winds” has been a once in a lifetime opportunity; a way to finally see these ideas and concepts come to life. Favorite Games: Legend of Zelda franchise, Mario franchise, Super Smash Bros. franchise
  • Erin Cohen
    Music Composer - Sound Designer Erin Cohen has been writing music for twelve years. She was first inspired by video game music from The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy games. At the age of eleven, Erin began playing the flute. At first, she wanted to be in an orchestra playing video game music. After learning that there are usually only one or two flute players in professional orchestras, she decided that the competition would be too intense. Miss Cohen began learning the piano at age thirteen, and discovered that creating melodies and harmonies is much easier on the piano. It was in that moment which sparked inspiration for Erin to become a music composer. Miss Cohen has studied music composition at Westfield State University. Practically the moment before graduation, Dan Faustino asked her to write the music for his video game. It was perfect timing, and Erin accepted without hesitation. Erin’s top favorite games: Final Fantasy X, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Borderlands 2, and Diablo III
  • Brittany Howard
    Character Designer Video games have always been a huge part of Brittany's life growing up with an older brother. She developed a love for all kinds of games, but her favorites always have an elaborate and dynamic cast of characters. She adored the characters so much that she began to make fan-art; from there her art flourished and with the encouragement of her family she began to strive after a career in concept and digital art. Favorite Games: Final Fantasy Series, Tales of Series, Persona Series
  • Daniel Faustino
    Director - Programmer - Writer Dan is a person who grew up playing and loving JRPGs of all kinds. His enjoyment of JRPGs has led him to creating JRPGs himself. He loves forming intricate stories, characters, and gameplay mechanics. Sometimes, he thinks too much about the world in Severed Winds that he forgets about the real world... only sometimes though... Okay, maybe all the time. Favorite Games: Final Fantasy franchise, Super Smash Bros. Franchise, Tales of franchise