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World War Machine

A fast-paced, Action RPG set in a procedural post-human world with meaningful customization, tactical coop and steel-shattering destruction.

World War Machine
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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Tuque Games



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Platforms: PC

"We stand on the last promontory of the centuries! ...Why should we look back, when what we want is to break down the mysterious doors of the impossible?”

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Update #2 Feb 18 - New enemy concept art, machine customization plus a top scientist ponders the question of whether it's possible to 'upload' the human mind!

Update #1 - our concept art is now available in 1920x1080 wallpaper format!

Step into a universe in which the eradication of humanity has given rise to a perpetual war between surviving machines.

YOU ARE MACHINE: A supremely customizable, highly advanced technological marvel of destruction. Gather Materials to Craft crippling Weapons, upgrade your ruinous hardware Components, and make critical moment to moment tactical choices as you campaign through an unforgiving future earth filled with massively destructible environments and diverse Missions in this fast paced, modern action RPG.

Adventure solo or party up to survive the hordes of remorseless Enemies as you express yourself, compete for bragging rights, and engage in world changing events with the entire World War Machine community across the globe.

Humans are Extinct

Elevate your synthetic life form in this unique setting and uncover the mysteries behind the human extinction.

Fight the World War in Co-op

Engage in world spanning, connected Missions solo, or with friends as you compete for bragging rights locally and globally. Seamlessly drop in and out of coop at any time as you bring about world changing events with the entire connected community.

Build a Better War Machine

Gather dozens of different Materials and build Components, Weapons and Gear using the advanced 3D printing technology inside your Machine’s core. Equip these Components to optimize your Machine to suit your own unique style.

Hardware and Weapon Customisation

Procedurally Generated World

Every zone is different and offers infinite replayability. Explore the world or create campaigns of Missions and challenge yourself, your friends and the community to complete them. The bigger the mission chain, the more rewards you will earn.

Unique Advancement Structure

Increase your Power by defeating enemies, exploring the world, and completing Missions. Gather Materials to equip increasingly outrageous hardware. Configure and re-configure the Power Systems of your Machine to uncover your unique play style to assault the enemy in any way you choose.

World War Machine takes place after a cataclysmic mass extinction event has decimated all forms of organic life on Earth. Before the end of civilization, millions of human beings were able to upload their minds into a vast computer network – transforming themselves into artificial intellects. The remains of our planet are now populated solely by these intellects and machines of their creation.

During the cataclysm, the computer network that worked to maintain millions of uploaded human minds was shattered – breaking into three major Nodes and countless smaller ones. Each Node continued running its own group of intellects, though their minds were flawed by the damage. Operating on corrupted hardware, these intellects have been divorced from their memories of humanity and the goals for which they were created. With their minds broken and spread across multiple platforms, the artificial intellects fell into chaos and a perpetual war erupted between the three main network nodes.

The battles that rage through the sterilized ruins of human civilization are fought by hundreds of thousands of Machines – humanoid robots outfitted for various tasks of war, each imbued with an artificial intellect from a parent Node. If destroyed, the Machine transmits its intellect back for reconstitution in another Machine. The fight continues, and the war will never end.

Countless battles have been planned and fought by viciously clever intellects who are entrenched on well defended Mainline Nodes, blind to their own madness. This war has been fought for over five hundred years in perfect equilibrium with no end in sight...

...until one day, a lone Machine remembers.

Running on the Rome network Node, this node reacts quickly and venomously to threats both real and perceived. The core intellects here believe that meaning and order create suffering. They actively hate their human precursors and consider them responsible for creating this hellish world. They will often vandalize or rubbleize human ruins. Abaddon intellects will seek to destroy or disrupt any organization that they can find in the world – including the other Nodes.

We’re in the process of building our first playable demo. It’s exciting times and we really want to share in-progress ideas with you. We have our ideas about what’s cool about our game, but we need your help to confirm or deny our suspicions.

Tuque is a small studio and we wanted to share our ideas with as many people as possible: we thought that this was the best way to do it. All the games on Collective do not receive any money from Square-Enix, but we do benefit from their awesome fans like you to help get the word out about what we hope will put a smile on your face.

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  • Jeff Hattem
    Creative Director: 15 years of industry experience with credits on the Far Cry and Splinter Cell franchises.
  • Daniel H. Wilson
    Writer: New York Times Best Selling Author and Writer of Robopocalypse.
  • Aaron Beck
    Concept Artist: World renowned artist whose credits include District 9, Avatar, Elysium and the short film K3loid.