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Ars Tactica: Dragon Tournament

Discover the truth behind the Dragon Wars in a 2D isometric Turn Based Strategy RPG.

Ars Tactica: Dragon Tournament
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Genre: RPG, Strategy

Developer: Alcapa Games



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Platforms: PC

Ars Tactica: Dragon Tournament is a game designed by SRPG lovers for SRPG lovers: we’re very nostalgic about the golden era of this genre and we want to bring it back while also bringing something new to the table, the targeted platforms are PC and PSVITA,

During the development and design phase on the game we mainly focused on three things:

  • Ars Tactica: Dragon Tournament

    Battle System: You will be fighting for the majority of the time, so we tried to make the battle and character development system deep and interesting every time: you'll have a very broad choice of customization of your characters and battles are going to be tactically challenging as well.

  • Graphics Style: We obviously want you to enjoy this experience to the maximum so we did a lot ofresearch to find artistic and technical solutions that enable us to deliver this experience in the most effective and visually pleasing way that we can.

  • Story: We know that a good story is what makes you forget that time is flowing outside when you're enjoying the gameplay experience so we're avoiding fillers and trying to keep the game universe cohesive and entertaining.

Our game begins with the awakening of Gaspard: a young warrior sealed in a magical crystal before the beginning of the war between dragons and humans; you will have to unveil the secrets behind the spell of the crystal seal and the forgotten war, while discovering the menace that is hidden by a period of apparent peace and order with the Dragon Tournament happening every 10 years as a memento of the old war.

Thanks to the power of his legacy Gaspard will be able to communicate with spirits around the reign to help discovering the truth.

Ars Tactica: Dragon Tournament

Ars Tactica: Dragon Tournament


We believe that the battle system is one of the most important parts of an SRPG so we put a lot of effort to design something that we believe will make every battle interesting.

The core mechanics will be turn based, every unit has 3 action crystals to spend on either movement or actions (ranging from manipulating mana to affect the battlefield to executing special attacks); on top of that we added three battle changing mechanics that could turn the tide of the battle in any moment.

  • Dragon Drop: At the beginning of each battle four conditions will be randomly issued (the conditions might vary from performing some action such as lighting a fire or breaking an item to killing or healing an enemy unit), every time one of the units in your team fulfils a condition by performing a specific action he will unlock a piece of the draconic emblem. When all the pieces of the emblem are put together, the unit that fulfilled the last condition will be imbued with the blessing of the dragon fallen on that battlefield during the ancient war, and will receive a huge boost in strength while also unlocking special actions. Be careful though: the enemy will aim to your same goal and could arrange to get just the final piece making you face lots of troubles!

  • Hype Bar: When attending tournament matches people will be watching your moves carefully and they will procedurally react to every action your team performs! The crowd will react differently every time based on its mood: so going all in with a low life character might yield different results than trying to heal and save him, understanding the crowd might be critical to your success as they might react by throwing healing items, currency or dangerous objects; if the battle gets really exciting then you should expect crazy things to happen: some people from the crowd might even decide to join the battle!

  • Ars: Every guild in the reign of Loha has its own principles, and those are usually reflected in allits members: the Ars represents the essence of a guild materialised in form of an extraordinarypower that can be used only once per battle, those actions can be very powerful and they usuallyaffect multiple units in the battlefield; if you think you can easily win a battle then you should bevery careful about it: your enemy might be hiding a very powerful Ars that will turn the tide ofbattle in his favour.


A SRPG would not be complete without a form of unit development that enable the player to build a team that fits his own battle strategy.

  • Job System: We decided to adopt a system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics where you can access different jobs and level them up, once you unlock a skill with a job you will be able to equip it even if you're not currently fighting with that job (but the quirk is you will only be able to carry 4 abilities at once). Equipping a job also gives you bonuses based on your job level: so you should carefully choose which job to equip based on your strategy. This system will give the player the freedom to create its own characters by mixing and matching different kind of abilities. We have currently planned 22 classes for the game, stay tuned for updates on that!

  • Unit Mastery: On top of our job system, every unit will be assigned some points after each battle, these points can be freely spent on the unit mastery grid: this grid will enable the unit to grow its statistics by spending BP and moving around the grid (the further you go the bigger the bonus will get, and you might also find some special nodes that give you extra abilities!)

Loot and equip are both equally important parts of an RPG! After each battle you will be rewarded with some magical crystals that can be either crafted into bigger crystals or fused with your favourite weapons to create deadly combinations! You will also have to save up your gold to buy better equip as you will find more and more interesting weapons to buy during your journey in the reign of Loha.

Since we believe that one of the most enjoyable parts of an old school JRPG were side quests and optional bosses, we currently planned some side activities that will allow you to enjoy Ars Tactica to its fullest:

  • Monster Arena: You will be able to capture monster units throughout the game and let them battle in the monster arena to get some exclusive equipment, go for it!

  • Tournament Bets: Other guilds will be attending the tournament and lots of people are willing to place bets on who's going to win the other matches, try your luck and you might get money out of it.

  • Optional Dungeons: We are planning to add at least 1 optional dungeon after the end of the game with alternative conditions and enemies that will require a lot of strategy and a very strong team to be beaten, only for those who have the courage to face them!

Let us know what you think about the game! We put a lot of effort into designing and developing this and we really want to have the chance to get your feedback, ideas and opinions about this game!

We will read and answer every comment and we're really looking forward to get in touch with the community so please don't hesitate to comment.

Thanks for reading this and for your support!

Get in touch with us:

Ars Tactica Facebook Page: click
Ars Tactica Twitter: click

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  • Stefano Musumeci
    Programmer Worked in a broad range of different games: ranging from 2d to 3d, strong both in core tech and gameplay programming. Won Imagine Cup 2010 Italy finals, 1 Year freelance jobs experience, Worked as Senior Software Engineer for BaxEnergy Gmbh. Currently Studying Computer Games Technology (2nd year) at Abertay University, C# - Expert / C++ - Expert / Lua - Intermediate / AS3 - Expert Twitter @ste_alcapa
  • Joel Fallerini
    Artist Illustrator on commission and employed Graphics Designer since 2007. Art and animations for e-learning courses by italian state agency "Poste Italiane" and "Guardia di Finanza". Concept Artist and Game Design for on 2 iOS games and 1 interactive fable. Won "Most Polished Graphics" at the GGJ 2012, and Best "2D graphics" Indie Speed 2013 (collaboration with Lonely Crew) Instagram @joelfall - Twitter @visualstorm
  • Andrea Settimii
    Artist 2D and 3D artist who contribuited on the Triple Triad Homebrew for PlayStation Portable, worked with Broken Arms Games on flash games development Worked with Code This Lab contributing to various Flash games, shipped three games for iOS, Android and Flash with different indie studios. Twitter @andreanedra
  • Alcapa Games
    Alcapa Games is a small startup based in Scotland, we mostly developed flash games and after the good feedback, we decided to step up our IPs on PC and Consoles.