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Endless Reach

Endless Reach is a VR arcade shmup that puts you in control of a mighty starfighter charged with cleansing the Reach of an evil alien race.

Endless Reach
Yes 31% No 69%

Genre: Action

Developer: Soverance Studios



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Platforms: PC

Download the VR BETA Version at

Endless Reach is an arcade shooter that puts you in control of a mighty starfighter charged with cleansing the Reach of an evil alien race. 

VR BETA : FREE on our website

PC : FREE on our website

Android : $0.99 on Google Play

Windows Phone : $0.99 on Windows Phone Store


  • 5 visually stunning fire modes
  • Limit Breaks and Overload features
  • 10 exciting levels, each with a unique boss
  • 6 different enemy types
  • High quality techno soundtrack by local Atlanta artist, Shiny Baubles


Endless Reach features a dynamic spawn combat system; such that the more enemies you kill, the more enemies get spawned. Basic gameplay has you avoiding enemies, for the most part, until you begin collecting power-ups. Each power-up will increase your fire rate, up to a maximum of five times. Collecting the fifth power-up triggers Limit Break mode, a 15 second firing frenzy that not only destroys everything in it's path, but also provides you with a shield that prevents all damage. Limit Break mode comes at a price, however, as after 15 seconds your ship will begin to overload, requiring a purge. A successful purge will release a massive explosion, destroying all enemies in the blast radius. Fail to hit the button at the appropriate time, and your ship will collapse into itself, ending your mission!

We'd originally made Endless Reach to target Windows Phones, as a submission to the Microsoft Unity Game Developer Contest 2014. While the winners of the contest won't be announced until August, the game is currently available on Windows Phone, and we recently ported to Android as well.

However, our true passion at Soverance Studios has always been PC gaming.  We're really big on technology, too, so we were very excited to bring a version of Endless Reach to PC VR, developing an entirely new build of the game specifically designed for the Oculus Rift headset.  You can download the latest VR beta demo at our website: 

Overload effect in VR!

We're extremely excited to bring a version of Endless Reach to virtual reality, and help usher in a new age of shmups! We'd love to hear your initial feedback on our beta version as we work to make this the best experience we can.

While the game will be released regardless of funding (it's currently being bootstrapped, and we're aiming for December 2014), we're here submitting to the Collective in an effort to gather a larger fan-base for the title, as well as attempt to gain some light funding that would allow us to simply create a better game.  A version of Endless Reach with more gameplay features, smarter AI, better sound effects, full 3D models, all new animations, and special features specific to virtual reality.  

We want to bring the classic, beloved shmup genre into a new age and create a shmup unlike any before it.  And we want to do it with the justice shmup fans deserve.  We can do it, through your support and feedback.

We hope you enjoy the VR Beta version of Endless Reach, and we appreciate any feedback you can give us! If you like what we're doing here, vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Please note that many 3D models used in this beta version are "placeholder" models, and are not indicative of what will be in the final release

Soverance Studios was originally founded in 2012 by Scott McCutchen and Matt Whitt, two friends from an early age who simply dreamed of making great games. Our passion for gaming was fueled in part by Final Fantasy XI, a major MMO that Scott and Matt had spent many years playing together, and later modding - before turning that passion into a non-commercial fan game Final Fantasy XI: Fighter.

It was not long after that when our imaginations were captured by advances in virtual reality, and we ordered one of the early Oculus Rift dev kits. Today, we work to bring unconventional experiences into virtual reality through the innovation of popular genres. Our first original IP, Endless Reach, aims to help bring arcade shoot 'em ups into the next generation of gaming.

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  • Matt Whitt
    2D/3D art: Matt is an entrepreneur with a passion for art. He obtained his BFA in Media Arts and Animation in 2009, from the Art Institute of Atlanta, and was a founder of Maddtapps, an independent app company publishing to iOS. He obtained his TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) degree in 2010, and spent the next few years teaching at the Royal Government Academy of Wat Debsirin in Bangkok, Thailand. He currently trains as a detailer engineer for Anasteel, a leading rebar fabricator, and is a founder of Soverance Studios, serving as Art Director.
  • Scott McCutchen
    Programming/Effects/UI: Scott is an entrepreneur, game designer, and computer programmer. He began his entrepreneurial career in 2002, when he and three friends founded Frontside Skatepark, a local Atlanta park for skateboarders. He's since worked as a freelance web developer. Today Scott is the founder of Soverance Studios, an independent game company dedicated to bringing unconventional experiences to virtual reality. He also serves as the Webmaster for the Georgia Game Developers Association, where he manages the online presence of the GGDA and SIEGE, the Southern Interactive Entertainment & Games Expo.