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TowerPrincess is a 3D action-platformer that recovers the spirit of the classical adventure games.

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Genre: Action, Platformer

Developer: AweKteaM

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC

Before you pass those doors, you shall hear the advice this old gnoblin has for you. This castle is magic, its halls are different for everyone who enters there. 

I've seen lots of knights with a wide variety of skills enter there before you, do not think you're special. But I can see you came looking for the same, to rescue one of the princesses imprisioned here.

Hear my warning, be gentle and attentive. That deadly dungeon shall be the scenario of the perfect date, before the Dragon wakes up. Because remember this, you may free the princess, but without her, you won't stand a chance against the Dragon.

You aren't the first suitor. Do your best, because your life depends on that date. “

TowerPrincess is a 3D action-platformer that recovers the spirit of the classical adventure games, as Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank or Mario, and merges it with roguelike mechanics! This means that the dungeon, the rewards, the challenges or even the character will be procedural, making every gameplay unique!

It's a parody of the classical "knight who enters into the dragon's castle and rescues the princess". Only that this time one does not just "rescue the princess". The knight will have to date her while goes through the dungeon, before the evil Dragon notices him and burns everything down!

We plan its release for at least PS4, XBoxOne and PC, in 2019-2020

The main objective in the game is to explore and complete every dungeon's area in one run, while you rescue a princess and date her, before the time runs out.

The knights in Tower Princess have different characteristics, such as different possible weapons and constitutions. These characteristics will define the gameplay, changing its combos and special abilities.

The three possible constitutions are the heavy, the sturdy, and the slim. This affects directly to the health and the movement speed of the character.

On the other side, the three weapons available are the broadsword, the mace and shield, and the musket. The first one gives the character a more ofensive and agile gameplay, while the use of the mace is accompanied with a shield, that gives the character the possibility to block damage. Lastly the musket, as a ranged weapon, offers a completely diffferent combat style, rewarding the evasiveness and a more strategic gameplay.

As you complete the game and achieve some feats, you'll be able to upgrade some stats of the next knights who enter the dungeon! This will help the knights to endure better the dangers of the dungeon, and to master their weapons to new levels!

Not only the knights are procedural, the dungeon too! Once a character dies, its over for him, so a new one will have to face a completely new dungeon with new challenges and rewards!

But not everything is combat. The knight will have to do his best to impress the princesses he rescues, managing a date and being attentive, while faces all the dangers of the dungeon, to finally battle the Evil Dragon! Each princess has its own personality and tastes, so the knight will have to know her well and act accordingly; lest he gives a dead rat to the Human Princess or gold coins to the Zombie Princess.

-A procedurally generated castle with 3 different areas (Castle , Courtyard and Dragon's Lair). That's means you'll have to explore a huge and random dungeon!

-Lots of randomized qualities that configure your characters, giving them their own personality and different gameplay !

-Lots of princesses to rescue and even more enemies to battle! That's a huge variety of inhabitants for the dungeon! From mermaids to zombies as princesses, or from kobolds to living armors as foes!

- Even each area has different bosses, which are selected randomly!

-Have we mentioned yet that the game will be MULTIPLAYER?! Go on and kick some minions with your friends (or take advantage and rescue the princess before them)!

-An awesome visual style, that maintains the spirit of the classic dungeoneering, but transformed into a jolly cartoon parody!

-An upgrade system that allows your knights to learn from the failures of the dead ones!

-Yes, it's time attack too! You'll have a limited amount of time before the Dragon sets fire to your character, so manage wisely your time!

-Of course, it has all the combat, platforming and mind breaking puzzles you may expect from an old school platformer!

-Managing a date and battling hordes of foes it's a really hard thing! Prepare all your skill and endurance!

-Full of unlockables, achievements, minigames…

-And even more!


-The Knight: It all began when the Evil Dragon kidnapped the princesses of every nearby kingdom. All the worthy knights knew that trying to fight a fire-breathing dragon who kidnapped princesses and roasted heroes as a hobby wasn't a good idea. Even in spite of this, an endless queue of humdrum knights appeared at the Castle's Gates. Although they're very different from each other, they're all newbies in this chivalry stuff. But they're determined to rescue a princess!


As player in Tower Princess, you won't have an specific character! You'll incarnate one of these knights, and when he dies, another one will come!


-The Princess: There are lots of princesses trapped in the Dragon's Castle! Each one has its own backstory and personality! Remember that just rescuing a princess doesn't mean nothing! You'll have to know her to be able to impress her!


-The Castle Inhabitants: Those ar all the minions that serve Henry the Dragon, who appears to be the classical megalomaniac fire-breathing dragon who loves to kidnap princesses! But no one has seen him for never. Not even the princesses. May he be hiding something? Anyway, those guys will defend the castle at any cost!


-The Other Inhabitants: The castle is not only inhabited by the Dragon's minions. There are a few NPCs who may help the knights, for a reasonable price. They don't desire gold or jewels, they just want trinkets and time itself!

As a comedy, the art of Tower Princess has as one of its main focus the cuteness! This will contrast with the context that involves a knight entering a dungeon full of deathtraps and monsters! Even the most ferocious of the castle guardians will have its sweet and funny side!

This contrast is specially important for the princesses design! The princesses are cute versions of monsters from the classical medieval fantasy, such slimes, zombies or wendigos! Not to mention that the final goal of any knight in shining armour is to take a princess on a perfect date, even if it has to be in the middle of the deadliest of the dungeons!

We've been creating a few 2D designs to inspire the creation of our characters, to assure we have clear their personality and characteristics!

On the other side, the art of the enviroments gets its influence of the high-late medieval architecture! High structures, crowned with arches and vaults will be the castle main elements, while the courtyard is wilder and more exuberant with rooms where the vegetation has overgrown.

The final area is the Dragon's Lair, the dungeons locked underground, where the Dragon sleeps. This one will look much more like a cave, hot and with lots of lava and hidden treasures! 

Besides all the visual art, we count with the support of different sound artists, who complete Tower Princess with awesome voice acting, music and sound effects!

You can play Tower Princess alone or with friends! As a roguelike multiplayer, it has lots of possibilities! Your knight will be able to demand help in a mercenary campament, and ask a friend to join your current run! Both knights will have to work together to clear and explore the dungeon, and finally kill the dragon. But beware, at the same time you'll also have to compete to be the princess most beloved one!

Collaborate or compete, it's up to you!

We plan to add more multiplayer modes, mainly competitive, as add ons of the main game! These will range from a coop arena mode to fight massive hordes of enemies, to multiple battle modes to fight pvp! In this way, you'll be able to fully test your skills with other players!

We aim to launch Tower Princess for PC on Steam, PS4 and XBoxOne. But we would like to launch Tower Princess for more platforms! So if our crowdfunding campaign goes well enough, we'll include the Nintendo Switch! It all depends on the resources we'll get!


We're AweKteaM, a small indie studio from Spain formed by three members, currently developing Tower Princess. We’ve been working on other videogame related projects, and this is our first game as a team! Developing a game as Tower Princess is a hard but amazing journey, which we wanted to share with you!


If you want to stay updated with our news, check our webpage, and our social media. Don't forget to subscribe!








We've been developing Tower Princess for long time, and it's time for us to take the next step. We've seen some games that have been supported by the Collective community, as Sikanda or Effie, and we think this is a great opportunity that we must take! After all, Square Enix Collective is a huge guarantee of quality!


Another important reason is that we would like to launch a crowdfunding campaign, and we know that Collective is a great way to get prepared for such challenge! For sure the Collective Community will act as a validation test for Tower Princess that will help to decide its future!



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More Updates


Greetings Collective community!

First of all, we wanted to thank you and the Square Enix Collective team for the opportunity we're having here! It's great to be in touch with the community and to recieve feedback with such a personal approach!

We make this update to announce who is behind an essential side of Tower Princess. We've been working hard on the visuals and the gameplay (as much many other things), but there's something more that's necessary too. Without sound, everything would sound hollow. So we wanted to give special thanks to those who are behind the music and the sound in Tower Princess.

- Connor Ludovice (@ConnorLudovice) and Victoria Wong (@IceQueenVA), who are giving voice and life to our characters

-Landon Walter (@LandonMWMusic), who is creating the awesome soundtrack of Tower Princess. Check his SoundCloud to see more music from him!

- Román Rodríguez, who is working hard to make every sound effect feel perfect

Furthermore, we wanted to remind you if you're interested in checking our most recent news, you can subscribe to our social media or join our Discord channel.

Twitter -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Discord -

We hope you enjoy Tower Princess!



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  • Mario Navarro Morcillo - Lead artist
    He is the one who coordinates the visual part and design of Tower Princess! He creates and animates things in 3D, brings light to the levels, and draws all of that sweet 2D art, amongst other lots of things!
  • Marcos Gutiérrez Cubells - Technical artist
    He works with the visual part in the engine itself, creating the visual effects and shaders, building the environments, fixing technical stuff, and much more! Also supports with the 3D art, and generates text and content for the social media!
  • Oscar Gea Ros - Programmer
    As the only programmer in the team, he does everything! Programming the AI, the combat system, persistency, multiplayer, proc-gen, web... Everything we said!