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Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game where you need to creatively combine magnetism and gravity in order to unravel the secrets of Chandra Base.

Yes 86% No 14%

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Mighty Polygon

Xbox One PC


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Platforms: Xbox One PC

Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game where you need to creatively combine magnetism and gravity in order to unravel the secrets of Chandra Base. Alone in the treacherous depths of the Moon, your scientific mind is the only thing that can keep your daughter alive…

Play as a top physicist stranded on an eerie, derelict Moon base. Find your way around the enigmatic, terraformed craters by bending gravity and magnetism to your will in order to solve physical puzzles. Will you rush straight ahead and try to reach safety - or will you take your time to gather clues and unravel the intrigues of 22nd century orbital politics? Buried in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters lies a secret that might claim your daughter’s life - or change the fate of humanity forever. Are you ready to face the ultimate consequences of your research?

Relicta is a first-person puzzle game whose main mechanics combine magnetism and gravity. The player is equipped with a pair of special gloves that allow them to change the magnetic and gravitational properties of experimental cubes scattered around each level.

These cubes can be moved by the player, either carrying them bodily or using magnetism or gravity. They can also be placed on teleporting machines to warp them to another teleporter and help solve puzzles.

Mechanics really come alive when combined in ingenious ways. For instance, magnetism can be used to repel or attract cubes, but repelling a cube that has previously “anti-gravitated” gives you a frictionless device that will retain inertia until it collides against something solid, like a wall (or your skull). It can even be used as a means of transport for the player to reach new places.

Cubes can also be used to power up some devices, in order to operate doors and force fields. As the player progresses towards more complex puzzles, they will encounter other devices - magnetic plates, elevators, buttons or even drones capable of nullifying magnetic and gravitational fields as well as stealing cubes!

Want to try them for yourself? There’s no better way than playing the demo. It features some of the first puzzles, as a friendly introduction to the basic skills and mechanics of Relicta - and to prepare you for the real challenge of the final game!

The year is 2120.

Dr. Patel is the best physicist in human space. She has been studying enigmatic gravitational anomalies in the south pole of the Moon - but she was never prepared for what she’d find there.

Ever since the War, the massive base under the lunar rock has laid derelict and forgotten. Its dead silence conceals something darker than the depths of Shackleton Crater. Something that was there centuries before the greedy ice miners, the idealistic pirates and the self-righteous corporations came in search of forbidden secrets. Secrets capable of covering the barren regolith in lush jungle, altering entire magnetospheres or deploying even more insidious effects.

And now Patel is trapped on Luna, with nothing but her brains and her gravitoelectromagnetic gloves. She will have to navigate the mind-bending experiments left behind by Aegir Labs, while she tries to unravel the mysteries of the anomaly codenamed Relicta. 

       Mind-bending mechanics - alter gravity and magnetism at will.


       Complex physical puzzles - combine your abilities in innovative ways to solve these physical riddles.


       Lovingly detailed environments - each corner tells a story, each new step is a challenge.


       Deep and enigmatic background story - find clues and piece together the details about the investigation of the Relicta anomaly.


       Immersive original soundtrack - slip into the soundscapes of a sci-fi psychological thriller.



Relicta is a combined effort to convey emotion through visuals, narrative and music.


For the visuals our goal was to achieve a distinctive look by building the puzzles in gorgeous natural environments instead of indoor scenarios. Merging level design and art was a challenge that really paid off. The resulting visuals combine seamlessly with the music and narrative elements to provide a unique playing experience.


The music in Relicta is mostly about feelings. Our music composer decided to use mainly the piano as conductor of all the sensations the main character expresses through its journey. They are sci-fi sounds and touches, of course, but he wanted the general mood to be more intimate and personal.

There is also a work of distortion using piano reverberations, something that makes you feel there is a sound "not completely" clear in the background during the whole adventure... The reason why is something you'll need to discover by yourself.


The storytelling in Relicta is mainly conveyed through subtle detail and diegetic narrative snippets. Our narrative designer has created an extensive historical background for the game, to root each character and situation in the context of 22nd century politics and society. The scenarios are filled with little secrets to be found by those inquisitive enough to poke around and piece together clues, while keeping them optional and unobtrusive. Just like the secrets buried under the lunar craters, Relicta can be flied over for one glorious playthrough or carefully digged for hints of lore.


Seeing is believing, but games are meant to be played. That’s why we invite you to play this short demo as a sneak peek at the first puzzles of the game.

As this is a pre-alpha version, art is not final and you might encounter some pesky bugs. It features twelve easy puzzles from the beginning of the game, to give you just a taste of the basic mechanics.

Please keep in mind the dialog and narrative elements in this demo are placeholders. The final version will incorporate professional voice acting and more refined storytelling snippets.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about it! We welcome all feedback, so drop by our Discord server


Download the demo here -

Relicta takes place in Chandra Base, a massive facility in the south pole of the Moon. Now home to only a small scientific mission led by you, Chandra has been repurposed many times along its turbulent history - from mining station to pirate harbour to corporate restricted area where shady dealings were conducted. Built initially under the Shackleton Crater, it has been expanded towards and around various craters, later terraformed in different ways.

Most of the puzzles are scattered throughout the spectacular landscape of these terraformed domes, nested inside dense woodlands, rocky deserts, sprawling rainforests and majestic glaciers. You’ll have the choice of exploring these stunning environments at your own pace, or just plunging ahead towards the next challenge. But remember, as a scientist, you shouldn’t believe all you see...

 We want to release the game in as many platforms but as we’re currently a small team we have to pick our battles. For now our plan is to launch the game for PC and Xbox One first, and work on a PS4 port later on. As for the Nintendo Switch - we can't promise anything yet, but if there’s enough demand we’ll look into it!


Relicta is being developed by Mighty Polygon, a small indie team from Valencia, Spain. We started this project more than a year and a half ago with an initial team of two people. Currently our team is six-strong.


We would love to have your support and feedback to guide us during these final steps towards release. Voting YES means the world to us, as it signals that we are on the right track. Every bit of feedback you provide also helps us make Relicta an even better game.


You can support us by posting here in the Square Enix Collective page, and you can also join our Discord server - that’s our preferred method, since it gives you a more direct way of communicating with us.


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  • Santi Alex
    Programmer, game designer and producer
  • Javier Sanz
    Generalist artist (concept, 3D modeling, texturing, sculpinting)
  • Ivan Martinez
    Generalist artist (concept, 3D modeling, texturing, sculpinting)
  • Jorge Oliva
    Generalist artist (concept, 3D modeling, textures, sculpinting, animations)
  • Luis Solé
    Programmer, level designer
  • Jordi Carazo
    Level designer
  • Damian Sanchez
    Freelance music composer
  • Alex Benet
    Freelance sound designer
  • Victor Ojuel
    Freelance narrative designer