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Project Seele

Project Seele is a fast-action Metroidvania game set in a Dark Gothic world. Cut down your enemies - they're big, but your sword is bigger!

Project Seele
Yes 91% No 9%

Genre: Action, Beat 'em up

Developer: Broken Arms Games



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Platforms: PC

Project Seele is a fast-action Metroidvania game set in a Dark Gothic world. Cut down your enemies - they're big, but your sword is bigger!

Project Seele is a 2D side-scrolling fighting game, structured in a big open world, ready for exploration. The goal of the player is to "kill" the Tower, which is actually a living being.


A dark tower breaks the skyline. No one knows how, when or who has built it.
It seems to grow day after day...
They say that the tower feeds from the life stream of all living beings.
In vain, generation after generation try to destroy the tower, to kill the filthy creatures that live inside it.
Finally, there is no life stream left on the planet, the tower grows weaker day by day. The angry souls of the eaten resurrect in form of the "Seele knight" to strike back and seek revenge the dead.

After centuries of conflict and misery all living beings were exterminated, the tower has grown dramatically, it is a living thing that grows and changes.

The tower offers the chance to the last living being, a tree, to sacrifice itself and giving life to a knight. This is the reincarnation of the souls of all living beings killed by the tower, it is an empty shell inhabited by souls in search of revenge.

The knight rises against the tower seeking revenge, the fate of the planet is now marked, you can not go back to a pile of sand and rock.

The player must fight the army of monsters, making their way in the various levels to the heart of the Tower to kill it, giving freedom to the souls in pain and putting an end to the destruction.






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  • Graphics: Fresh and new, fully hand drawn graphics for an outstanding and unique style in the video game industry.
  • Emotion: The player feels powerful and has a rewarding killing experience.
  • Atmosphere: The player will be completely immersed in a world that combines Dark Souls with the loneliness of Super Metroid.



First release platforms targeted:

  1. PlayStation Network
  2. Xbox Live
  3. Steam PC

Second release platforms:

  1. PlayStation Vita
  2. Desura
  3. Mobile

Target Market

Action gamers of all ages - expected to appeal primarily to male, core players.


The archtectural environment is defined by huge elements that will tower above the player, and give a great sense of scale.

Darkness, giant monsters and death...

Exploring different stages of organic architecture as you journey through the world.

Product development stagePre-Production


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  • Elisa Farinetti
    CEO & CoFounder; Elisa Farinetti, obtained a Scientific High School diploma, and attended the University of Computer Science until her third year. In 2010, she choose not to complete her studies as she was engaged in a computer company in Turin. Elisa worked for this company as the developer of SmartTV for two years, producing the most famous Italian applications for the SAMSUNG platform, SMARTHUB. She acquired skills regarding the development of TV, jQuery, web development, design and mobile TV applications with different technologies and gained the ability to find different solutions for platform and technology development. In 2012, she worked for a company in Milan, which undertook a project involving a multiplatform application linked to movies and cinema. The name of application was CineTrailer, and Elisa was following the promotion through different channels. Elisa met Yves and Giulio at university and their cohabitation alone led them to find their own way as a company in the videogames world. In October 2012, Elisa and her partners each left their jobs to work as a team together and start producing their projects. Since 2013, Elisa has been fully employed by Broken Arms Games as CEO. She and the team moved from Italy to Adelaide.
  • Giulio Piana
    CTO & CoFounder; Giulio Piana is 27 years old. After his graduation at College and a year in a wrong university, he realized that computer science was his destiny. After 3 years of university he earned a bachelor degree in computer science. Video games were his passion, but he initially believed it to be a very difficult industry to enter. One day Yves asked him if he was interested in developing flash games, which is where it all started. After that episode he worked in a company that deal with digital signage products, developing ad-hoc digital totems. When he moved to Turin, he worked for a year in a consulting company that developed management systems for public administration in the city. With Yves, Giulio dedicated himself studying game design independently, which led indirectly to collaborations with FIAT, IVECO, SAMSUNG and led to work in the creation of simple games, until they decided in October 2012 to start their own video game legacy by officially creating Broken Arms Games. Since 2013 Giulio has been fully employed by Broken Arms Games as CTO and lead developer of the team. He moved from Italy to Adelaide with the entire team taking with him his beloved PC.
  • Yves Hohler
    Game Designer & CoFounder; Yves Hohler’s dream is to break into the game industry. In 2007 he started to study game design and game mechanics. That brought him to create his first flash game, some months later. His goal was to be a great game designer, so he started collaborating with Giulio. They started to study game programming together, but in 2010 Yves had to move to Turin. He started working for a company specialized in E-learning and advergames. A strong bond was formed with Elisa and himself. “Elisa is an outstanding and passionate developer. Absolutely nothing in her is ordinary!” Thanks to Elisa, Yves was motivated to do more, so together with two friends, he founded a digital comics publisher for IOS called ManFont, the first one in Italy. After more than 30 apps, Giulio finally moved to Turin and, with Elisa, the three lived under the same roof. Broken Arms Games was born. They worked for big companies like FIAT, SAMSUNG and IVECO delivering good quality games. They decided to leave their regular jobs and start living their dream! Since 2013, Yves has been fully employed by Broken Arms Games as Game Designer. He and the team moved from Italy to Adelaide.
  • Simran Gambhir
    Director; Simran has been in the mobile, web and computing security industry since the early 90′s. He built a good understanding of the fundamentals in those areas due to keen interest, and remains a very hands on technical person (particularly in the open source space). Simran has a positive disposition to most ideas by default, and in any startup (having done quite a few himself), knows that the most critical aspect of success is maintaining a resilient, positive attitude. He firmly believes that – “you don’t have to be first, but you do have to be innovative and your execution immaculate…” Technology and Innovation run through Simran’s veins, and combined with strong hands-on technical knowledge and understanding of the business landscape, he is helping businesses, large and small, adapt and create for the world of tomorrow. Simran has been involved in different successful companies from the role of CTO in Loyalty Pacific Pty Ltd in their FlyBuys project to technology advisors for many VCs looking for someone to do the tech due diligence. Since Broken Arms Games has been accepted to the ANZ Innovyz Start acelerator program, Simran has been involved in the business development of the company becoming the director.
  • Luca Hohler
    Concept Artist; Luca Hohler, Swiss grew up in Italy, 22 years. Since he remember the drawing has always been his passion and something that distinguished him. Since kindergarten it was a great evolution, which is still ongoing, and that probably will last a lifetime. He's always looking for new inspiration and he's always try to experiment with new techniques. All his work is part of a journey which increase his experience. Yves is his brother, and he gave him the opportunity to discover the world of video games. He entered the world of digital art, and he's dedicated to programs like photoshop and 3D modeling, and he's committed to learn every day and assimilate technical professional work in order to better express the world inside of him. His commitment are graphic: 2d art, 3d art, texturing, animation, illustrations, artwork, concept art, character design, level design, interfaces, etc.. Immediately He introduced Alessio, a great friend for many years, fellow art school and countless adventures and projects. Now he is a very close-knit team, with great potential and a certain genius, but we still have a lot to learn and look for a professional support to make him grow and it supports a crucial feature of his journey.
  • Alessio Morino
    Animator; Alessio Morino, graduated from the Art Institute, he has a passion for music and he play guitar in a punk band for almost four years. Alessio is passionate about comics, drawing and graphics. Attending art school he met Luca and his brother Yves that even dreamed of making games. Luke was first brought into the company, but a little later, by chance one afternoon that he was around their office, going to greet his friend, he found himself with them to draw his first game, so he started to work as a graphic designer for Broken Arms Games. Alessio is a different thinker, he take inside the team different points of view and skills. He strongly accept every challenge, and as native graphic designer he transform himself quickly in 2D animator.
  • Francesco Panaro
    CMO & Media manager; Francesco Panaro, after his brillian graduation in Communication Technology at University Bicocca in Milan, he joined the team as media and marketing expert. Passionate also about playing videogames he move intro production, working closely with Game designer and graphics to create UI/UX interfaces but also as tester.