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Cursed Mansion

Cursed Mansion is a horror adventure RPG that focuses on nuances and eerie feelings which happens throughout the adventure.

Cursed Mansion
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Genre: RPG, Horror, Adventure

Developer: Dragon Emperors



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Platforms: PC

Cursed Mansion is a horror adventure RPG that focuses on nuances and eerie feelings which happens throughout the adventure.

Play as a girl who arrived at the mansion, got locked out, and searched a way to escape while discovering the obscured truth surrounding the mansion. Player will search for clues, key items, etc; solving riddles and puzzles to advance throughout the game while escaping dire situations that could lead to the annihilation of the protagonist.

The game is planned to be released on Steam only for Windows in 2019.

Cursed Mansion offers dozens of areas to be explored. Each area consists of interactables, death-triggering events, and sometimes puzzles/riddles.

The interactables shall give player informations or items to be used to solve puzzles and riddles in order to advance through the story. The puzzles and riddles might need some items or informations gathered from other areas, and new areas will be unlocked when a series of puzzles/riddles are solved throughout the game.

Players will occasionally run into Wheel of (Mis)fortune which may decide the outcome of whatever event that triggers it.

Death triggering events can be activated by many actions throughout the game. It may come from interactables on the area; or from some stuff that got triggered by the player several areas ago; or maybe the player is just in the wrong place at the wrong time after all.

The game consists of several death endings, some bad endings, a few good endings, and one true ending.

Be careful not to wake up the damned.


Something happened in the past here. Something unsettling.

How did I get here? Is it a coincidence? Is it because the rain? Is it a curse?
Now I'm locked inside, I have to get out.
I HAVE to get OUT.
But at what cost?

Cursed Mansion takes place in a mansion deep inside a forest. The protagonist arrived at the mansion under a stormy weather and tried to seek for shelter. However, the mansion seems to be empty, and the protagonist proceed to enter the mansion. Turns out that the door she went through are now locked. Confused on what actually happened, the protagonist tried to find another people inside the mansion, only to discover traces that there was something vicious happened inside the mansion. Little did she know, there's something malignant that lurks inside the mansion.

       Map Details: Every areas are designed and crafted carefully to give eerie vibes inspired by horror movies such as Ju-On and Insidious, as well as horror games such as Majo no Ie and Layers of Fear.

       Gameplay Log: Tracks important stuffs that has been done so players don’t have to.

       Interactable’s Icon: Players won’t get stuck because they don’t know where or which stuff that can or can’t be interacted with.

       Alternating Events: Every time the game resets, the event that has previously happened might or might not happen again.

       Story Branching/Multiple Endings: Every interaction and decision matters.

 We understand how hard it is to pitch a game project without working prototype, so we present a demo for everyone to evaluate and help which direction the game should take during its development.

The demo consists of prologue and early gameplay of the game.


Download link


How to Play/Install

       Double click/open the downloaded executable file.

       Choose your prefered folder where the files will be extracted.

       Start the game by double clicking/opening Game.exe.

Cursed Mansion takes place inside a mansion. We want to create the environment true to life, have otherworldly feels, and eerie atmosphere. To achieve our vision every single room is designed with care and researched thoroughly. Advanced mapping technique and lighting effect beyond the limit of standard RPGMaker also used to make such effect possible.

Cursed Mansion is planned to be released on Steam for Windows only. Visit the page and wishlist us:

 However, depending on how many support we gain during crowdfunding campaign, we’re willing to expand to other platforms such as Mac, Android, iPhone, or even consoles.

Dragon Emperors is a small group of friends with the determination to improve Cursed Mansion further. Get in touch with us on social medias.





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       Developer Website:

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We’ll work our best to provide informations and answer all your inquiries!

Cursed Mansion is a passionate project of us. We want it to improve and live up to its full potential. In order to do so, we understand that feedbacks from players and communities is a must, because it's actually the players that play the game, and not the developers. We believe Square Enix Collective is one of the best way on achieving that.

Aside from the need of feedbacks, we're also a small indie team in need of funding. We would like to improve the engine so we can further increase the graphic quality, add more side contents, and even release it on other platforms through Stretch Goals.

We've planned to do a crowdfunding campaign, but sadly our home country is not supported by Kickstarter yet. We hope that with the support from the community, and if we're lucky enough, we could be in touch with some sponsor or publisher who can help us get the project on Kickstarter.

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  • Fatra Maulana - Emperor of Dark Arts
    Co-founder and leader of Dragon Emperors. His schemes are one of the foundation that build the entire empire. Aside from the leadership and strategic duties; he even dares to dirty his hand by doing various works from being a programmer, artist, storywriter, anything just name it; as long as it's for the glory of the empire. Truly a magnificent force to be reckoned with.
  • Agavi D. Simatupang - Game Designer & Art Director
    One of Dragon Emperors’ co-founders. Mainly responsible for the arts. As the need for art increases, he expands his capability to make character arts, sprites, UI, and animations/effects. Personally he prefers to do game design and concept, including art and sound direction. Off production, he manages treasury and project documentations.
  • G. Prisma Radheka - 2D Artist
    Self-proclaimed 2D game artist of Dragon Emperors. Does any grunt works for visual arts such as character design, portrait sprites, UI elements, backgrounds, visual effects, and promotional materials. Sometimes also does game concept and design.
  • Muharrizk Abilaksana - Artificial Intelligence
    Random bystander who enslaved to code and publish works for Dragon Emperors. Specializes in social media magic along with reading and sending mails. Speaks RGSS, javascript, as well as HTML5 and CSS3.