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Summer in Mara

‘Summer in Mara’ is a summer adventure with easy-RPG elements and farming, crafting, and exploring mechanics set in a tropical archipelago.

Summer in Mara
Yes 89% No 11%

Genre: RPG, Simulation, Adventure

Developer: Chibig

PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo


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Platforms: PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo

‘Summer in Mara’ is a summer adventure with easy-RPG elements and farming, crafting, and exploring mechanics set in a tropical archipelago for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. ‘Summer in Mara’ comes to Kickstarter in Febuary!


‘Summer in Mara’ is a single player experience in a calm, relaxing environment, with a handmade look and a interesting narrative. You will be Koa, a little adventurer who wants to explore the world that surrounds her.


The game is inspired by the exploration in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the farming in Stardew Valley, the visual aspect of Studio Ghibli’s movies and the adventure feeling of your childhood summers. It’s also part of the Deiland universe, although it is a independent and unique adventure with its own story.

In ‘Summer in Mara’ you’ll have to take care of your own island, harvest your crops, create new tools and buildings, and sail with your boat to discover new islands and secrets.


You’ll have your own island, but taking care of something like that is a lot of hard work. You’ll be able to plant trees to get wood and craft new tools and buildings with it. Or create crop fields to grow all kinds of vegetables. You’ll also have a farm with chickens and pigs to take care of. But be careful, because this isn’t as easy as it looks! You’ll also be able to fish in a pond on the island, cut trees with your hatchet, build things with your hammer and use a hoe to help you harvest your island.


Koa will need your help. With an easy-RPG system, she can acquire new abilities and grow stronger. We want you to feel like you’re growing up with Koa, bonding with her and with all the other people in the archipelago.


You’ll be able to sail to new islands and find treasures and other secrets in the middle of the sea with your trusty boat which you can upgrade with a little effort and time. You’ll be able to sail to new islands and find treasures and other secrets in the middle of the sea.


With new islands comes new people. You’ll talk and trade with over twenty characters, each one with their own story and lifes. They’ll give you quests, hints about the world or just anecdotes about their life and travels. Getting to know them is a very important part in the game, so we put much effort in making them unique and interesting.




Mara is the ocean that brings life to our islands and our lives. Koa lives on one of these islands, by her own, taking care of her crops, farm and  boat. There’s also a big mysterious door that she’s never seen open. One day she notices something: there were three crystals in the door, but now they’re missing. And she has to find them.


Koa will meet a lot of characters that will help her in her quest. But nothing is for free and maybe they want a small favor in return. You’ll have to complete quests for these characters who will teach you about their lives and the world Koa lives in.


But not all of the people you find will be friendly. An evil corporation called Elite wants to conquer Mara and exploit the ocean. Napopo is one of their first victims, a strange creature that will seek Koa for help. 

-        ‘Summer in Mara’ is an adventure and farming game, with an archipelago full of islands and secrets to explore.

-        Day and night cycle with climate events.

-        More than 100 quests to make the world a better place.

-        Over 20 characters to meet and trade with. Befriend them!

-        Improve your boat, make it bigger, better and faster.

-        More than 130 inventory items to make, use and trade.

-        Unlock and acquire new abilities and skills for Koa, helping her to craft, trade and explore in an easy-RPG system.

In ‘Summer in Mara’, you’ll be Koa. She’s a little adventurer who likes swimming, running fast and the warmth that stays in the soil after the sunset. She will have to face her destiny and go outside the island, looking for her grandma’s legacy and meeting a lot of new people.


‘Summer in Mara’ is set in Qü, the planet of the Qüidos. The Qüidos are a strange race, but they're pretty chill. They are fishers, merchants, cookers, explorers… And they come in a lot of differents colors. You could see, in a single village, blue, green or purple qüidos. But they also know how to protect their planet and will stand up for themselves, caring about others and helping them. Sadly, not all qüidos are like that. So take care when you talk with a qüido that don’t seems nice. They maybe aren’t.


The grandma of Koa, Haku, is a Qüido. She was in the Qüido Navy when she was young, but she had to leave all that behind. You’ll have to find out what happened to your grandma when she was young and what her relationship with the island and the mysterious door is.


There are also those who will help Koa, like Saimi, who lives in the lighthouse, Noho and Caleb, a couple of merchants who had travel around the world, Onzo, a cat-kid that has come from far away, and Edegan, a banker not to trust.


And there are still some characters that you will have to find in the game.


We always put the visuals first. We put a lot of work in our concepts and the story behind every character, building and environment to transmit the feelings and emotions we want in our games. ‘Summer in Mara’ is an evolution from Deiland: the same spirit, but bigger and better. We still have our distinct cartoon look, with all the characters in colorful 2D portraits.


We’re also working hard on the music, with Paco Mitos coming back after working on Deiland to look for a tropical and calm but sometimes dangerous experience.



In ‘Summer in Mara’ you’ll have an island of your own. The island has its distinct parts: the mountain, the beach, the pond, the farm, the mysterious door… But there are more islands, bigger than yours. The main island has a village, with houses, stores, restaurants and a lighthouse. A lot of Quidos live there that you can visit.


But be careful with the time! There will be a day and night cycle, so you better rest when the sun goes down. And look out for the climate, it will change without notice, creating beautiful days and awful rains.


Also, there is natural wildlife, with fishes and creatures that can be friendly or very terrifying. You'll have to find out which is which.

The game will be released on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019. 

‘Summer in Mara’ has been in development for months, and now we’d love to hear from you. With Deiland we went on Square Enix Collective to ask people what they thought of it and got a ton of great feedback that helped us to develop the game. We’re eager to read your thoughts and hear you again, hoping for the same reception as our first game.


Deiland was launched for Playstation 4 in March and for Steam in August, after a successful Kickstarter. Now we are happy to see a lot of people enjoying they own little planet, and we want to know more from our fans and community. They helped us shape that game and we hope they help us again, shaping ‘Summer in Mara’.


We want to give you the best experience we can make. We want you to feel the summer breeze, the sand beneath your feet, to smell the salty sea, and we hope you can help us to achieve those feelings and sensations.


We’ll be launching the ‘Summer in Mara’ Kickstarter in February and we hope you can give us feedback about our story, characters, art and ideas. 

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  • Abraham Cozar Riera - CEO and dev
  • Miriam Barea - 2D Artist
  • Fran Segura Perán - 2D and 3D Artist
  • Paloma Pipeleers Torres - 3D Artist
  • Carolina Ibañez - 2D Artist
  • Diego Freire Cameselle - Marketing and PR / Writer
  • Paco Mitos - Music, Freelancer