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Effie is our tribute to the classic 3D action-adventure games. Platforming, puzzles and fighting mechanics are back again and renewed for PC and PlayStation 4!

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Genre: Action, Adventure

Developer: Inverge Studios

PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: PlayStation 4 PC

Effie is our tribute to the classic 3D action-adventure games. Platforming, puzzles and fighting mechanics are back again and renewed for PC and PlayStation 4!

We all remember with nostalgia those awesome games like Rayman 3, MediEvil, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter sagas... But what they all have in common is that they don't feel as good as they used to, because their mechanics, graphics and sound have aged. In Effie, we are using this references to get the same feels you had, and making them true again, but with renewed and modernized controls and gameplay!

Effie is a 3D action-adventure game that combines the classic elements of the genre, such as combat, platforming and puzzles, with exploration in a semi-open world. In Effie we take control of Galand, an old hero accompanied by his magical shield Runestone. This shield has a very important role in our adventure because it will be our only weapon and tool. With it, we can attack the enemies, block and defend ourselves, move more agilely, travel in a fast way by surfing on it and solve puzzles with its magic.


As in every classic action-adventure game, movement and platforming are some of the gameplay keys. That’s why in Effie we are working hard to make the character’s control as comfortable and accurate as possible. The environments are full of small platforming challenges and secret areas that we can only reach using our dexterity. To speed up the movement we will have skills like double jump and dash both with our shield. On the outside, we will be able to surf on our shield at a great speed taking the magical turbos that we will find.


Wait a minute, the outside? Yes! One of the peculiarities of Effie is that it’s a non-linear video game, where we have the great Red Plains of Oblena to explore at our whim. In it, we will find amazing towns and settlements that need the help of our brave hero. Inside each of these settlements, the gameplay changes to linear, capturing the essence of the classic action-adventure games that we love so much.


These towns are full of evil enemies that we will have to defeat by fighting with our magical shield. As we move along the adventure, the enemies will become harder, but we will unlock new shield’s powers by activating the Ancient Stone Shrines that will allow us to face these enemies.

 Many years ago, there was a lazy young man named Galand, who had been graced with the gift of strength. One day, a girl appeared at his house asking for help, since her carriage had broken down nearby. However, Galand didn’t want to make any effort, so he lied and told her he couldn’t help.

That girl turned out to be a sorceress and she cursed him with more age, turning him into an old man. But before leaving, she told him that there was only one way to regain his youth. He would have to visit the Protective Elders and redeem himself. Thus, Galand travelled for many days to a faraway place and he finally managed to find the Temple of the Protective Elders, where he would find a companion for the adventure, a powerful shield.

This is the story of Galand, a young man trapped in and old man’s body, who will have to travel through the Red Plains of Oblena region to make up for lost time. This region is invaded by a powerful evil and, if nobody saves it, it will spread to other regions…

  • -        Enjoy a new adventure with the gameplay of classic action-adventure games.
  • -        Use your skills to get past platforming challenges and reach secret areas.
  • -        Fight and improve your magical shield to defeat all the evil enemies living in the Red Plains of Oblena.
  • -        Solve the puzzles with a classic touch that you will find in the different environments of the game.
  • -        Explore the huge Red Plains of Oblena and set free the settlements with no loading screens.
  • -        Get past the settlements in a non-linear way, in the order you want.
  • -        Use the powerful magical shield Runestone as your only weapon and tool. Transform it to fight, defend yourself and travel with it.
  • -        Travel at a great speed through the Red Plains of Oblena by surfing on your magical shield.
  • -        Collect all the collectibles around the Red Plains and its towns.
  • -        Listen to how the OST accompanies you throughout the adventure.

Our story has three main characters: old Galand, the magical shield and Melira, the evil witch. There are also a number of secondary creatures in the plot.

Galand is a young man who lives in a... quiet way. He’s a strongly built person, with deep blue eyes and a prominent nose, which stands out from the rest of his face. A beautiful black mane flows from his head. Although what stands out the most is his corpulence. With no doubt he had been blessed with the gift of strength… But of course all this was before he met Melira. After that all his youth was soon gone.

The magical shield is the traveling companion of old Galand. During the adventure he meets it and it will go along with him to the end. It’s not a common shield and it’s not just a magical shield. It will defend Galand from all evil wanting to hurt him, it will help him, attack his enemies and, above all, it will guide him.

Melira is the dark side of this story. She’s the sorceress who curses Galand, turning him into an old man. She’s also the one that makes him travel to the Red Plains of Oblena, where a powerful evil lives.

During the game development, we’ve worked hard to get a beautiful art, because it’s very important for us that the game looks good.

With our main character, Galand, we wanted to characterize him a lot. For the concept art we could count with the artist Carlos Cuesta, who has given life to the old man. And our artists have brought him to 3D.         

The environments are something we would also like to stand out for. We’ve worked a lot with an aesthetic mix between the low-poly and the cartoon styles. Usually with flat colours, although sometimes we add some realistic textures. A style of our own, you could say.

Moreover, we count with the great musician Adrián Berenguer. He will be in charge of offering our ears beautiful and magical compositions, that will take us even further into this beautiful story.

It’s also planned that the game has a voice actor, for a greater immersion.

The game scenarios correspond to the Oblena region. It’s a land far from Galand’s home, but it’s where our character’s story takes place. It’s characterized by its Red Plains, full of red vegetation and some rivulets. With no doubt, a place with a beautiful colour contrast with the blue sky.

In this region you can find the Temple of the Protective Elders, where Galand travels to recover his youth. There’re also towns such as Windmills Town, Woodborn or Grapeland. And all this on an extensive scenario, where we can find many enemy camps, challenges and lost relics. 

The game will be released in Steam and PlayStation 4.

Inverge Studios is made of six young people wanting to enter the video games world and contribute their bit. For the past six months, we’ve been developing Effie, taking care of every detail to achieve a quality and unique game. A game up to the classic PlayStation 2 games, with today’s graphics. You can subscribe to our Kickstarter news in or you can also follow us on our social networks.

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At the moment, Effie is in a development state where the game base is already made, from the visual aspect to mechanics, puzzles, levels and enemies. We would like to know now what the community thinks about the game. So this Collective is for everyone. Whether you like the game the way it is, or you think some features could be added, we want to listen to you so we can make the game we all want.

The game will be published in the first quarter of 2019 on PlayStation 4 and we would also like to prepare a PC version for the second quarter of 2019. In the next months we want to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make sure that the game is released on PC, as well as to add more content to the game through Stretch Goals and add more languages.

It’s also a good opportunity for you to rate the content we’re showing you here and to give us your feedback for the Kickstarter presentation that we will be preparing soon.

Well... so what do you think? Give us your feedback!

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  • Pablo Martínez
    CEO & Game Designer
  • Anna Fabrés
    3D Artist & VFX
  • Javier Gerona
    Developer, Narrative & Environment Designer
  • Ana Martínez
    3D Artist & Animator
  • Jorge Quesada
    Lead programmer
  • Vicente Quesada
    Level Designer
  • Carlos Cuesta
    Collaborator as: Concept Artist
  • Adrián Berenguer
    Collaborator as: Music Composer