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An adventure game set in an old English manor. You're a ghost: wander through these walls to find out what happened to the Blackwood.

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Genre: RPG, Strategy

Developer: Sushee



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Platforms: PC

An adventure game taking place in an old English manor. You are a ghost: wander through these walls to find out what happened to the Blackwood...

Goetia was born from the meeting of Moeity, photographer and digital artist, and Sushee, a studio specialized in the development of video games. Their wish to give life to Moeity’s graphic universe led to the idea of a point & click adventure: a game where puzzle-solving and enigmas are the heart of the experience.


More than a point & click

We wanted to create a slightly different experience. In a traditional point & click game, your main reward is the storyline: your goal is to learn more about the plot and the characters. With Goetia, you will of course be part of a story, but exploration will be rewarded as well as puzzle-solving. Also, keep this in mind: a disembodied being doesn’t interact with our world as mere mortals do.

You will lead young Abigail Blackwood, heir of an old English lineage, who passed away at the age of 12 and has now returned as a spirit, in spite of herself. You’ll follow the clues and explore the past to understand the last days of the Blackwood, and the reason why she’s back among the living.

Abigail’s quest won’t be restful: soon she’ll discover that other forces are at stake, and fight them. To do so, she’ll have to study an ancient occult culture called Goetia.


Ruins tell us the last word. A silent one. Ruins of Oakmarsh punctuate emptiness and absence, as vanished ellipses - and a curtain of dust has fallen on what was once a quiet village near Coventry. 

If you wander like a lost soul between those dark walls, you may imagine small black dots on the clear sky ; you may nearly hear the whistling of the Luftwaffe wading in on this day of February 1941 ; touch the burned wood, and the warning calls & waves of panic may resonate. 

To be honest, you may not hear anything here. But you'll feel this awkward absence and silence, only scratched by gusts in the branches of some old trees. And the heaviness of this question : why did Oakmarsh bleed to death ? Could a blitz, all by itself, frighten an entire population of impassive British people ? 

Look beyond the village limits; see the walls of Blackwood manor. Behind its gates, silence has a different taste - icy, metallic, faint - but never standing still. Keep that name in mind : Blackwood. The name of a perverted & insane lineage. A clan whose last members were dedicated to mysticism and fanatical experimentation. 

I am Abigail. Abigail Blackwood. I missed the last 40 years of my family story.

Somebody is obviously keen to see me lifting the veil on Oakmarsh mysteries - and on the Blackwood's downsides. And they do not really give me the choice...

No inventory

No. Remember: Abigail is a ghost. How could she grab objects and keep them for later? Instead of the classic inventory system, we imagined a way to move objects by possessing them, which means you will become the object you want to take with you, until you release it and let it fall to the ground.

We’re sure you’ve always dreamed to be a candle holder.

A wall? What wall?

You won’t be stopped by the usual material obstacles – ghosts walk through walls, it is known. You don’t have a key for that door? No problem… It also means that you’ll be able to go through ceilings and floors, and get to rooms unattainable to mere mortals. Until you need to bring an object in that specific room.

This should spice up your exploration a bit.

Therefore, you will play at two different levels:

  • As a ghost, you will delve into the manor, the forest or the village to look for clues.
  • As an object, you will try to interact with your environment – combine what you possess with another item, or simply use it.

Choose your path

There are four distinct zones to explore in Goetia, not including Blackwood Manor itself. After a short introduction to the story, you’ll soon be able to leave the house and choose where your search for answers will begin. Will you start in an abandoned village, a dark pine forest, a strange labyrinth or a cave network?

Later in the game, if you don’t find the solution of a given puzzle, you’ll be able to go back on your tracks and choose to solve another enigma. At any moment.

Alternate puzzle solutions

Some special/optional capacities will be hidden in the manor and its surroundings – allowing you, for example, to see an object owner’s last thoughts and actions, by possessing it. Sometimes it will just reveal something about the story or the protagonists. Sometimes, it will give you a clue, allowing you to discover an alternate (and easier) way to solve a particular enigma. But beware. Those powers will be hard to find.

Goetia is designed to make you wander – a lot – and contemplate its very particular photograph-based graphics. Try to find every single hidden room, every secret ability, shed light on Blackwood’s dark past, and maybe you will unlock 100% of the game’s content… which will influence the ending!

  • 115 rooms to explore, some of them being accessible only after solving a secondary enigma. Try to discover them all !

  • 5 zones, all different, from Oakmarsh abandoned village to Blackwood forest’s ruins, including the manor and its catacombs.

  • 3 hidden abilities to discover and learn, allowing you to solve a given puzzle in two different ways.

  • 10 subquests and sub-events leading you to a better understanding of what happened to the Blackwood.

  • 15 to 20 hours to reach the end of the main “quest”. At least twice as much to unveil every secrets of the manor and the lineage.



Sushee is a studio based in Lannion, France, specialized in social video games. The team develop advergames, social game and serious games for small and big companies, in France, and Worldwide, like KFC, la Française des Jeux (National Lottery), Oasis (a soft drink) and many others...

Now, that they have a great experience in developing fun and addictive video games, they want to develop their own game, the game they always wanted to play, and this game is Goetia!

Their website :


Moeity is a graphic designer based in Lannion, France. He began his career as a photographer, wandering with his camera around uninhabited places, never too far from the sea, in search of objects and atmospheric moments to capture.

His influences take root in fantasy and science fiction novels, movies, games, eerie visions of haunted woods, dusty victorian rooms, cold spaceship corridors and distant planets. As he started cutting, colouring and re-assembling pictures to build 2D environements, like a tribute to old-school platform games, he decided to cross the line and give life to his creations into a video game of his own.

His portfolio :


Goetia was born in august 2013, but the development really started in december 2013. Since then, we know exactly where we're going. A demo version (let's call it "prologue", for it introduces the story and the manor) should be ready in a couple of months.

We are hoping to release the game this Winter.


We want to create a great game, and for this, we need time, a little more than we expected, when we began the development process. That's why we're looking for a funding, to complete the game, and make it even better than we first imagined!

We are really happy to be on Collective, with the support of Square Enix, we would love to communicate with you, to hear your feedback and to talk with you. Your support will help prepare our crowd-funding campaign, and improve the game before we finish the demo.

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  • Thibaut Romaggi
    Digital artist, photographer Favorite games: - Myst (and the sequels) - The Dig - Silent Hill (and the sequels)
  • Benjamin Anseaume
    CEO @ Sushee Favorite games: - Chrono Cross - Xenoblade Chronicles - Final Fantasy 6
  • Samuel Liard
    CTO @ Sushee Favorite games: - Half-Life 2 - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Professor Layton
  • Benoît Lafont
    Developer @ Sushee Favorite games: - Baldur's Gate 2 - Final Fantasy 8 - Age of Empire 2
  • Julien Guguin
    Developer @ Sushee Favorite games: - Metroid Prime Trilogy - Tales of the Abyss - Pokemon X/Y
  • Térence Rerat
    Animator @ Sushee Favorite games: - Minecraft - The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep