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Grand Guilds

Grand Guilds is a story-driven, turn-based, tactical RPG with unique card combat mechanics.

Grand Guilds
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Genre: RPG, Tactical, Turn-based

Developer: Drix Studios



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Platforms: PC

Grand Guilds is a story-driven, turn-based, tactical RPG set in the high fantasy world of Irin - a place home to both magic and technology.

The story follows the adventures of Eliza, a young warrior who can summon mystical blades at will, and her companions as they struggle to unveil a mystery shrouding their guild and the entire continent of Irin.

Grand Guilds offers a unique combat experience through a skill card system. Think Final Fantasy Tactics meets Hearthstone where you move your units in a grid-based map but on top of that your skills are in the form of cards.

Each character in your party starts with a set amount of cards and they draw 1 skill card per turn. Each skill costs action points; the stronger the effects, the more action points it costs. You can then play as many of these skills as you want as long as you have enough action points.

Your characters gain experience for every successful encounter. Each level up will grant you stat points to progress your characters. Want a healer who can tank? Give them more vitality. Need your tank to deal more damage? Pump in more strength or intelligence. You can also build powerful decks to compliment their stats and your play-style. Unlock more abilities using skill points which characters acquire when they progress.

The story takes place in the continent of Irin, a war-torn realm currently under the rule of the Triton Empire. The world is currently at a period of peace; however, recent events have shown what a fragile thing peace can be. Only the magical guilds, independent organisations of remarkable people, keep the realm from tipping into chaos.

The narrative follows the life of Eliza Stalfort, a member of the highly respected Lux Deus guild, and her merry band of misfits. She is a fierce young woman who stands for justice and honor, dedicated to helping her guild and friends whenever she can.

Will she be able to uphold her principles when faced with her inner demons, as they journey deeper into the harsh reality of this war-torn world?

       Turn-Based Strategy - Master the fundamentals of tactical combat. Positioning, terrain, and your action points can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

       Engaging Combat System - Unit abilities are in the form of skill cards, making every turn more dynamic and every decision critical.

       Deck Building - Tailor each character to your playstyle by customizing their skill decks. Obtain powerful new abilities to aid you in combat.

       Guild Quests - Embark on challenging, procedural missions separate from the Main storyline to put your minds to the test and earn rewards.

       Diverse Cast - Each playable character has unique mechanics and abilities that enable them to fill various roles.

       Epic Journey - Unravel the mysteries shrouding Irin, a continent on the brink of war. Follow Eliza and her companions as they journey through this vast, magical world.

Playable demos are hard to come by at this day and age but I’m happy to say that we have one for you. While everything in this demo is still subject to change and improvement, we believe this will give you a glimpse at what to expect from the final game. 

Download the demo here -

It consists of the prologue and chapter 1 of the main story, 3 playable characters, deck building, and over an hour of gameplay.

How to play:

  1. Extract the ZIP file to a desired directory
  2. Open to the WindowsNoEditor folder
  3. Run GrandGuilds.exe
  4. Enjoy!

Grand Guilds is coming to PC while PS4 and Switch versions will come at a later date.

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Your feedback and comments mean a lot to us! We aim to make Grand Guilds a fun and fulfilling SRPG with quality at the forefront. What better way to do that than to hear from the community itself.

We’re also a small indie team looking for funding. We plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign later this year. SE Collective would help us get the word out and make sure we’re ready for such a campaign. Our home country is also outside of the supported countries by Kickstarter, so with enough support and a little bit of luck, we might just be able to land a publisher who can help get the game into Kickstarter.

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  • Justin Villegas - Guild Master
    Justin is the head of the Drix Studios development guild. As the master of a small, independent guild, he takes on various quests that involve programming, game design, story writing, and marketing.
  • Pete Ranosa - Concept Tactician
    Some say the pen is mightier than the sword. Pete is definitely proof of that as he uses his trusty stylus to create stunning visuals and illusions from thin air.
  • Ja Marti Escandor - Character Sage
    Ja has the rare ability to breathe life into characters. With his magically-imbued hands he molds characters from clay and paints them into perfection.
  • Bruce Villegas - Card Craftsman
    Bruce is an expert craftsman, able to make the mightiest of cards and runes for other heroes to use.
  • Eduardo Lopez - Musical Wizard
    With his hypnotizing musical scores, Eduardo can make people feel numerous emotions all at right time.