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SIKANDA is an Action Adventure with RPG elements, inspired by famous SNES classics of the 90s

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Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure

Developer: Dyadic Games



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Platforms: Nintendo

SIKANDA is an Action Adventure with RPG elements, inspired by famous SNES classics of the 90s such as "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past", "Secret of Mana", and "Terranigma". The adventure takes place in a fantasy world full of mysteries.

At the beginning of the game, circumstances will lead you to the discovery of an ancient relic named Sikanda, a mysterious pendant that can transform into powerful weapons and tools.

Throughout your adventure to save the world, you will acquire many transformations for Sikanda which will be invaluable instruments for overcoming dangerous traps and fierce enemies.

SIKANDA is fully presented in 3D, but features game mechanics more common in 2D top-down games. These decisions were made in order to place greater emphasis on the tile-based terrain structure and its role in solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

The gameplay will offer a balanced experience of realtime action battles, exploration, and puzzle solving.

Battles are entirely skill-based and require good timing as well as tactical decision-making. You will have to adopt your actions to the type of monster you are fighting. Fortunately, you can easily switch between Sikanda’s transformations and be creative about the series of attacks (combos) and actions you perform. Find your own style!

The shape-shifting weapon Sikanda starts off as a simple pendant, but upon completion of your first trial in a so called "Shrine of the Ancestors" the pendant can be transformed into an oversized claymore that easily blows away several fiends at once. Throughout your adventure, you will unlock up to 12 unique transformations which turn Sikanda into useful tools, essential for both combat and puzzles.

However, each power has it’s limitations. Sikanda is driven by the imagination of its wielder which gets drained quickly while being used. This is represented by a blue spiral placed beneath the traditional health and mana bars. When it reaches zero, Sikanda will be unavailable for a short time. Use your resources carefully!

Sikanda also plays an important role in solving the puzzles found in dungeons. Puzzles are based on the interaction between you and your environment and incorporate well-known 2D mechanics used in a fresh, new way!

Exploration is a key aspect of progressing through your adventure. Take your time to discover secret places and hidden objects all over the world! You will not only be rewarded with useful items or equipment, but also uncover backstories of the game’s lore.

We put a lot of effort into making the gameplay smooth and polished, but we also want to provide a solid story that holds up to genre standards. Our main goal is to firmly tie story and gameplay together. The story is not told for the purpose of putting gameplay into a meaningful context, nor is the gameplay added solely for selling the story as a game.

The game tells the story of a young hero who incidentally found Sikanda while looking for his best friend who vanished during an earthquake. As the very existence of the island gets threatened by a group of sinister strangers, the hero not only will have to accept that Sikanda is the only way to stop them but also that there is a connection between the mysterious island, the ancient relic and the hero's own fate...

·         You can choose your character (boy or girl) and guide them through your non-linear journey!

·         Puzzles are everywhere! Environment design is based on gameplay mechanics to provide you with the best possible experience.

·         Explore a living and breathing fantasy world featuring a day-night-cycle and dynamic weather. This greatly affects which monsters you encounter and how certain puzzles can be approached.

·         Realtime action battles will challenge your skills in fast tactical decision making.

·         Tons of side-quests, distractions, hidden treasures, secret passages – exploration is encouraged and will be rewarded!

·         Stats growth is based on items to give you total control over the development of your character.

·         Make use of the crafting system and turn loot and raw materials into powerful items!

·         Lovely hand-painted models with a great sense for details shows our affection for the world we build.

·         An epic soundtrack that will turn each moment of the game into a pleasure.

·         An intriguing, character-driven story that holds unexpected twists will keep you attached even after finishing the game.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose to go on your adventure either as Tarak (boy) or as Venda (girl). Your chosen character is a silent protagonist and expressed through your own actions and decisions (see “Friendship System” above). The other character will still appear in the story as a NPC with a fully fleshed out personality.

Crowdfunding stretch goal: If we manage to raise a certain amount of funds through crowdfunding, we’ll include a character configurator to fully customize your playable character!


Scion is the home of several tribes:

·         Humans: A human tribe inhabits Aturan, the central land of Scion, and the Thesan highlands (where your adventure starts). Their kingdom is organized around a religious order simply referred to as "the Order". The Order worships a divine entity that is said to reside at the very core of the seed world. People are required to live their lives in virtue, otherwise the entity is believed to send demonic creatures called Daeva to their land.

·         Sahalia: The Sahalia are a humanoid reptilian tribe living in the desert land Enk H’dil. They heavily rely on the use of technology to survive the harsh conditions of their environment. As a tribe keen on science, Sahalia are also skilled alchemists and understand a lot about how to tame the elements and use them to their advantage.

·         Lupus: The Lupus tribe consist of humanoid wolves who live in Frostheim, a snowy landscape in the north of the island. They are lead by shamans who have a spiritual connection to the land and can sense many events long before they actually happen. The design of their kingdom is based on Celtic and Nordic culture.

·         Zouyu: The Zouyu are a tribe of cat people living in the mountain land Yamakuni around the Celestial Tower of the Earth Element. They see themselves as fearsome warriors, yet an outsider cannot deny a certain degree of cuteness in their appearance. The Zouyu culture is based on the architectural and artistic style of countries in the Far-East.

The game uses low-poly hand-painted character and environment assets. This decision was made for three reasons:

·         Low-poly assets require less GPU rendering power, making it perform better on handheld devices.

·         A cartoony anime-based non-photorealistic style perfectly supports the gameplay mechanics with clear obstacles and environment-based puzzles.

·         Last but not least, the art style resembles the games we love and which were the main influence for SIKANDA.

SIKANDA takes place on a floating island named Scion. Scion has the shape of a huge, sprouting seed and orbits a wasteland planet called Terra. Since the surface of Terra is uninhabitable, the inhabitants of Scion have never left their home.

The five Celestial Towers feed the land on Scion with the power of the elements – no life would be possible without them! Each tower is located in a different region and shapes the surrounding land with its elemental power.

·       The Tower of Wood Element causes the growth of a rich forest.

·       The Tower of Earth Element causes mountains to rise.

·       The Tower of Water Element spans a deep blue sea around the island.

·       The Tower of Metal Element covers the land in cold silver snow.

·       The Tower of Fire Element is the source of power for the people living in the deserts.

Thanks to the Celestial Towers, Scion is blessed with a wide variety of landscapes and mysterious places, providing a dense experience of discoveries.

SIKANDA will be first released for the Nintendo Switch. If funding is sufficient, other platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and Steam are also an option for a simultaneous release.

SIKANDA is developed by Dyadic Games, a small indie game studio based in Austria with support from several freelance artists all over the world, from East and West. Up until now, the project was funded by private investments. To fully realize our vision, funds on a larger scale are necessary. Your support would help us a lot getting closer to a fundraising campaign and draw attention from potential backers towards us.

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The Square Enix community is a gathering place for gamers all over the world who grew to love playing games developed or published by Square Enix. As a long-time fan of popular franchises like "Final Fantasy" or the "Mana"-Series, there is no denial that SIKANDA follows the spirit of these games. Not only is this game a return to the industry which gave us so much inspiration, it is also made especially for you. Sharing our love for the same kind of games, your feedback will help us to affirm or correct the direction we are heading in with SIKANDA.

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  • Stefan Kohl - Producer, Director & Programmer
    I’ve been passionate about telling stories and building worlds since my early childhood days. I had to use my imagination to overcome the limitations of my small set of LEGO bricks. After getting in touch with "The Legend of Zelda" and "Final Fantasy", however, I discovered video games as a playground of endless opportunities. My long journey to become a game developer began with my decision to learn programming due to my complete lack of artistic skills. Before finally landing in the games industry, I made many detours to other areas of software development. After 3.5 years in the casual games & gambling sector, I decided to found an indie game studio, realizing a long held dream.
  • David Hattori- 2D & 3D Environment Artist
    I’m specialized in creating both 2D and 3D assets for games. My role in project SIKANDA is designing 3D environments, props, as well as illustrations and GUI stuff.
  • Roman Busel - Art Director & 3D Environment Artist
    From early childhood I was a big fan of computer games, as I am nowadays. I especially love MMORPG and RPG in fantasy style. And it is not hard to guess that I’m a big fan of Blizzard games, especially World of Warcraft. Warcraft actually inspired me to become a 3D Artist. In one moment I felt it’s not enough just to play games and I wanted to create my own worlds. Initially my drawing skills were like children’s pictures at kindergarten… hehe. But I never gave up and was learning hard “day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in”... And now I am working for AAA companies and studying art with Blizzard mentors.
  • Lucas Fernandes - 3D Monster Artist
    My passion for games started when I got my first N64 along with Super Mario 64, later in my life I grew interest in art and started looking at games as a type of art. I think that the visuals of a game are not only made of eye candy, there is a whole big process involving finding an art style, and highlighting the important elements of the game with artistic means, therefore I want to experiment with game art the same way I experiment with paint on a canvas.
  • Anthony Fox - 3D Character Artist
    3D Artist, Rigging, Animation, anything you want! I enjoy working on games and helping others bring their passions to life. I'm more of an Industry Grunt/Grinder then the big creative type. Extremely happy to assist Dyadic Games with bringing this project to life!
  • Donovin Peterman - 3D Character Artist
    I love creating characters, assets, and everything in between! The idea of being able to give characters a soul and personality of some sort is quite fascinating. Creativity is where I strive and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring life to the characters and creatures of SIKANDA!
  • Robin Wade - Composer & Audio Effects Artist
    I’ve been passionately writing, performing and producing music for longer than I’d care to tell you. Compositions of mine have reached over 30 million gamers. I’m truly honored to be a part of SIKANDA and confident that it will make a huge impact with sufficient support.