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Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

A rogue-like strategy RPG game where you hire a rag-tag crew and rebuild a derelict space station on the edge of known space.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
Yes 89% No 11%

Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Developer: Massive Damage, Inc.



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Platforms: PC


**Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander is now live on Kickstarter! Check it out!!**

On the edge of Terran space lies Halcyon 6, a derelict starbase left behind by a mysterious precursor race. You are a newly promoted Commander and your mission is to reclaim the derelict station and rebuild it.

A mysterious alien force is making a beeline towards Earth and this starbase is the best chance for the Terran Republic to establish new alliances, research new technologies and otherwise figure out a way to stop the impending invasion.

Using only the resources you can salvage from the derelict station and raw materials mined from nearby asteroids, it’s up to you to rebuild the starbase to lead the Terran Republic’s scientific research, exploration and diplomatic efforts on the edge of known space.

Halcyon 6 is a passion project who’s design is inspired by our years spent playing classic games like Star Control, Master of Orion, X-COM, Civilization and of course, rogue-like games like FTL and Starbound.

Halcyon 6 will target the PC/Mac platforms first with the iOS and Android tablet versions as stretch goals.

  • Unlimited Replayability: Each playthrough has players dealing with a new randomly generated derelict station, surrounding galaxy, crew recruits, and alien factions

  • Explore, Exploit and Build: As players explore, scavenge and rebuild the derelict precursor station, they’ll uncover all sorts of ancient tech and other surprises. They’ll have to choose carefully how to deal with each situation as it may have lasting effects on their station, crew and even their chances of survival.

  • Motley Crew: Each crew member has unlimited potential for acquiring unique behaviours, traits and abilities, for better or for worse. Making the best use of your dysfunctional crew will be one of the keys to success. Who should you hire as your Science Officer, the insomniac that works insane hours but has an addictive personality or the agoraphobic mad genius?

  • Tactical Ship Combat: Engage in tactical combat with alien ships, pirates, and other threats (hint: space monsters!). Assign crew members to ships to add additional abilities that can turn the tide at the right moments.

  • Away Party Missions: You select the crew for each Away Party mission based on their traits/skills and hope they all make it back alive. Be careful as, they don’t have to be wearing a red shirt to get shot and vaporized. It’s dangerous on the edge of known space.

  • Encounters of the Weird Kind: There are 5 alien factions in Halcyon 6 and they are all quite different with varying objectives and personalities. Only your wit and your crew’s skills will help you navigate the diplomatic waters to gain them as key allies or valuable trading partners.

  • Each new game starts with a randomized derelict space station so no two stations will be alike

  • As you set about salvaging and building on top of the wreckage, you’ll have the chance to have some interesting encounters and come upon unique precursor technology left behind by the previous inhabitants

  • Certain station modules work better in proximity or adjacent to others. There’s a lot of different module synergies to discover.

  • It’s up to you to decide what your starbase focuses on: military, trade, or research.

Here are some more example station modules:

  • An important part of your job as a Starbase Commander is hiring the right crew. The Terran Republic will send over eligible recruits and you’ll make the call as to who will be hired and promoted.

  • Each crew member is governed by not only their attributes and skills but also a selection of varied personality traits. Some traits have straight modifiers to various crew activities but other traits have hidden abilities that can turn the tide in combat, alien encounters, and away missions.

  • Not all crew members will get along.

  • Some crew members will require the station to have certain amenities to function at optimal levels.

  • Managing your crew’s morale and assignments is an integral part of Halcyon 6.


  • As you build up your starbase, you can amass a fleet of ships to handle a variety of combat situations.
  • Each ship has a default attack ability on a timer. When combat starts up, the timers for each ability starts.

  • Some ships have more than one attack ability.

  • Some combat abilities can only be used once per combat.

  • The bigger ships will have slots for installing future tech or new weapons. You never know which encounters or surprise events will result in new fancy toys to install in your ships!

  • Your crew members that you assign to the ships can add new abilities that can sometimes turn the tide of a battle.

  • Often, a situation will arise that will require you to send a squad of crew members on an away mission to negotiate, fight or otherwise handle a developing situation off the station.

  • Some missions will simply be a dialogue with some aliens but others can spiral into ground combat or lead to further conflict down the road.

  • The selection of crew members to send on these missions can mean either success or failure.

  • Sometimes the universe just throws weird stuff at you.

  • It could be alien encounters or just a bar fight that breaks out in your station’s cantina.

  • Both your wits and your Commander’s and crew’s skills and traits will come into play during these encounters.

  • We are not alone in the universe. In fact, in Halcyon 6, the universe is downright crowded and everyone’s got their own agendas.
  • Each alien faction will require a skilled diplomatic approach to gain their trust.

  • Befriend, trade, or fight with these factions. Each of these approaches will yield different results that may have future implications.

  • Your Commander and crew’s idiosyncratic traits may have hidden value when dealing with various factions.


  • We’re inspired by classic games like Star Control 2 and their amazing use of music.

  • To start, each alien faction will have their own theme music. One of the best things about Star Control 2’s music was that a theme would start playing just before an alien encounter started so you already clued in as to who was hailing you.

  • We aspire to have our music to be as equally whimsical and memorable.

  • We’re already talking to some prominent game music composers. Stay tune for more news on this front.


We’re the crazy team that decided to try making a location-based zombie RPG game for iOS back in 2011. That game’s called Please Stay Calm ( and it helped grow our 2 man startup to a 10 person game studio in the last few years.

We’re now looking for help to take our passion for classic space games like Master of Orion, Star Control, and Space Quest to build our dream game.

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We’re not getting any money from Square-Enix Collective, they’re just being awesome and providing a platform for small indie studios like us to connect with potential fans and like-minded gamers.

We’re here to reach out and engage with like-minded players like you to give us feedback and general support for our crazy passion project.

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Thanks in advance for your support, we can’t wait to chat with you about Halcyon 6!

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  • Massive Damage, Inc.
    Established in late 2010, we’re the crazy team that decided to try making a location-based zombie RPG game for iOS back in 2011. That game’s called Please Stay Calm ( and it helped grow our 2 man startup to a 10 person game studio in the last few years. We’re now looking for help to take our passion for classic space games like Master of Orion, Star Control, and Space Quest to build our dream game.
  • Jeff Elliott
    Game Designer and Lead Architect Master diver and competitive pistol shooter, Jeff is like James Bond if James Bond could code. He’s also a badass at any board game.
  • Lucky B
    Lead Developer Lucky's had serious game development experience, ranging from Koei to Gameloft before he joined our wacky family at Massive Damage. He'll be the main man handling all the front-end development for Halcyon 6.
  • Ken Seto
    CEO and Game Designer Ken has spent the last 8 years designing and building apps and games for mobile. His secret superhero power is his ability to come up with amazing names for anything.
  • JC Solon
    Artist Extraordinaire JC’s creativity knows no bounds. As you play Halcyon 6, you will see the extent of his talent from the hilarious 8-bit antics of the starbase crew to the hauntingly beautiful paintings of the homeworlds of the various alien factions.