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Soulgest is a third person adventure game that balance Boss Battles with Survival and Crafting mechanics.

Yes 87% No 13%

Genre: Adventure, Third Person

Developer: Monster Burp

PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo


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Platforms: PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo


Soulgest is a third person adventure game that balance Boss Battles with Survival and Crafting mechanics.

As a survivor in a world devastated by mankind you will travel to the farthest lands to keep alive the hope of a new beginning, you will be free to explore an open world and spend your time fishing, hunting and building and upgrading your shelter.

Discover the mysteries of the ancient deities or focus on your main missions to find the gods pray for them and take down the giant bosses to rebuild the Stars Route Map.

Soulgest combine a free world exploration with survival mechanics and boss battles based on strategy and observation of the enemy behavior. Your main quest is to defeat the bosses who represent the constellations in different cultures like Orion, Nimrod, Sirius and Kesil.

You can choose any boss or quest in any order and start to explore, but you will need to prepare yourself for the travel, think about your backpack size, take water and food to survive in the wilderness.

While your main goal is to defeat the bosses you will have to survive all the journey till you find your objective. You will need to gather fruits or hunt animals to eat or cook it first, search for consumable water and stay warm.

In order to survive and defeat the enemies and dangers in your way you will have to craft your tools and armors, clothes and shelter to escape from the cold and use it as fast travel points.

Hunts are all around the world, you can take the contracts from boards in the village or from other npcs around the world. You will need to hunt wild animals and powerful creatures to fulfill your contracts.

The mankind followed its journey to the future, evolving and pushing the earth to its ruin, and after the devastation of the planet they turned their eyes to the stars. And then the space exodus began, time after time, spaceship after spaceship left the earth through the wormholes, leaving behind thousands abandoned to survive in a devastated world…but they left a last gift to the forgotten people on earth a crack in the space time……The Supermassive Horizon….

With the Supermassive Horizon the stars began to fall on earth and the ancient gods rose again… … and after them something even ancestral, something worshiped even by the gods themselves…the primordial deities…the personifications of the own constellations of the first men.

In Soulgest you will travel through a land of fantasy mixed with history and legends. Each area is based on real locations and ancient civilizations. You will find Celtic forest guarded by the horned gods, grasslands covered by ruins and Henges of the megalithic age, snow mountains touched by the old Nordics, deserts watched by YHWH and others by Sirius, Babylonian ruins, Sumerian Tablets and the ruins of the own contemporary mankind.

  • Open World Exploration (discover the mysteries of the gods of the first men and the fallen constellations)
  • Survival (survive the hunger, thirst and cold)
  • Crafting and Gathering (craft tools, weapons and armor. Logging and mining)
  • Fishing (travel to the lands to find fishing spots and secret fishes) 
  • Boss Battles (defeat the giant old kings and take the stars)
  • Hunting (take hunts across the world, animals, creatures and much more)
  • Village Building (craft new tools in your house and merchants in the village)
  • Mounts (find the first mount for each area; camel, horse, deer, goats and more)
  • Farming (plant seeds and general goods to save food, make traps or feed animals)

Here are some concepts of enemies, characters and bosses that we will be happy to share with you.

We start creating Soulgest with intention to offer to people who play on computers and want to play some genre of games that is more common in consoles, but in the process of design and feel the game we realize that Soulgest would be a perfect fit to Nintendo Switch.

Now we are developing the game first for PC and Nintendo Switch and then Playstation 4, we also plan to release the game to other platforms but we are really depending on your feedback to accomplish that.

Soulgest is being develop by a small passionate team we are called Monster Burp. We are really crazy for history and astronomy and Soulgest is born from our deepest dreams and imagination.

My name is Claudio, I’m the creator of the game, the first sketches of what would be called Soulgest is safe in my HD with the date of 2014. I’m studying and creating this world for almost 4 years, since the end of 2017 I focused in a prototype and after that I brought the project to our studio Monster Burp where I know all of us can care for it as much as I do.

But now Soulgest need to grow and only the three of us are not enough anymore, we need your help by supporting our project on Collective and in our future crowdfunding.

Help us spread the word about this little game about constellations and dreams, let’s scape together from the Supermassive Horizon.


If you want to know more about Soulgest check our website and sign up to our newsletter!


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We think that Square Enix Collective will be great to show our game and receive feedback to improve the game experience. We are very close to a crowdfunding campaign and we want to know what do you think, if you want to see the game in more platforms or if you have suggestions and want to help us to make Soulgest an ever more complete experience.

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