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Flipping Filip

Flipping Filip is a 2D hand drawn puzzle adventure about a two-sided man named Filip, a sneeze is all it takes for his other superhero side to show up.

Flipping Filip
Yes 79% No 21%

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Developer: Deedema Games

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

Flipping Filip is a highly stylized puzzle-adventure game with fully hand-drawn animations. The game follows the story of Filip, a depressed middle-aged man who is suffering from a very strange disorder. He has a superhero inside him, and a sneeze is all it takes for Filip to unwillingly turn into a superhero! Filip struggles to get rid of his other side, so he can peacefully live his lonely life.

You will follow the story of Filip in a 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure. The Gameplay revolves around solving puzzles and exploration. As Filip gets involved in the dangerous tasks of saving his fiancé from Xila, he would need to use his superhero side to get through the challenges, so you would occasionally need to cleverly turn into Pilif and use the advantages of his superhero abilities in solving puzzles.

The story starts as Filip struggles with his superhero side to prevent him interrupting his routine and orderly life. Filip seeks a way to get rid of Pilif once and for all, but without any success. Things change when he meets Alix, falling in love with her brings new complications for Filip, as Pilif continues to disturb Filip even further by ruining every circumstance that Filip has a chance to develop his relationship with Alix.

As Filip is working hard to finally propose to Alix, she disappears. Learning that she is stolen by Xila, the villain of the story and the enemy of Pilif, Filip teams up with his other side to rescue Alix.

Unique and high quality art style
Fully hand-drawn animations
A two sided protagonist who flips into a superhero with a sneeze
Turning into a superhero and use his abilities to solve the puzzles!
Intriguing story and characters

Filip:  Filip works at the Archives Department of a big company. He busies himself every day with sorting, relocating, or shredding the files. Filip has an obsessive trait. He strictly favors detachment and this has made him look grim. 
Pilif: Filip has another dimension to his personality that replaces him at certain circumstances against his will. This other character is Pilif and he acts quite the opposite to Filip. Pilif has a lively and happy personality. 
Xilla: She is the main villain of the story. Xila seeks to spread chaos and destruction by marching the streets with her large robots tu pursue her malicious plans.
Alix: She loves plants and is an animal rights activist in social networks. Filip has troubles dealing with his attraction towards Alix.

You can see some concepts and hand drawings during creation of Flipping Filip project.

We have prepared the 6th episode of Flipping Filip for you to play. Please do us a favour and give your feedbacks. 

Different locations of Flipping Filip.

Flipping Filip will be released for PC, Mac, Linux and consoles.

We a few animators and game developers who are working on Flipping Filip for about a year. We need your feedback and support to collect some budget to continue our project. 
It would be a very great honor for us if you share Flipping Filip Collective page to your social network channels. Every words you mention is extremely important for us.

Square Enix Collective gives us the great opportunity to reach out to a community of gamers. People can let us know what's working and what's not, and tell us what they wish to see in the game. That can help us a great deal in improving Flipping Filip.

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  • Moin Samadi - Producer, Director, Writer
    Moin was born in 1979 in Kermanshah. He studied graphic design and pursued his passion for animation and cinema through self-studying both disciplines. He is an international award winner independent filmmaker with lots of short animations on his resume who works on some TV commercials as well. Due to his experiences, he has been active as a teacher, researcher, and Animation Jury since 2006.
  • Mehdi Alibeigy - Producer, Director, Writer
    Mehdi studied graphic design and started his career as a cartoonist and illustrator since 2008. Later, he developed his skills to become a professional comic artist, animator, designer and finally an art director. His passion for arts has led him to be the director of one of Deedema’s most artistic games.
  • Hadi Tabasi - Lead Animator
    Hadi Tabasi born in 1983, lives and works in Tehran (Iran). He’s a director, 2D animator, character designer, illustrator, and caricaturist. Hadi had several group exhibitions in Iran and also three solo exhibitions. He has been participating in National and international contests for some years now. He has won around 28 prizes in various festivals.
  • Amir A Meisami - Game designer and programmer
    I’m just a game designer and that’s all.
  • Hossein Azizi - Game designer and programmer
    Hossein is a video game designer with over 6 years of experience, coupled with his strong background in programming, he is capable of swiftly turning raw ideas into playable experiences. Hossein has taken both the roles of game designer and gameplay programmer in all the projects he has been involved in.