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Project: Longtail

Project: Longtail is an action-adventure 3D platformer game made in the spirit of PS2 era classics.

Project: Longtail
Yes 87% No 13%

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Hologram Monster



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Platforms: PC

Project: Longtail is an action-adventure 3D platformer game made in the spirit of PS2 era classics. In Project: Longtail you take control of Longtail, a unique lizard type character as you traverse the mythical dimension discovering ancient ruins, dormant technology and evil creatures. We want to have the game on all major platforms but are going PC first. 


Project: Longtail is a 3D platformer game and the main focus of the game is on the platforming goodness. The movement is a key focus here. During the game you acquire new skills that expand your movement set and help you move through the world with more speed and agility. 


Some creatures are corrupted by energy mutations which calls for combat mechanics. You can strike the enemies with your energy abilities. 

Quests & Missions

Quests can be collection of missions or special quests that are given by NPC or by other measures to the player character. Quest always have an objective and they can be completed when objective is done or by returning to the quest giver.

Mission are minigames or subquests that can be done in short time.


There are places called Energy Bastions within the world. These buildings are full of ancient technology. In order to activate the technology you’ll need to solve puzzles.


Boss fights combine all the mechanics in order to bring you a challenging highpoint.

Longtail's world is a stack of different dimensions being pierced through by the time drill. Every time the drill passes through a surface of another dimension, which is called a shift, a new era begins. The current dimension, where the story happens, is nearing it’s end way too earlier than it’s supposed to and the drill has already reached the next surface, beginning to get through it. This creates the energy disturbances and strange happenings that affect the world of Longtail. Longtail is sent on a journey to find out the cause of these strange occurrences.


Longtail is a quirky and mischievous fellow. He's lackadaisical and rather selfish and immature, at least in the beginning. He doesn't want to concern himself over stuff that doesn't affect him directly, he just wants to enjoy life and mind his own business and ONLY his own business. Others' problems aren't his to solve or even worry about. How he ends up on the quest when Mam seeks his help, is something he even asks himself, but along the way he learns that being unselfish, helping out and working as a team can be rewarding. 


Rhida is a female lizard creature from another village. She is the opposite of Longtail; she is eager, motivated and excitable, and she can't wait to fill her duty in society. She's outspoken and has both quick wit and temper. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, and is consistently annoyed by Longtail's antics.


More often called Mam than her real name, Sahra Acuzena, she's earned her nickname as the figurative Mother of the village. Mam looks after the villagers as their Keeper, their wise elder and their agony aunt. Mam is often sought after for advice, but she doesn't shy away from sticking her nose into everyone's business and helping whether it's requested or not. She also has a warped, sarcastic sense of humour, but as a harmless old granny, she gets away with it. With her wisdom she always manages to turn things to the benefit of the village, and appears to often have foreseen circumstances others would never have expected.

There are several unique environments planned for the game. The climate and geography of the world of Longtail follows its various and diverse regions. The climate is affected by the vast ocean bordering the world on the West and the tall mountain range to the North-East. This allows for persistent sub-climates to form in small areas. These are often populated with creatures that have adapted to that type of climate and terrain.

•The temperate subtropical coastal regions

•The mountainous areas

•The warm desert areas

•The marshy areas

In addition to the areas there are five energy bastions, one for each element of the dimension.

The current plan is to go PC first and continue from there to consoles. 

Project: Longtail has been in the works for quite a while now but fulltime development has been on for about a year now. Hologram Monster is a small team and the support of the community keeps us going! Come join us on our journey!

Discord is the best place to reach us directly!


You can follow the development of the game on the following places:



Longtail links:






Company links:





Square Enix Collective provides an unique chance to reach more people than we otherwise would with our limited resources. We are a small team and have now been working on the project full time for about a year. It’s a good time to start getting community feedback and we would really appreciate your help!

You can leave your comments here or join our discord server and have a chat with us directly over there.

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  • Tony Kihlberg - Creative Director
    Tony is responsible for the world of Longtail. Makes the concept art, character art, 3D characters, animations, and design.
  • Tero Vaakanainen - Technical Director
    Tero makes things work. Responsible for all of the technical work, programming and keeping the artists not going off track.
  • Niko Finsk - Environment Artist
    Niko is making the world live. Responsible for making all the 3D environment assets.
  • Varpu Reiniaho - Story writer
    Varpu makes the world make sense. Responsible for lore writing and storyline.
  • Paavo Härkönen - Sound designer
    Paavo makes things go boom! Responsible for all the sound effects and ambient tracks within the world of Longtail
  • Hideyuki Shima - Music
    Hideyuki makes the tunes for Longtail. Responsible for the soundtrack