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Soul Shards

Soul Shards is a Collectible Card Game that builds upon the strategy of traditional card games and brings a universe where players can engage in real-time spell casting battles from a first-person perspective.

Soul Shards
Yes 71% No 29%

Genre: Action

Developer: Psiontech

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC

Soul Shards is a real-time strategy game that combines the deep strategy of traditional card games with the immersion and fast pace of FPS games. 

  • Become a Soul Caster and experience what it means to be able to manifest your thoughts and feelings into reality.
  • Use your Soul Shards (cards) to focus your powers and cast spells to defeat your opponents.
  • Battle head to head against online opponents or complete single player challenges to earn will points and become stronger.
  • Discover new creatures, mechanics and environments from different realities and combine them to create the perfect strategy.

Currently Soul Shards is in Closed Alpha stage and we are planning an Early Access release to Steam PC during the second quarter of 2018.  Release dates for other platforms remain unscheduled.

Soul Shards gameplay is divided in two main areas:  Deck Building and Real-Time Combat.

Deck Building

In the deck building phase, you can strategize and scheme to build the perfect deck.  Take your time to plan how to bring your enemies down! 

This phase is all about the cards and how you put them together using your creativity to create the deck that suits your play style.  You will find several archetypes lying on the surface.  As soon as you start acquiring cards you will notice that you can build decks around Nightmare, Mirage or Realm based cards.  If you look deeper you will find many other interesting combinations!

Real-Time Combat

You have already built your deck (or you are using a starter deck).  Now you are ready to get into the action!

In Soul Shards, you will find several game modes, but the basics of the gameplay will remain the same across all of them.  This is a dueling game where you are a Soul Caster.  Your goal in the game is to defeat your opponent Soul Caster.  But there is a trick to it…

When Soul Casters enter combat, they get into a deep trance and their souls leave their bodies behind.  They fight as immaterial beings and can only affect the battlefield indirectly by casting spells and summoning creatures.  Likewise, they can’t be directly damaged.  The only way to defeat a Soul Caster is by destroying his/her Totem, the material representation left behind by the caster.

The combat stage is a battle arena, a 3D representation of the board, where obstacles are an important factor that might thwart visibility or movement.  The board is organized in attack lanes and you will find casting points called Soul Wells.

Creatures will be bound to the Soul Wells where they are summoned, and depending on the color of the Soul Well they will try to defend your Totem (blue) or attack your opponent’s (red).  And of course, you can use spells to change the tides of battle by applying a variety of effects to the creatures, the casters or the environment.

Soul Shards will bring you into a rich universe setting, that you can experience through several gameplay elements like cards, environments and game modes.  The story will take you into a journey through several realms in a fractured universe, in a timeline that spans from the moment of the creation of the universe to the far reaches of distant futures.

The first three realms are part of a series and they constitute a tight storyline tied by the fates of three Soul Casters and an event named the Calling that ties them together.

Ice Void Realm

Guru-Nim and his party of elves are stranded in a distant gelid land where their life is at stake.  They barely survive thanks to the Nim-Tarias, a sentient tree that has adapted to stay warm in the cold environment.  As his powers as Soul a Caster awaken, a mysterious entity calls out to Guru-Nim through his dreams with the promise of salvation… if he can only reach the Gate…


Dark Void Realm

Mana… A vat-grown being, half Human/half Upholder.  Engineered to be an artificial Soul Caster.  She lies dormant in “Freedom”, a space station abandoned by the Upholders and now controlled by humans.  A blank slate, with no memories or bonds, she awakens with a goal imprinted in her mind… to reach the Gate…


Soul Void Realm

This is a world controlled by the Vigil, the institution that oversees the commandments of the Angels’ holy book: Principia.  Aurea is a young girl tagged by the Vigil as a Witch, a wanted criminal destined to death by fire.  Aurea enters a contract with Orbel, the most ancient demon, learning that the Gate is her only way to remain free…


Join us in this epic journey where Guru-Nim, Mana and Aurea will use their abilities to the fullest to reach the Gate, as their fates intertwine to reveal the greater plot…

·        Unique battle system tailored to mix trading card game strategy and first-person perspective.

·        Story Telling spell casting system:  Soul Casters tell their stories as they cast spells.  If they use spells from their own faction (e.g. Guru-Nim uses Ice Void spells) they gain Story Points.  There are powerful spells called Climax Spells that can be cast by paying story points and have dramatic effects based on the accumulated points.

·        More than 200 cards to collect.

o   Each creature card has a fully animated character representation in the real-time combat.

o   Each spell card has a distinctive animated special effect, contributing to the beauty of the battle and to the readability of each combat situation.

o   Collect cards by completing missions through our quest system.

·        Command and Role cards: Give your creatures commands in the battle field, or assign pre-set AI behaviors through Command and Role Spells.

·        Caster weapons cards:  Enter the fray directly by using caster weapons.

·        Unique art style.

·        Several game modes to enjoy:  Multiplayer Ranked, Multiplayer Practice, Challenge A Friend, Home Defense, Nightmare, Puzzle and Boss.

·        Full strategy customization through deck building.

·        An ever-increasing set of game mechanics and creature abilities as each expansion/realm is introduced.

Single Player - Home Defense

Show your might as the strongest tactician!

The Home Defense game mode is about building defenses for your home.  Once you build and enable your home defense, you will enter the Home Defense Tournament.  This is a tournament where other players can attack your home defense to gain rewards and rank.  Likewise, you will have the chance to attack the home defenses that other players have built.


Single Player - Nightmare

How deep will you venture into the depths of your own nightmares?

The Nightmare game mode is a challenge where your mettle will be tested against brute force.  There is no subtle strategy, no deadly combo, no sleight of hand here.  Hordes of random enemies will be thrown at you.  All you must do is keep winning... An easy task? No.  Every time you win and increase a level, they will come back relentlessly stronger!  Test how far you can get into the depth of the abyss.  Rest assured... it will not be long before you find yourself struggling...


Single Player – Boss Mode

Bring it down!

Browse through a selection of challenges created from the biggest and meanest creatures in the game.  In Boss mode there is no opponent Soul Caster.  You will need to concentrate all your resources in bringing down a single overpowered creature down.


Multiplayer PvP

Challenge a friend!  Join games to play duels against other Soul Casters for rank or simply for practice!  Even though a very simple mode, this is where you are bound to find most of the fun!

Do you want to give it a try?  Join our Closed Alpha on Steam!

You can also check the video walkthrough of the Alpha features:

Current: PC (Steam)

Planned: PS4, Xbox.

We’re a very small team based in Costa Rica (4 in the dev team at this point).  We have been self-funding this project from our own effort (and pocket money). We have worked with furious passion on it for some years.  We will continue to hold to the same kind of passion and commitment until the day comes when we deliver the great game we have always dreamed to share with the rest of the world.

But building a great game requires a great community.  Support us and let’s watch how far we can take this idea together!

If you liked our game, please say yes on the collective and add us to your wish list on steam, join the Alpha!  We’d love to hear your feedback on the pitch and we’d love to hear your feedback on the game itself!








 The Square Enix Collective is great.  There is true love for hard working indies here.  We have seen many games get a good jump start with this model and of course we would like a chance at being one of those.  But more than anything, our game is looking for a community to help it mature.  If the game is given a chance to pitch the community and it is well received here, we are sure it will be a success.

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  • Alejandro Álvarez
    Developer Loves trying to play soccer and trying to dance, read manga and old computer games
  • Eric Herrera
    Developer Loves computer games, anime, indoor soccer and his little daughter Angie!
  • Fabian Cardenas
    Artist Loves making art for Video Games, exploring nature, wood and metal crafting, electronics, movies and photography.
  • Roger Herrera
    Developer Loves jogging, listening to music and zombies (so watch out for zombies at some point in the game!)