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Darkness of Hope - The Pocket Watch

A side-scrolling RPG with heavy focus on story. You play as Eris, a young agent of an organization called Prismatic. Follow her journey to unravel the secret of a legendary garden and seek a way to grant her impossible wish.

Darkness of Hope - The Pocket Watch
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Genre: RPG, Turn-based

Developer: Eggion

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch is a side-scrolling RPG with heavy focus on battle and story. The whole production is inspired by various RPGs, such as Legend of Legaia, Time and Eternity, and The Last Remnant. The game adopts a turn-based combat system which is tied to the scenario, meaning every battle you engage will always be unique. Defeat your enemies using various skills and unlock combos to further improve your strategy.

Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch combines elements of side-scrolling action and Japanese RPG to create a fun and dynamic experience, both in storytelling and gameplay. 

In battle, Eris has 14 techniques (commands) up her sleeve, and those techniques will be arranged randomly according to the battle’s conditions. Eris might act as a striker, defender, or even healer, since each of her techniques has a unique function and effect which contribute to your battle strategy.

Eris is also capable of executing combos by combining her techniques. A combo will deal massive damage, and can be learned through battles, events, or items.

Players will not get random encounter in this game. There is also no leveling system like in common RPGs, so you will not need to grind. Instead, the structure of this game is more akin to a “boss rush” mode. However, you will still find some puzzles to solve and secret items to collect along your journey.

As Eris, the player will visit various location throughout the story, each with its own unique nuance and design. Topped with great soundtracks from both our in-house composer and guest composer Ken Nakagawa (Atelier series, Ar Tonelico), this game aims to be something that is both special and memorable in your memory.

An old fairy tale tells the story of The Garden of Everything, a place said to be the most beautiful garden in the world. Inside, there lives a witch who could grant any wish. Even wishes that some might deem impossible. But such wishes will not be granted for free.
How much are you willing to pay for a wish?

You play as Eris, a young agent of an organization called Prismatic. Follow her journey to unravel the secret of a legendary garden and seek a way to grant her impossible wish.

Unique Battle System
A story-driven battle system with a combo mechanic inspired by Legend of Legaia. How you fight decides how the story goes. Every battle is meaningful, and you will have to craft a different strategy every time.

Rich Story
As a small indie developer, creating a game with a big scale is still beyond our capabilities. Therefore, we decided to focus on the most important thing that made us love RPGs: the story. We pay attention to small details in the script, music, and animation to serve you a story you will remember.

Dynamic Dialogue Interface
The dialogues in Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch have been meticulously handcrafted with animated interface. This is done to ensure that the storytelling--an important part of an RPG--feels a lot livelier.

Unique Environments with Several Puzzles
As the story progresses, Eris will travel to various locations, each with its own unique theme. From ruins to a forest, to secret facilities and underground caves, these environments will affect not only the story, but also the way you play the game!

High Quality Original Soundtrack
Our talented composer worked hard to create unique tracks that will enrich your playing experience. Combined with additional music from the composer of Ar Tonelico, we hope to steal a spot in your music playlist someday in the future. Enjoy music from various genres, such as rock, jazz, orchestra, and more!

This is simply a broad explanation of how the gameplay is going to be. However, you are free to do whatever you see fit in your stage of progression, and explore the game at your own pace.

In your journey, you will find many memorable characters. These are a few of them.

Eris Percival : The main character of the story. She appears stoic and content about her role as an agent in the organization. But when someone close to her is in danger, she becomes a totally different person who’s ready to throw herself even to the pit of hell.

Elizabeth Ellison : A girl who claims to be “Eris’ besty”. Very lax and gets paired a lot with Eris as her partner at work. Behind her aloof personality, she seems to be hiding something.

Amaryllis Percival : Eris’ older sister. She holds a grudge towards the organization which is currently holding her captive. Also hates her little sister whom she thinks as naive and decisive. What drove Amaryllis to grow so much darkness in her heart?

Iria Percival : Amaryllis’ daughter. A goody two-shoes who is close to Eris ever since her mother stopped paying attention to her. She’s suffering from an illness that makes her weak. It’s said to be incurable, but is that really the truth?

Joakim : Joakim is the supervisor of both Eris and Lisa within the organization who acts as both their boss and their mentor. Described as a man with passion, his personality is rather spiteful and can be unexpected sometimes.

Our current plan is to launch the game on Windows and Mac. But depending on our crowdfunding success we may also launch it on Linux.

Eggion wishes to create a game that promotes our country’s culture, to bestow positive light onto Indonesia for the whole world to see. With Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch, we wish to inspire and encourage people to chase their dreams and believe that nothing is impossible. Its playfulness will hopefully encourage a sense of adventure in the player and remind them of their youth.

Our goal with Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch is not only to create a game that is fun, but also can be viewed as an art. We wish to break the limitations that have been imposed upon us, and exceed the expectations others have for us. We also want our game to be an inspiration to other Indonesian developers, so that they know, they can create the game of their dreams in their own style.

You can help us by supporting Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch on Square Enix Collective and our future crowdfunding campaign. Let’s build this story, together!

Check out our website to find out more about the game!

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Discord :

Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch has been developed for quite some time; it started as a work of passion and now has become a purposeful matter. More than just a product, this game has helped us to win awards and meet awe-inspiring people, including the ones we now have in our team.

Square Enix Collective is a great platform for us to advance further. We would love to delve into a community, to gather opinions and suggestions so we can shape Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch into a quality game that truly realizes our vision.
We sincerely need your feedback for a better Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch in the future. Collective is a big and strong community, with lots of experience in the game industry. Who better to trust in and ask for support than Collective?

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More Updates


Good afternoon, and welcome to the first update post of Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch! We are pleased to share that this project has been moving along nicely. We have finished the entirety of Chapter 1 in a short time, including the creation of all assets needed. Many game functions such as the menus have also been done.

Currently, we are tweaking the battle system to make it deeper and more engaging. We can’t reveal too much about it since that will spoil the fun! But have no worries, we are confident that what we’re making is very special and will make you excited.

Below you can see the creation process of a dungeon that we’ve finished. This dungeon is called Graham Ruins, and this is where a large portion of Chapter 1 will take place.

We’re also very excited to announce that our music department has finished around 90% of the game’s soundtrack. Our team is fortunate to have such talented composers, and we consider the music to be one of this game’s strongest points. We hope to deliver an enjoyable and memorable experience to all of you. One of our composers, Chandra Oyuget Cheung, wanted to share some of his thoughts with you.

“I am very happy to be able to make music for Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch. Before this, I had been making music for Kitten Mita, which has a more cheerful and happy atmosphere. Especially since the main theme is focused on children’s story and fantasy. But Darkness of Hope: The Pocket allows me to create much more diverse compositions, much more so in the battle themes. Every battle theme in this game represents an adversary that you’ll face, their personality, emotion, spirit, and darkness.

It’s clear for me that Darkness of Hope is based on a strong vision. Despite the limitations we have, we really wish to pour all of our talent and energy into this game. The team has been communication very well, which has led to a smooth creating process. But making each composition stand out creatively still proved challenging. I think the development of this game is truly a precious learning experience, and I have gained so much knowledge in the process.”

You can hear a sample of Chandra’s work in this video:

And now… it’s fanart time! We’d like to express our gratitude to our friends who’ve drawn our game’s characters. Thank you very much

Fanart from Vsio NeithR. Eris looks so cute and adorable

 Fanart from Agustinus. Eris with such a burdenless smile. We hope she can keep smiling like this!

Another fanart from Agustinus. Iria… why do you look surprised? XDFanart from Imanuel Vicky C a.k.a Invect Art. Ama looks so beautiful and warm!

Fanart from Richter_h. Lisa looks thick and attractive… ahem!

That’s all for the update so far! Thank you for your continuous support and feedback. They are very valuable to us, and we hope we can deliver the best quality in our game for you. See you next time!


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  • Producer: rondchild (Syahroni Musthofa)
    Producer, game designer, art director, and animator of Eggion. He is passionate about making art, especially anime-styled art and animations. He has enjoyed drawing since childhood and has been working in game development since 2011. Involved in a recently released RPG on Steam titled Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds.
  • Lead Programmer: Kuro DCupu (Andriano Dwindo Putra)
    Game designer, creative director, and main programmer of Eggion Very passionate in game development and storytelling. He has created many experimental utilizations of gameplay and wants to put something unique in his work.
  • Script Editor: rekkazan (Ayyub Mustofa)
    A former music composer, programmer, and game journalist. He uses his proficiency in writing to help shape Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch’s story from a rough diamond into a polished and enjoyable one.
  • Tech Programmer: DrDhoom (Muhammad Sufyan Noor)
    The technical programmer of Eggion. He is passionate about making great codes, and has a vast experience with game programming. He makes many useful tools for the development of Darkness of Hope and Eggion’s other project, Kitten Mita.
  • Music Composer: Chandra Cheung Oyuget
    A self-taught composer who began his career in 2014. He is a quick learner, and his unique music style always manages to amaze us even after years of working together. Aims to have his work on the top of video game charts.
  • Sound Engineer: Clea Leshlick
    A composer, arranger, and sound engineer who specializes in video game audio production. Currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia, they work as an Audio Director and Game Designer at stellarNull, a team that produces games and creates game assets. Also affiliated with Harmonicblend music circle and Eggion development team.
  • Music Composer: Dani Irjayana
    Dani started his music career as a drummer. He used to be a drum instructor at Purwacaraka Music Studio in 2004-2013. Dani has a lot of experience playing as a drummer for famous Indonesian celebrities, including Titi Dj and D’Cinnamons Band. A great musician with lots of knowledge, now he’s using his expertise in the game industry. Since starting his game industry gig at 2014, he has joined Semisoft Entertainment and Inharmonics, and also composed a few songs for Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds. Among his work is a song called “Suteki na Mono”, which is sung by Emi Evans (the singer of NieR: Automata).
  • Music Composer/Arranger: ittou’s Soundworks (Masdito Bachtiar)
    A professional game music composer, SFX designer, and sound engineer. Masdito started his composing career at 2008, and has been involved in various game projects. Some of recently released game projects he is involved in are Orbiz (PC), Banyu, Lintar, Angin (PC), Badminton Stars (Android), and Perang Pahlawan (Android). Masdito joined the Darkness of Hope team as the ending theme arranger/songwriter.
  • Music Composer: F#
    A very passionate guy, he spends his time to listen and create music. Especially music which evokes emotions from people. Self-taught in piano and digital music composition, he considers music as an escape from his complicated life.