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Aleron's Lie

Aleron's Lie is a First Person Adventure that follows an odd duo as they embark on a quest to find a way out of their respective cabins, forming an unlikely alliance in the process.

Aleron's Lie
Yes 72% No 28%

Genre: Adventure

Developer: RisingLane

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

Story-Driven Emotional Drama/Mystery Game inspired by “Firewatch”
Explore a mysterious Cabin. Discover a lovely duo. Build an odd relationship with a charismatic woman and save your daughter's life.

Aleron's Lie is a First Person Adventure that follows an odd duo as they embark on a quest to find a way out of their respective cabins, forming an unlikely alliance in the process.

This Game is a Drama set in a Cabin in Montana, where you're locked up while your daughter's life is on the line and the only person you can talk to via Smartphone claims to be in a similar situation.

Call Nora or answer her phone calls and discuss the situation you're in.
Use your smartphone to take pictures. 
Send them to Nora and receive pictures from her in order to help each other with making progress. 
Call Nora and tell her about your strange findings.
You can't make progress without Nora. Cooperation is necessary like in “The Ropes & The Ball”: The first out of three unique Puzzles in "Aleron's Lie". Each of them requires communication, trust, and good decision-making skills. After all your daughter's life is on the line.

It's April 2017 and you play a 40-year-old man named Aleron who decided to stay at that place because his bond with his daughter started to get too strong after his wife passed away. When your daughter calls you in fear you immediately want to get back to her, however you quickly realize that there seems to be no way out of the cabin. A woman named Nora calls you and claims to be in a similar situation. She is the only person you can contact via your Smartphone. Whether you trust her or not, you have to work together to get out of your respective cabins.

Explore an amazing and gigantic Cabin set in Montana in the Glacier National Park.
Use your Smartphone to stay in touch with a mysterious but charismatic woman named Nora.
Your choices will either build or destroy your relationship with the only person that's left to call.
Use your Smartphone to take pictures of your strange findings.
Use your Gallery to send these pictures to Nora and help each other with leaving your respective Cabins.
Cooperate with Nora and solve unique and challenging puzzles that could decide whether your daughter will live or die.
Learn what Aleron's Lie is.
And experience a Simple Story with Complex Characters that you will never forget.

You can download a playable demo from It presents the first 20 Minutes of the Game and introduces you to our chaotic duo: Aleron & Nora. Since we have already received a little bit of feedback, we would love to remake the beginning that you can experience in this demo. Yes, that means rewriting and rerecording the dialogue and a lot of other improvements. 

But to do that properly we will need more feedback and your support. 

This game is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and will be released on Steam for PC. A Mac Version of the Demo will be available soon. The full game will also be released for Linux. We will also try to make it available on GOG.

"Aleron's Lie" is being developed by the RisingLane Team. Our Team's Goal is to create something that deserves to be called "Masterpiece". We know that this Game will not be that Masterpiece that we dream of but it is one of the many steps towards that goal. Join the RisingLane Community and this journey towards Mastery and help us create a Masterpiece:

RisingLane Community on Facebook:

RisingLane Community on Reddit:



We were about to launch a Kickstarter Campaign on our own. A Campaign that would have failed. Luckily, we realized that we are not ready for that. And that's because we do not have the Community to reach our funding goal. But we firmly believe that the Collective Community is a great place to receive feedback and the support to run a Kickstarter Campaign successfully. 

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  • Ahmet Koctar
    Founder, Director & Writer
  • John Ford
    Voice Actor of Aleron
  • Stephanie Morgan
    Voice Actor of Nora
  • Sara Secora
    Voice Actor of Mirela
  • Chris Holding
  • Michael Li
  • Miles Staplehurst
  • Dan Larkin
    Sound Designer
  • Chris Heron