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NoReload Heroes

A colourful multiplayer fantasy shooter with online matchmaking, designed for parties & game nights!

NoReload Heroes
Yes 78% No 22%

Genre: Multiplayer, Fantasy

Developer: Stupid Stupid Games

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo

NoReload Heroes: Local & Online Co-Op Party Game
A colourful multiplayer fantasy shooter with online matchmaking, designed for parties & game nights!

NoReload Heroes is an easy-to-learn, online and offline, co-op shooter for 2-4 players. You progress by clearing randomly generated rooms full of various types of enemies and for this you are rewarded with experience and new weapons.

Together in their laboratory, our protagonists are building a large robot for world peace. They are putting in the final touches. It's time for a launch party!


The robot is finished and our heroes-to-be excitedly press the start button. The robot powers up, and almost immediately starts going haywire, turning from blue to red. It seems they connected the wires wrong… or something.

Before our unfortunate heroes can do anything, their precious robot blasts the floor under them, sending them falling down into the mines. They must take up arms and fight their way back up into the lab to face their evil creation.

The game has several features to complement the core elements of the game and make the roaming from room to room with your fellow Heroes more engaging:

Unique gameplay sessions

Randomly generated levels, 70+ unique magitech weapons, 43 enemy types and 3 bosses will give you a different gameplay experience every time. There's no way you could meet every enemy type on one play, we've made that sure. Can you ascend through the maze-like construction to defeat the evil AI you have created? Work as a team to stay alive, or it’s back to the bottom floor with you!
5-second learning curve

Almost anyone can play NoReload Heroes, from the newbie to the seasoned gamer. No matter how many times the newb dies, they can always be revived, as long as at least one of you stays alive. Need more challenge? Try collecting power crystals - and keeping them! Still, you only use up to 5 buttons (you can even manage with 2), and best of all, no need to reload! Simple but intense, laugh-out-loud fun.

Our NoReload Heroes who like to experiment and build things - and occasionally things don’t go as planned...

Minions, casters, ballbots, different kinds of minibosses & three big ones... There's plenty of enemies, and you can't possibly meet all of them during one play! Keep coming back for new kinds of trouble.

Local & online co-op + matchmaking

Squeeze onto a couch with your buddies or play together online. If someone's late, they can use hot join to jump in at any point. No friends? No problem. Online matchmaking will find you some. NoReload Heroes is paced for conversation and designed for social situations, like parties and game nights. We want people to be happy together.

PC (Steam). Chances for Nintendo Switch are increasing as we are negotiating with a publisher. We hope to port the game for PS4 and Xbox One later in the spring.

We are a very approachable, get in touch and get to know us. We always answer back. Besides, we’ve been told we are quite charming.

You can also follow us on our channels, so we can keep you updated:

We made this game just for you! We wanted to create a perfect casual shooter game for game nights and parties. The party doesn’t happen without you guys.

If the game finds an audience with you we can support NoReload Heroes until you run out ammo. (Seriously, you never do.) We have plans for PvP modes and tons of other cool stuff. We want you to be part of all the awesomeness. We need your love and affection for the party to begin.

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  • Eelis Aaltonen
    Game Lead At work I love: Playtesting new ideas Secret talent: Being herded by cats Chosen superpower: Mind reading Fun Fact: I’m a Platinum level Widow main. Favourite NoReload weapon: Shard
  • Vertti Viitanen
    Coder, Designer At work I love: Watching the reactions of people for new content you've created Secret talent: Amazingly advanced alliterator Chosen superpower: Teleporting anything, anywhere Fun fact: I donate blood regularly. Favourite NoReload weapon: Tri-Barrel or Helix Cannon
  • Nikke Vartia
  • Minna Erikson
    Lead Artist, 2D At work I love: Seeing concepts come to life Secret talent: I’m good at game tutorials. Chosen superpower: I just want to be a wizard. Fun fact: I listen to videogame music every day. Favourite NoReload weapon: Aether HMG
  • Michael Dawkins
    3D, Animation At work I love: Discovering new ways to 3D model various things Secret talent: Avid Siberian Throat Singer/Beat Boxer Chosen superpower: Immortality! Fun fact: Party Animal Favourite NoReload weapon: Aether HMG
  • Eeva Halmila
    Environment Art At work I love: Reducing polycount on models as much as I can Secret talent: I can pick up stuff with my toes. Chosen superpower: Master of all languages (even the vanished ones!) Fun fact: I combine the team's Paint-drawings and scribbles into my desktop wallpaper. Favourite NoReload weapon: THE FIST
  • Jussi Kyrönseppä
    CEO, Co-founder At work I love: Interacting with creative and smart people Secret talent: Stopping any conversation in its tracks Chosen superpower: Be like water Fun fact: I died when I was 13. Favourite NoReload weapon: Gatlin
  • Suvi Kiviniemi
    Executive Vice President, Co-founder At work I love: The dog? Or maybe it’s watching people grow professionally. Secret talent: I’m a whisky connoisseur. Chosen superpower: Controlling air and water Fun fact: I’m incredibly unfun. Favourite NoReload weapon: Chakram
  • Mira Nuotio
    Chief Operating Officer At work I love: Writing! Secret talent: I can peel boiled eggs really fast. Chosen superpower: Greenseeing Fun fact: I’ve read the Harry Potter books a total of about 50 times. Favourite NoReload weapon: All the bouncy ones