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Noahmund is a role playing video game that wants to bring new horizons on battle systems and exploration. We´re going to launch in Steam on Spring 2018 for Windows/Mac, and PS4 on Winter Christmas campaign.

Yes 86% No 14%

Genre: RPG, Turn-based

Developer: Estudio Abrego

PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: PlayStation 4 PC

Love, fear, fire… The war in Feros is only a dramatic painting drawn on the background of the fate of Galina Angstroud, an agent of Shinn willing to fight against the most powerful weapon of Salaber. Accompanied by her guardian, Berani Valenti, both begin a journey for truth and salvation.

Noahmund is a role playing video game that wants to bring new horizons on battle systems and exploration. We´re going to launch in Steam on Spring 2018 for Windows/Mac, and PS4 on Winter Christmas campaign.

Battle System

We have moved the idea of chess and tactical role-playing games and we have equipped it with action and speed, baptizing this system as Motion Battle Chess. Our main characters have three different branches of skills that thanks to the Shatranj figurines are able to change their effect and power, giving much more depth to the combat.

Galina has synchrony, she can heals her companions or hurt her enemies.
Stalos has three elemental skills, thunder, wind and earth.
Berani’s conquer and charge skills can damage enemies through jumps and dashes.

But this is not the only way to fighting on Motion Battle Chess. Each characters have unique basic actions that determinate players’ playstyle.

Galina has to synchronize with her companions or her enemies to cast her skills.
Stalos can drop elemental traps (draechos).
Berani can activate stances (auras) to increase attack, defense or courage bar.

Exploration System

The main mechanic for the exploration system is based on a classic board game like HeroQuest or Dungeons and Dragons. Players will be able to explore the different zones of the game through nodes and resolve different puzzles thanks to the world skills for each main character.

Stalos has the skill to active orbs thanks to his knifes.
Berani has the skill to break walls through a powerful dash.
Galina can memorize nodes to go back to them.

One of the exploration system submechanics is the world trap minigame, players will have to deactivate traps pushing keys/buttons through a quick time event. 

There are two ways of failing this mechanic:

Time runs out.
Wasting all the tries.

If the player fails, characters will take damage and maybe an altered state depending on the difficulty of the trap itself.

Many years ago, the war of water and fire began in Feros. The northern regions controlled the underground rivers that supplied water to the entire continent, but the southern lands were punished by drought and heat. This was the main reason for their struggle, but in the end, the beliefs of its inhabitants became stronger than thirst.

Feros was then divided, and those who agreed to keep investigating Synchrony, crossed the natural border of Bismut pass to the north, land of rivers and mountains. At that time, in the south began a cult for the drivos, dangerous creatures able to spit destructive flares. The fanatics called themselves the Drivanian and founded Salaber in the south.

Synchrony was branded as heresy from the cult and tensions began. Those who studied it were called adepts, but to their disgrace many of them were killed by the Salaber army. The tensions grew so much that the war broke out across the continent, destroying cities in its path that only remain in the memory and written history of Feros.

It is 570, the war of fire and water has continued its course, but months ago, Salaber released a powerful weapon from the top of the Bismut pass which almost destroyed the entire continent with its titanic rain of fire. Now, the ashes of war that are still burning are trying to be revived and extinguished alike.

Shinn, the capital of Barfa Rali in the north, sends Galina Angstroud as an agent to discover the truth about the rumors of a new use of that terrible weapon. Accompanied by her guardian, Berani Valenti, Urion's second heir, both follow the trail of one of the generals of the Salaber army.

Fight with Motion Battle Chess! The revolutionary battle system that mixes real time action with tactical grids.

Explore a huge dungeon through a classic board game node-based exploration system and solve puzzles with main characters unique                  skills!

Equip Shatranj figurines to expand skill trees and unleash powerful  abilities to defeat your enemies!

Discover a new mythology created from zero, driven by a powerful story.

Feel a twice awarded soul-touching soundtrack.

Main characters

Galina Angstroud

"I'm sorry... But I have to fight to stop this war".

She's a synchrony adept from Shinn's temple. Although she is a smart one, is a very insecure girl who doesn't like to fight. When she's by herself, guilt comes to her heart.

Berani Valenti Albanest

"From now on, and until death take its decision, I will be your guardian".

He's the second heir of Urion's throne, a guardian from Shinn's temple with a golden heart and strong principles. He's a forgetful and innocent one, an easy target to manipulate.

Stalos Ti 

"I couldn't care less for your war".

A very mysterious character, hermetic and too arrogant, always keeping a low profile. He has the strange power to speak to thunder, earth and wind.

Secondary characters

Singer Ardalia

“To the wind and the sky, sing for me… I will be there…”

An agent of Shinn with the power of the sung Synchrony. A painful past goes through a heart determined to become a weapon capable of stopping the war of water and fire.

Master Quiva’Luin

“Every war is fought inside and outside the heart.”

The master of the Shinn Temple Synchrony. A very wise scholar as well as an expert fighter.

Lorunc, the Divisor

“I’m the shadow that cast the flame and I will cry your blood upon my daggers”.

A general of Salaber devoted to fire and drivos. A philosopher of death and shadow who will not hesitate a moment to assassinate his enemies from the northern lands.

The art of Noahmund is inspired by japanese aesthetics, and influenced by manga and anime, while keeping its own and singular style, achieving a very personal vision as a result.

The characters 3D models are based on a chibi style with oversized heads, a nostalgia reminiscent of the (nineties) yet up to date with modern techniques, additionally these characters have handpainted textures that help to establish their personality.

The final result is a singular view into the world of Noahmund, maximizing the personality of its universe, mythology and characters, an art that try to innovate in the conception of its different influences.

The game will be released in Steam (Windows & Mac) and Playstation 4.

Noahmund is being created by a team of thirteen professionals. We’ve been working on this first project for a year and we’re near the end of the main production part. We’re a hardworking team and we want to share a great experience with the community, we want you to feel every bit of Noahmund with your eyes, your ears and your hands.

Noahmund has got two awards so far, “Best Audio” at Gamepolis 2016 and “Special Jury Award” at Gamepolis 2K17, given by Gordon Walton, one of the most recognized developers around the world.

But for all of that, we need your help! We’re indies and we need your feedback to improve our skills and our game, so please, be welcome to download our demo. Don’t forget to share it and to write your suggestions through here or by email.

You can find more about us and about the game on our webs:

You can also follow us on:

We need the right feedback for our game. We love RPGs, and we know you love them too, so, you are the community that can help us to improve our gameplay.

We want to tell you a powerful story like the old ones, but we want to bring new mechanics and mythology to the storytelling, we want you to like our new fantasy world.

Together, we can make Noahmund a great RPG to show around the world. Who knows? Maybe this could be the beginning of a new saga.

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  • Alberto Jiménez Martín
    CTO, Game designer & writer
  • Alejandro Domínguez Muñoz
    CEO & programmer
  • Carlos Vallejo Aranda
    Music composer & sound designer
  • Remedios García Rodríguez
    Graphics designer
  • Julio Garzón Reina
    Lead artist
  • Jaume Fonte Cano
  • Daniel Domínguez Restoy
  • Javier Aguilera Gómez
    Technical artist
  • Pedro Soler Florido
    3D rigger
  • Miguel Guzmán Aparicio
    3D modeler
  • Iván Cano Dios
    3D animator
  • Gerard Álvarez Bourbier
    Communication & marketing
  • Pablo García Barrionuevo
    Social media & analytics