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Faeland is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG that takes place in a medieval-fantasy world featuring a pixel art style inspired on the nostalgic 8-Bit classics, with a modern charm for all generations.

Yes 93% No 7%

Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure

Developer: Talegames

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

FaelandTM is a Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG video-game in pixel art style inspired on the nostalgic 8-Bit classics, with a modern charm for all generations. It is currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, with Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch console ports on the horizon as stretch goals through its upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

In Faeland as the player, you can freely explore the open world, traveling from one town to another, talk to friendly NPCs, learn about the game’s lore and get useful tips, commerce valuable items to improve your economics, buy new equipment and consumables, and do quests to acquire useful loot while progressing in the main story. Some of the areas you need to traverse are challenging forests, caves, dungeons, castles and more. You also have to acquire new abilities and special items to gain access to previously inaccessible areas and paths. The combat style is customized through your equipped weapon, choose from knives, daggers, swords, axes, spears, and bows all with different attack animations, speeds, strengths and effects.

In a fantasy world, humans have established their kingdom through centuries of peace efforts to keep a safe margin with the dark forces of magic and monstrous beasts that lurk away from civilization. Sam, our protagonist, is a skilled hunter living in a secluded cottage in the forest… until one day his home gets raided by a horde of orcs and trolls. Escaping the attack with little but his life, he will begin a new adventure and forge allegiances throughout his travels. Unbeknownst to him, a larger threat looms in the background and the entire realm’s survival will rest upon him becoming the hero he was born to be. 

- Detailed hand crafted pixel-art graphics.
- Open world / Metroidvania exploration style.
- Change your equipped weapons to match your preferred combat style.
- Enhance and replace your armor while enjoying the new looks on your character.
- Puzzles and riddles solving.
- Learn new skills.
- Explore large dungeons with challenging boss battles.

In Faeland there are some massive and challenging Bosses, they can be found in dungeons and also freely roaming certain areas. See below a couple of our Bosses’ design concepts!

The art style in FaelandTM features hand crafted Pixel-Art graphics that resembles the SNES “16-bit” era but without its limitations, exposing wide color palettes, widescreen resolutions, and fluid animations resulting in a very contemporary, original and appealing art style.

We also use traditional hand-drawing techniques to sketch the game’s concept and designs. You can watch some of our creation process here!

FaelandTM is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, with fully support of game controllers. We are also aiming to release FaelandTM on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch if we get the funds needed through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to make these console ports happen.

At this point on the game development, it is crucial for us to receive your feedback towards making FaelandTM a challenging and inspiring video-game project, it will allow us to determine the interest it raises in its actual state and create better results for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which will ultimately grant us the ability to finish it for all of us to enjoy!

Please visit our website and join our mailing list to be up to date with the game’s development, and get to know firsthand when our Kickstarter campaign comes live! 

And also get in touch through our social media channels:

We have high hopes that Square Enix Collective will help us greatly to get the project out there and receive the feedback we need that will impact greatly our creative progress and push Faeland towards a more complete, and appealing video game in all aspects.

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  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Game designer, artist and programmer. Carlos is a self-taught pixel artist and game developer who came to form Faeland’s game concept from the need to revive his favorite game genre from his childhood. Carlos would draw his favorite pixel characters by filling his gridded notebooks with a pencil to form pixels. Today, he is very stubborn about finishing this game, only to start working on its sequel!
  • Fran Fernandez
    Illustrator. Fran Fernandez is an illustrator, painter and a concept artist based in Spain. He has a wide range of artistic skills and specializes on board games art. Currently, Fran has three successfully published games. He is a graduate from the Seville University of Fine Arts.
  • Chabeli Castillo
    Coordinator and logistics.
  • Shannon Mason
    Music Composer. Shannon is an experienced lifelong composer who has worked on indie and casual mobile games for around 7 years. She writes in a wide range of musical styles, but has found a particular niche in the romanticism of the 16 bit era. She has managed to create a sound which is a direct continuation of the lineage of the great 16 bit soundtracks but enriched through the modern day hardware possibilities.
  • Jay Fernandes
    Music Composer. Jay is a well-known music composer in the video games industry. Since 2009, he has worked for many mobile, web, and console/PC titles, including many top tier indie games recently released. He is also a loudness advocate in video games and has been working towards aligning game audio (especially in the indie scene) to its nicest standards.
  • Red Forge
    Sound effects engineers. Red Forge is a team composed by Alberto Rojas and Elías Fraguas, they are music composers and sound engineers. Based in Madrid, the duo is very versatile, skillful, and passionate about what they do, with an ample experience in the video game industry.