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Dolmen is a third person action game with RPG elements, where Sci-Fi and Cosmic Horror are mixed in an engrossing gameplay experience!

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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Massive Works Studio

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo Mac


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo Mac

Dolmen is a third person action game with RPG elements, where Sci-Fi and Cosmic Horror are mixed in an engrossing gameplay experience! 

You will be introduced to the alien world of Revion Prime, as supposed only survivor of a crew of astronauts, abducted in a distant future. 

Adaptation and exploration will be your main weapons as you craft new item’s and equipment from your enemies’ carcasses. Use your experience points to improve yourself and face harder and heinous creatures!

Expect to see us in Kickstarter and Steam Early Access this year! 

Our mechanics of combat mixes melee combat with shooting as complementary weapons, so the player has to be always mixing their effects according to his necessities. Using only melee or ranged weapons will provide a challenge hard to beat.


All enemies answers specifically to each combination, making the battles always innovative and demanding, so the player has to be always attentive.


To use the ranged weapons, some energy must be spent. But this isn’t the only use of the Energy. By activating the “Energy Mode”, your melee weapon will be empowered. Also, you can use a portion of Energy to recover a small portion of your HP quickly. But beware, energy does not regenerate by itself, so use it carefully. 


All of your gear is crafted. You must scour this alien planet, harvest Materials, from dead bodies and create the ultimate survivor gear.


Materials will change how your equipment looks, its attributes and even its perks, offering a wide array of choices to players. However, the choices don't end here.


You have a limited amount of materials you can carry around, so stocking them in your base is important. If you die, they drop on the ground. And, if you are truly desperate, you can consume them on the fly for their consumable effect.


The character also has an array of attributes that can be leveled up by using XP, gained from defeating enemies. You can level up your character however you want to suit your specific play style.


Now, for the Online part, we plan to have Co-op and PvP style as well, to be played in the “normal” game environments but also on specific levels exclusive to Online play. Whether or not we will be able to develop this much loved part of the game will be up to your support in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, so help us out fellows!

The exact location is a mystery. The star maps were lost and after the Nikiderma invaded it, very little can be said about that planet. Its star is called Nynfeid. As neighbors, it has four gas giants. The corpses of its people were expelled from its atmosphere, so their mass decomposition wouldn’t alter the ecosystem.

Being alone in Revion Prime is like having been forgotten by life. But today, something extraordinary is about to happen. An earthling wanders through that unwelcoming environment. As he stood up, he had no idea where his crew was or how he got there. For what reason was he the last to be awaken from cryogenic slumber? What went wrong with the mission? With no answers and no hope, looking for the others could be his last choice…

The story of Dolmen may be comprehended as an investigation focusing the past and future of an alien planet as seen through the eyes of a human being. Although his original task was very different from that, he was brought to a place never seen before, with no resources and unprepared for what he will find there. Exploration and adaptability shall be used to bring him some truth behind what really happened to him.

That’s when the game begins. In a dark place, miles away from the surface of that strange planet, inside the caves which once were part of an evolved society. A society that doesn’t exist anymore. There’s just a lonely person, from the distant Earth, trying to be part of that place to survive it. He’s the only witness of what’s left of something he may never understand completely. But he must try or be part of its remains. There’s no option.

Since the history of the human race is based on evolution and the ability to endure suffering, maybe he will triumph against adversity. Or not.

Strategic and Dynamic Combat: Experience a rich combat with various types of melee weapons and moves. Use ranged weapons         elemental shots to cause different effects in the enemies.

Exploration: Explore a devastated and unknown world with alien environments.

Story: Uncover the story by finding and connecting each piece.

Survival: Find materials and adapt them to your needs.

Craft: Craft equipments (weapons and armor) and upgrade them.

Level Up: Build your character the way you want it.

Online Co-op and PvP

Inside this aberrant world, the game visuals show us an atmosphere of suspense and strangeness. 

A bizarre technorganic setting, representing the fight between science and instinct, may look like a cave but it’s much more than that: it’s an organism.

In Dolmen, the unusual and unpredictable have become part of the landscape. The fear  of the unknown fills the darkness with the player’s imagination.

Since the player is far from home, all environment will provide a feeling of being apart from Earth, which means that a whole new kind of views are waiting for him.

Fungi, corpses and amorphous stalactites compound the way. Different kinds of vegetal life infests the ecosystem of Revion Prime. 

Every level shows different ways to understand the place: Its plants, fog and terrain will be constantly changing and more and more daring.

Dolmen will be available initially on PC. We also plan to release it on Mac, Linux, Xbox One,  PS4 and Nintendo Switch. However, that will rely heavily on the community support on our Kickstarter Campaign.

You can help us by registering to our site/newsletter and checking out our future crowdfunding campaign!

Check out our website to get to know more about Dolmen, sign up for our newsletter to get an alert when we go launch our Kickstarter campaign, and to have a chance of becoming an alpha tester!

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Because of our Kickstarter campaign, to be launched on April, we know that we have a lot of work to do and to show. 

But, first of all, it is a great honor to participate in Collective. Being part of this wealth world of the video games has made of every one of this project a huge fan. 

In second place, we’ve came to here so we can expose our work, and to collect feedback about our process.The promotion of this idea through the opinions of our followers and visitors are very important to us, building an audience we can talk with and call it family, since we know that this game is kind of a son whose birth, in a mix of imagination and technology, is almost in the end.

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  • Willian Souza
    Concept Artist
  • Rodrigo Dutra
    3D Animator
  • Maximiliano Guerra
    Game Designer
  • Marcos Guerra
  • Luiz Henrique
    Programmer / Game Designer
  • Junior Guerhard
    3D Artist
  • João Neto
    Environment Designer
  • Gabriel Neves
  • Antonio Teoli
    Sound Designer / Composer
  • Alexandre Ferreira
    Level Designer
  • Abraão Segundo
    Lead 3D Artist