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Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is a 4-player Action RPG with roguelike elements, combining procedural dungeons and an expansive overworld full of secrets. Take down the various dungeons, build up your village, or just fish, farm and swim around Tasos.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos
Yes 89% No 11%

Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure

Developer: Heliocentric Studios

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is a 4-player Action RPG with roguelike elements, combining procedural dungeons and an expansive overworld full of secrets. Take down the various dungeons, build up your village, or just fish, farm and swim around Tasos.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos features classic top down sword slashing combat with a large set of tools, spells, and weapons at your disposal. Fight through 5+ dungeons each with their own style, room layouts and unique dangers.

Dungeons are procedurally generated to connect handmade rooms and mix up the layout so no two runs are the same. Keys, puzzles, and traps are mixed up, even within the same rooms things won't always play out the same way. Combining randomization with hand placement gives replayability without the fallbacks of uninteresting design that can come from full random generation.

Play in solo or in coop with up to 4 players through the entire campaign beginning to end. Build up your village into a bustling community, take down the dungeons that threaten the outer areas and collect tools to open up your world. Max out your Hero and take them into the infinite dungeon to see how they stack up against a never-ending onslaught of enemies, traps, and puzzles.

Fish, Fight, Farm, Build, Explore there's many things to do in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos all with their own progression that feeds into other activities and pursuits.

4 Player coop featured through the entire campaign that lets you drop players in and out and take them over to their own single player playthroughs

A large set of classes each with their own abilities and play-styles. Classes each have their own movement abilities that carry unique side effects. Some are more tanky and slow while some are agile and deadly. There are currently 6 classes in the game but we want to expand on this a lot. Each class has their own unique ability that also helps them move more quickly. Some classes get bonus actions and abilities with certain weapons, like the Mage with the Wand and the Ranger with the Bow. All classes also differ in attack damage, defenses, and speed.

  • Hero: Sprint - Run quickly with your sword raised to push through enemies and obstacles. The Hero is the all around class with average strength, defenses, and speed. The hero is the starting class.
  • Ranger: Dash - Very quickly dash out of the way of danger to avoid an attack or dodge a trap. The Ranger is a bow specialist class, with a little more focus on damage with a trade-off in defense. The ranger gets a bonus to using bows with their own bow abilities like the charged shot.
  • Thief: Fade - Fade out of view and hide from enemies, allows you to move more quickly for a time without being spotted allowing you to get around the back of an enemy for a surprise strike. The Thief is a nimble and deadly character but can't take the damage other classes can. A class for those that want to strike deadly and stay quick on their feet.
  • Knight: Leap - Leap through the air crashing down with enough force to temporarily stun enemies. The Knight is the tank class, able to take more damage than the rest with a trade-off of damage and speed.
  • Witch: Flight - Fly aboard your broomstick for a short time, travel quickly and stay above the danger of pits, deep mud, and spike traps. The witch is a potion focused class that gets more benefits out of the things you bring into dungeons. The witch is weaker but can more than make up for it with the right brews.
  • Mage: Blink - Charge up and in the blink of an eye travel forward phasing through any enemies or danger in your way. The Mage is the magic focused class that excels in Wand and Rune use at the trade-off of being less effective in traditional combat. Uses less magic per spell and charge up runes for an extra punch

Expansive overworld to explore that hides many things that advance you and your village. Use your tools to open up new areas and unlock new spells, weapons, classes and even new townspeople.

Build up your village. You start with a dusty crossroads and build it up the way you want into a bustling township. Work with Griff the builder to construct new buildings and features. Build a blacksmith to improve your weapons, a potion shop to brew up some helpful elixirs. Build the tailor to trade threads and unlock new classes, a dock house to start fishing, or add a farm plot to start growing your own crops. In addition you can build the Tool Shop, Researchers House, General Store, and the Heroes Shop. Pave the roads, upgrade your town center to an open market, add little touches to make your village your own. Add more houses to have new citizens move in to fill out your community and make your town bustle with life.

  • Builders - Build new buildings for the village
  • Blacksmith - Upgrade your sword
  • Tool Shop - Upgrade your equipment (Grappling Hook, Bow, Lamp, Boomerang, Shovel, Wand, Fishing Rod, and more)
  • Heroes Shop - Upgrade your health and magic
  • Researchers Shop - Unlock new tools and recipes with objects found in the overworld
  • General Store - Stock up on bombs, arrows, and other consumables you'll need in the dungeons
  • Tailor - Trade rare threads to unlock and upgrade classes
  • Dock House - Adds a dock to fish from and the dock house to show off your prize catch
  • Potion Shop - Mix monster parts to brew useful elixirs (Health, Quickness, Strength, Fortitude, and more)

Deep RPG customization, every tool, class and stat can be upgraded to build your hero to fit your playstyle.

Side activities like fishing and farming add some variety and feed progress into other areas, like catching the Great Carp and collecting the scale for the fish like Kanamon class.

4 Player Coop is featured through the entire campaign from the very start to end. Players start their own hero and build up and progress both individually and together. Heroes can drop into a multiplayer game then take that same hero into single player to continue their adventure.

It’s important to us that coop not be an assistant character but its own Hero with all of the progress they would have playing solo.

Players can chip in to pool their gems to purchase a new building for the village. They can unlock new areas of the overworld through fast travel and work together to take down dungeons.

Many rooms and puzzles in the dungeon adjust to take into account the amount of players, adding things like more pressure plates and moving parts that will take extra cooperation to solve.

A planned competitive mode added after release will allow players to jump into the enemies and traps of the dungeon after they're killed to try and end the run of the rest of the players.

The overworld and dungeons encompass a large number of environments from snowy peaks to sandy beaches. Here's a look at some of our various locations and tilesets. 

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is out on the PC first with a Steam Early Access release planned for this Summer 2018.

After completing the game our first priority is getting it on the Nintendo Switch, we're using the MonoGame framework which allows us to release the game on this and other platforms much more easily.

After the full PC and Switch releases are out we're ready to bring the game to other platforms including the Xbox One and PS4.

Follow Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos development on Twitter and our Website.

We post gifs, screenshots, and updates there regularly as we work on new features and polish the game for release.

We're starting a Kickstarter campaign in a few months to help round out the funding we need for SDK's for the Switch and other platforms as well as hiring a composer to create our soundtrack.

Game Website:

Collective gives us a place to talk about Rogue Hero with a large community of passionate players. By getting feedback during this phase we can still make adjustments and improvements to make Rogue Hero the best possible game it can be.

We look forward to being able to discuss every aspect of the game with the community and answering any questions you may have.

We hope to start developing an excited base of fans that will help us grow Rogue Hero through its early access phase. We'd also love hearing new ideas for puzzles, enemies, tools, and new classes that you'd like to see added. We believe working with a strong community tremendously helps a game achieve its potential.

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  • Josh Gump
    Programmer and Sound Design
  • Brandon Weatherbee
    Art, Music, and Level Design