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Sacred Artefacts

Sacred Artefacts is RPG with classic turn-based combat system. Sacred Artefacts is a story where the World’s fate is in your hands.

Sacred Artefacts
Yes 72% No 28%

Genre: RPG

Developer: Crystal Forge

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Mac


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Mac

The game is inspired by video games such as Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII and IX, inspired by Sumerian history, myths and legends of Atlantis and Hyperborea, and by novels of Ray Bradbury. 

Sacred Artefacts is RPG with classic turn-based combat system. Sacred Artefacts is a story where the World’s fate is in your hands.

The game features three modes of play: the towns, the dungeons, and the battles. The towns are places where you can rest, accept quests, buy and sell items, weapons and Artefacts. The dungeons are locations where you encounter monsters and find treasures. The more you play through the story the more towns and dungeons become accessible.  By the end of the game you will be able to travel through the whole planet of Sacred Artefacts and even find its secret places. 

Sacred Artefacts battle system is inspired by turn-based Final Fantasy games. It’s made in a similar way and it has additional signature features: 
Most of the battles have several waves of enemies
Most skills and abilities have cooldown, they can be used only once per 2, 3, 4 or 5 turns
No random encounters

Original characters learn new abilities and magic spells when they reach new levels. Each character has unique balance of offensive, defensive, support and healing abilities and magic spells.  
In addition, you can always change the mode of dungeon exploration. It can be safe, normal or reckless mode; the mode will define how many waves of enemies you will face and thus the difficulty of the game

The plot takes place in a fantasy world, Tifa planet. The main protagonist Luke travels to Meathrest Islands, a treasure-hunting hotspot, to explore the path he seen in an ancient book that he found when he was young. 

On his journey of exploring an ancient dungeon he teams up with Ryan and Venera. In the depths of the dungeon they find a powerful sorceress, Tanya, who was living alone there for few years, isolated from humans, escaping from hunters and assassins…

In the middle of crazy events the party and the whole world faces the harsh reality of upcoming Ragnarok. Suddenly there is not much time left to find a way to save the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Turn-based classic battle system
2D art style of graphics
4 main characters
8 secret characters
Powerful Sacred Artefacts based on ancient artefacts of our world
Varity of weapons to be found and crafted for every character

Main protagonists:
Luke – Enthusiastic and confident swordsman and adventurer 
Tanya – One of the last of the ancients, who possesses mystery power  
Ryan – Reliable and experienced warrior and tactician 
Venera – Talented archer of non-human race
Main antagonists: 
Inanna – Coldblooded, sixteen years old samurai, who is capable to kill the whole army of elite soldiers on her own
General Nergal – Cynical and corrupted warlord, he is ready to kill anyone for money
Enlil – Once a legendary adventurer, he turned into the most frightful man on the planet

All artworks, design, concept art, graphics and animation are made by one passionate artist.  Currently the artist is also responsible for the story writing, game mechanics, communication and presentation. 

The game is planned to be released on Steam for PC. It’s also possible the game will be available for Linux, Mac, PS4 and XBOX ONE in the future.

Sacred Artefacts is currently being developed by two people. We want to expand our team and to hire new talents after Collective and Crowdfunding campaigns. 
We keep following our dreams and we hope you join us!

We believe with Collective we can share our story and inspiration with you and people like us. We much appreciate your vote and sharing. We believe, together we can keep developing and complete this game! 

So let’s move along, comment and feedback!

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More Updates


Hello there!

Every piece of feedback is greatly appreciated, especially during the current stage of development. It was clear the art style of the game needs be fixed, and that everything should fit each other. As the artist of the project I was working on new art style for the characters, new battle system UI, graphics update of battle backgrounds and character design to fit them.

Backgrounds update:


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  • MitchyBoy
    MitchyBoy / 2 years ago

    wow, nice, I l am liking the new update of the battle system, also loving the new background artwork