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Koruldia Heritage JRPG

Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven J-RPG with meaningful fights. Discover a “Neo-Retro” visual experience crafted with our distinctive pixel-painting technique.

Koruldia Heritage JRPG
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Genre: RPG

Developer: KORUGEN LTD

PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android


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Platforms: PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android

Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven J RPG with meaningful fights. Discover a “Neo-Retro” visual experience crafted with our distinctive pixel-painting technique.

“Explore distant worlds riddled with ominous wonders and their lost heritage.” 
It is time to dust off classic role-playing games with Koruldia Heritage. This indie RPG offers you fascinating worlds born from our pixel-painting technique, “Pixel Impasto”.

The gameplay of Koruldia is close to "Metroidvania" games: players can freely explore an open world, allowing them to complete dungeons in any order, collect useful items, make allies, cross the path of enemies and find puzzles and secrets. Throughout the game, you will also unlock abilities to access previously inaccessible places. 
  •  An original feature of the game is to provide a battle system that is similar to classics turnbased JRPG, yet allows a hack as some confrontations can be resolved peacefully when you think you can bring enemies to their senses. Your battle style is absolutely up to you but be careful as your actions will have a direct impact on how you and your loyal Korumon evolve. This four legs creature is a reflection of you. Most battles start when you touch an enemy. You can try to avoid them or fight them on purpose. 
  • Another particularity of the game lies in its dungeons. You can never know what you will stumble upon, or what will stumble upon you. Each dungeon is linked to its sleeping master: complete it to dive into their memories and try to solve what went wrong in their past life, whether it is a dream that could not be achieved, an unhealed trauma or total madness... Apart from those compulsory for the scenario, dungeons are optional. Some may invite you to confusing visual experiences, others to psychological horrors. 

Lost on the moon of a remote planet, you have to reconnect with a forgotten culture and travel with your loyal Korumon, a creature made like you from biotechnologies that question humanity's heritage.

Each path will be different. You will enjoy navigating through an in-depth story that reacts to the way you deal with confrontation.

  • A rich narrative experience: the story unfolds and adapts to your choices.
  • A variety of camera angles: from the classic top views of Final Fantasy VI (III in US, the game’s main influence) to fixed 3D perspectives like in Final Fantasy VII-VIII-IX.
  • A non-linear exploration: there is no particular order for the dungeons, they are scattered in Koruldia’s Open-World.
  • A merciful battle system: as you are free to choose between aggressiveness and compassion, confrontations are richer and more impactful.

Koruldia comes with its own unique style, a pixel-painting art technique named Pixel Impasto.
The game’s visuals are made with “single pixel tools” free from pixel-art limitations of the past, no “dot by dot with mouse clicks” and 8bits colors here; it’s a free-hand technique with multiple brushstrokes accumulating their opacity through stylus pressure.
You get the retro vibes, but in a highly detailed way taking advantage of modern HD screens.

Koruldia, Heritage will be available for PC/Mac/Linux ; iOS/Android and Nintendo Switch.
(PS4 and XBOX ONE will of course be taken into consideration.)
On PC, gamers can play with a keyboard (arrow keys), a gamepad (USB Xbox or PS4 etc.) or a mouse (point-and-click style) which is also close to the game experience on a touchscreen.

You can support us here with Square Enix Collective and contribute to our upcoming Kickstarter.
Sign up to our mailing list at to get an alert when we go live on KS, if you have a KS account you can also follow us here: Thank You! If you like game development, we just started a Dev Blog on Tumblr.

It’s a great time to be an indie game developer, but it’s also getting very hard to gain visibility and momentum among the crowd.

The need for a curated platform like The Collective is essential and we wanted to go with it since its early days when we were still prototyping a previous version of Koruldia.

Watch this video to get an idea of that early prototype:

After our successful Steam Greenlight a few months ago (, we are longing for more community feedback and additional ways to communicate with people.

Square Enix Collective is also the chance to get in touch with a legendary company, hoping to go even further in the future if we meet success.

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  • Darrell “Dibur” Reconose
  • Renaud “Kayser” SAUZET
    Project Lead - Gameplay Designer - Developer - Artist - Writer
  • Irié / イリエ
    Artist - Pixel Animator - Web