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Shogun no Kamigami

Shogun no Kamigami is a Third-person action-rpg that takes place within a fantasy-based Feudal Japan. You are a shugenja: you fight kami to protect your village from their wraiths. Choose your gear and go in dangerous missions, alone or with your friends.

Shogun no Kamigami
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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: ShiniGames



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Platforms: PC

Shogun no Kamigami is a Third-person action-rpg that takes place within a fantasy-based Feudal Japan. You are a shugenja: you fight kami to protect your village from their wraiths. Choose your gear and go in dangerous missions, alone or with your friends. Choose your gear and go on dangerous missions, alone or with your friends.

Imagine if Monster Hunter meets Princess Mononoke?

The game starts in your village. This is your safe place where you can access to all the main possibilities such as the forge, the spell instructor or simply choose your mission, where the battle begins. This is a customizable place where you can also invite your friends.

Fighting Kami is the main goal of this game. There is plenty of them, huge bosses who need a good preparation before the confrontation. Learn their pattern, learn their weakness. Use all your equipment, your tools, your spells at your advantage. Sometimes, you’ll also have to use the environment as a weapon: find the best spot to fight them, lure them where the situation is optimal.

The only way to be stronger is to have a better equipment, that you need to forge with resources gathered in the wild and on a Kami. You can craft small items like grenades and traps to help you in the fight, but the real progress is through your weapons and armors. To access to better equipment, you’ll also have to upgrade your village.

Shogun no Kamigami is based on a historical period of Japan : the Sengoku Jidai. This times were complex and a lot of Clans fought to unify the country under their banner. Our story revolves around Oda Nobunaga, who aims to become the Shogun, the unifier of Japan. You’re going to meet his path several times in your adventures, considering him as an enemy or an ally is up to you.
But he’s not the only historical figure you’re going to encounter : Hirate Masahide, Hattori Hanzo, Muramasa, Ikoma Kitsuno and most of the other characters are based on real stakeholders of History.

Mixed to the historical facts, the story also include folklore and fantasy. Kitsune, Tengu or Yokai are real in this universe and play their role in the common life. But the most important creatures that you will encounter are of course the Kami, these powerful deities, masters of the elements.

Along your journey to protect your village from Kami and War, you’ll find various cutscenes and other elements that will help you take a side and discover the true nature of Oda Nobunaga’s plans. But who’s that strange white shape in the shadows ?

Elemental Synergy

The Elemental Synergy is the mighty rule you need to learn to fully overcome the fight. All Kami depend on an element, but also the environment, your gear and your spells.

There is 6 primary elements : Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Void and Light. Not only that each one of those can be weak or strong against another, but they can also be enhanced by others! For example, fighting a Fire Kami in a water biome weakens him, but your ice spells are also enhanced. Some spells can even create small elemental zones!

 It would be simple with only 6 elements… But two elements can be fused in a secondary one, for nothing more than a total of 21 elements !

Exploration  + Biomes

The exploration is a very strong aspect of the player gaming loop. Before a battle against a Kami, you need to look for him, each Kami having his own way to be found. A mission map is divided by biomes, and a full understanding of the map’s composition can help you win the fight, thanks to the Elemental Synergy and the Kami’s behavior. Beware as the Day and Night Cycle can also influence the wilderness around you !

 To assure that this exploration aspect is always here, every time you enter a mission, the map is procedurally created so that the biome layout is completely new.


There is three paths that you can choose and change every time. Each of them give you access to a particular set of weapons and gameplay :

Samurai, a school of skillful blade handlers who fight with temperance and honor.
Shinobi, a deadly cast of assassins which master a great mobility and stealthy attacks.
Karakuri, warriors’ spirits contained into giant armors which give them strength and resistance.

All of these paths lead to three weapons for melee, two for distance and one for support. Each path also has two different specialization trees built around Magic or Technology.

Magic & Technology

History of Japan is all about the duality between traditional ways and fast progress. This is also a point we really wanted to add to our gameplay. At the end of a battle, sparing a Kami increase your spiritual link with them that leads you to powerful spells while destroying his mortal body lets you access to rarer resources necessary for the ultimate technological weapons.

We make sure that the graphics reveal a true visual identity in connection with gameplay and history. In Shogun no Kamigami the main inspiration is Japanese print for color and Sumi-e with black ink.

Music is really important to us, we work since the beginning with composers. We wish to interpret traditional Japanese music with our codes.

In its deep core, Shogun no kamigami is an cooperative online experience. You can go through the story alone or with friends, but most of the external quests are designed for multiplayer. Invite up to 3 other players in your Dojo where the bravest can try to defeat the most mysterious and dangerous bosses.

Unique multiplayer weapons, Elemental combos with friends ability, tons of end game content, extra “Survival mode” and more!

Our first objective is to launch our game on PC, then Linux and Mac, if possible.
If our game is a success, we will strongly consider to ship on consoles.

Present on Facebook,Twitter and Youtube, every new followers make the project live a little more and help us keep the motivation!  

We also have a website where you can subscribe to our mailing list to never miss news and win a special pet, chosen by the community for the release!

Together we are stronger!

The Square Enix Collective is a great opportunity to see if our project  can please you in the international scale.  For now, we just participate to conventions in France. Having your opinion on Shogun No Kamigami before launching a Crowdfunding is necessary! We have as a principle to stay close to the public and take the feedbacks in consideration, Collective appears obvious for us.

Thanks so much for your time & support!

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  • Sylvain BARBAZA
    Samourai of ShiniGames Prog Clan ./Programer -d “Description not found” ./ProgramerData/PreferedGames “Dark Souls” “Faster Than Light” “Beyond Good and Evil”
  • Luria BAUDRAS
    Samourai of ShiniGames Artist Clan Environment artist for Shogun no Kamigami. She likes trade with others in video games above all. And remember, maybe she doesn’t know how to play her character, but she will always make attention to have a beautiful stuff.
  • Marius BERTOUX
    Daimyo of ShiniGames Game Design Clan. To reach the immortality, he would destroy the whole world... But he couldn't even hurt a fly.
  • Théophane COURTOT
    Samurai of ShiniGames Artist Clan Character artist, 3D and 2D. Weasel's Overlord (Permanent contract since 1992) ,He love doing nothing on a throne, in a dark castle and waiting the Good guy doing a killing spree on his minions , sometime try to make a evil laught and cough, because he's old :'c
  • Jeoffrey FRADET
    Samurai of ShiniGames Artist Clan He's one of the character artist on Shogun no Kamigami. He still wonder why people compare his face to a "caracal". What the hell is a "caracal" anyway? Benjamin FRADET Samurai of the Team Shinigames Artist Clan But it is only to cover up that he is the Swagg Master that strike Poses and Stunt you with his fabulous techniques! No ones Dabs and pose like Jojo likes Him!
    Rōnin of ShiniGames Prog Clan. He joined the Shinigames's seigneury in order to sharpen his game programming skills. He works fervently to develop the ultimate technique
  • Florien JOUY
    Shogun of ShiniGames Artist Clan He's the Creative director on Shogun no Kamigami, he deals with the Shinigami for sure! Take care, his moustache aim to dominate the world! He had to much play on Warframe & Monster Hunters.
  • Alexandre LATTAVO
    Programming Clan. He prefers to remain in the Clan's shadow.
  • Enzo PRATA
    Samurai of ShiniGames Artist Clan He is one of the Environment artist of Shogun no Kamigami. He is the pirate of the team, singing and drinking on the Shinigames's boat. Do what you want,'cause a pirate is free You are a pirate!
  • Clément REBOUL
    Samurai of ShiniGames Artist Clan Character artist, 3D and 2D. He love to sit on a mountain, close to his axe which smashed a dragon's head, and eat a damn good burger.
  • Josselin
    Samurai of ShiniGames Music Clan. He studied a secret musical art with the greatest senseis. Some say he even composed telekinetic music for a hidden Kame clan willing to take down the shôgun…