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The Hacklist

The HackList is a unique and complex graphic novel, in which the player will interact with the inhabitants of Nova City, hacking into the cybernetic implants on their minds, to read their emotions.

The Hacklist
Yes 88% No 12%

Genre: Visual Novel

Developer: Caustic Games



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Platforms: PC

Nova City, a massive metropolis where power is held by those who regulate the flow of information. Inside this city, a private detective will find himself at the center of a struggle between State agents and a mysterious group of cyber-criminals. He will have to find a way to move among the different factions while staying alive, and discover the many secrets they might be hiding -- all of this without ever having to get up his living room chair.

The Hacklist is a unique and complex graphic novel in which the player will interact with the inhabitants of Nova City, hacking into the cybernetic implants on their minds, to read their emotions. Acting through the personal computer of a former police detective, the player will meet different characters and solve mysteries, all to discover that things in this city are not always what they seem.

This graphic novel takes place inside an operative system called CafeviOS, which includes a variety of APPs with well-defined functions. These allow the player to make phone calls to different characters, select missions with different difficulty levels, keep updated on the latest news, and even play original music.

In addition to this, the player will count with a powerful system that will allow him to “hack” into people's minds, to read their emotions, discover their true intentions, and even influence their decisions.

Equipped with this set of tools the player will be able to experience the life of a private detective, navigate through a non-linear story and uncover the mysteries that hide in the heart of Nova City.

Inside the great metropolis of Nova City, power is determined by the access to information. A small number of corporations control the flow of knowledge and keep the population divided in a strict class system according to their level of access.

The story unfolds after a mysterious character approaches a police detective and offers him a powerful tool to read people's emotions, and a way to find the one thing that could possibly disrupt the balance of power in the city, the one thing that was lost in this world of endless information, the truth.

1.     Rich storylines developed in a non-linear structure.
2. Complex characters, each with different agendas and opinions.
3. An innovative system that allows the character to read people's emotions and make decisions according to it.
4. A set of different APPs that will challenge the player's logical skills and imagination, toughening success in a series of increasingly difficult missions and tasks, within a narrative environment.

Here you can have a glimpse of our game by playing our first public demo. We encourage you to share with us any critiques, suggestions or to simply tell us which aspects of the game you enjoy or dislike.  All your feedback is very important to us.

You can see it soon on this link:

We’re developing primarily for PC, but we’re taking the necessary considerations to eventually publish in tactile devices with Android, or IOS.

In Caustic Games we aim to reach as many people as we can, if you wish to help us, tell your friends, your family, even your pet about us, help us get our initiative out there. We feel very proud of our work, and want to give the people a chance to experience it.
We are also searching for publishers willing to back us along the way, helping us reach the end of our quest. We would appreciate any support regarding the publishing process, to make sure our game finds its way to the hand of the players where it belongs.

Twitter: @causticgames
Instagram: causticgames

In Caustic Games we try to emulate Square Enix's goal of creating unique and fulfilling experiences through our games. 

Square Enix's games were a great part of what inspire us to become game developers in the first place. And it would be a matter of great pride to be able to count with their support for the development and publishing of our game. 

We're a small team of game designers, and it's not easy for us to share our products with the public. With the help of this platform, we're hoping to allow as many people as possible to try our game, and give us their feedback. We still have a lot to learn, and room to grow, and with the help of Collective, we can make sure that THE HACKLIST will become the memorable experience we know it can be.

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  • Sophocles Greek Tragedian (Office decoration)
    Hey there, my name is Sophocles, you may remember me from the story of Oedipus, the guy who killed his father and slept with his mother. I decided to give tragedies a rest and try this videogame design thing, how hard could it be, right? I’m not really sure what videogames are, but I enjoy Olympic sports, and taking long walks on the beach.
  • Chantal López Orangutan from Mars (Storyteller)
    I’m Chantal, and incredible human survivor that mutated when travelled to Mars. I refuse to go back to earth, not for how I look (hairy and orange btw), but because I have a whole universe ahead of me ready to be inked. So I write to show humans other worlds, and also design for graphic minds. On earth I take the form of an advertising student, and work as a front-end developer. I read a lot, enjoy good music, and play video games.
  • Isaac López Human Wizard (Programmer)
    Isaac here! I’m one of the programmers and game designers of the team. I’ve always loved playing videogames, now I’m happy to be able to make games for other people as well. I’m a Nintendo guy so I love games like Zelda, Metroid, Paper Mario, Perfect dark and many more. My favorite genre is RPG, specially if I can play with some friends. When I’m not playing anything, you can find me watching anime or experimenting on some crazy game idea.
  • Andres Alamo Elven Bard (Storyteller)
    Half psychologist and half dungeon master, I handle the narrative aspects of the game, writing the scripts, and helping to conceptualize and imagine the world in which our characters live and interact. I love Science fiction, and I’m a huge Tolkien fan. I also despise videogames (just kidding) I especially enjoy classic RPGs.
  • Valentina De Vita Dragonborn Pirate (Graphic Designer)
    I’m Valentina but you’ll probably find me as Regulus or RegulusGalaxy on the internet. I’m a graphic Designer and hobbyist illustrator. My main job is to design the game general UI, making the pixel art and Graphic aesthetic. I help with any graphic design task from motion graphic to illustration. I’m also in charge of logos, typography, diagramation and branding of Caustic Games as a brand! I like videogames (indies, AAA, you name it!), Zelda is my favorite <3, toons, series and fandoms, pirates, sea, roleplaying games (free writing most of all), pixel art, and cyberpunk stories of course!
  • Erick Subero Human/Cleric, half Monk (Generalist Programmer)
    My name is Erick (apparently) I’m a programmer in search of his destiny in the path of the code, well learned and experienced in different areas of programing. I’m known for being a game encyclopedia: If I haven’t play it I’ve read about it, if I haven’t read about it…… Be right back, I’m going to read about it. Borderlands and Final Fantasy VIII are especially close to my heart. I’m 80% videogames…. And 20 % comic books.
  • Angelicé Mora Barbarian Tomato (Illustrator/ 2D/ 3D artist/ texture artist
    I’m Angelicé, but everyone calls me Angi! I’m an illustrator, but I also do a bit of everything in the Caustic Labs, as long it’s related to art design of course. I love cats, stuffed animals, and food! But most of all I love videogames, especially the ones with great aesthetics.
  • Fernando Alvarez Ogre BlackSmith (Programmer)
    Boom! Hello my name is Fernando, and I work mainly as a programmer, but like most in our team I do a bit of everything related to game design around here. I have over 10 years of experience in different areas of programing. Videogame lover, and part time Otaku. Somebody said Disgaea?! Scratch that: Silent Hill! Nah, even better: Tomb Raider!