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Coffence is a fast-paced blend of fighting games and twin stick shooters with a dash of caffeine.

Yes 58% No 42%

Genre: Action, Beat 'em up

Developer: Sweet Bandits Studios

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC

Coffence is a fast-paced blend of fighting games and twin stick shooters with a dash of caffeine. Coffee is literally your health bar and every hit ejects the precious liquid up in the air for anyone to take. Experience dramatic reversals and tense stand-offs as you fight to the last drop with up to four players

Coffence is an intense caffeine fueled fighting game for two to four players featuring fast-paced action and absurd humor. 

Players must wield their cup into battle in an attempt to empty their opponent’s coffee while protecting theirs. Every hit on your cup ejects coffee up in the air, ripe for the taking by anyone quick enough to scoop it! In Coffence, coffee is not only your health: It’s also your source of power. Sacrifice a sip of your precious beverage to tap into the infinite power of caffeine to unleash a powerful secret technique known as the COFFEE BREAK.

 The gameplay in Coffence is a hybrid between a fighting game and a twin-stick shooter. Players control their character with the left joy-stick and their cup-holding arm with the right joy-stick. This allows for precision-based ranged attacks and surprising tactics not normally seen in fighting games. The game features a variety of attacks each with their strengths and weaknesses, making reading your opponents a vital part of the fight.

Master a unique way to play where your character and cup-holding arm are controlled independently.
Coffee is the new health. Every hit ejects coffee in the air for any player to claim!
Face your friends in exotic locations ranging from office buildings to outer space.
Choose from a wide arsenal of cups from the lightning fast espresso cup to the massive coffee pot, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses.

Coffence features multiple fighters, each with their own strength and weaknesses.

We got some wild new characters that we plan to add the game in the future. Cup wielding dog anyone?

To accentuate the absurd humor of Coffence we didn’t limit ourselves at all when choosing locations.  Office buildings, pirate ships and space, nothing is impossible when fighting with cups!

Coffence features local and online play over 3 game modes. Each game modes features its own set of levels, with some level variants available in multiple game modes.

Duel is the classic 1 V 1 game mode. It’s the most suited to skill-based competitive play as it’s levels are simple arenas without much in the way of platforming

Brawl is a 4 players mode offering the possibility of free-for all matches or team-based combat. Levels in brawl offer elevation and platforming to accommodate the larger player count and to offer a fresh take on the classic

Party is a 4 players mode which brings all new ways to play Coffence that does not revolve around combat. Every level offers its own mini-game with unique rules.

Dropzone can be player either in 1 V 1 or 2 V 2.  Each team has its own zone that they can’t leave. A drone in the center of the level starts throwing drops to both sides. The teams must prevent drops from touching the ground. Each team has 5 lives, if 5 drops touch the floor, that team loses.

Bean Ball is played either in 1 V 1 or 2 V 2. Much like volleyballs, the teams are separated by a net at the center. A ball is placed in the game and players must try to score in the opposing teams’ field by hitting the ball. The ball accelerates with every hit until it touches the ground to be reset.

We aim to launch Coffence with feature parity on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Coffence is developed by Sweet Bandits Studios a small indie game studio based in Quebec City, Canada. We have developed Coffence entirely with our own funds so far and every bit of exposure we can get will help us on our quest to complete the game.

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Of course if you have any feedback, ideas or criticism feel free to reach out to us below!

We’ve been making games for years but this is our first endeavour as an Indie Studio. As a team of 3, it’s often difficult to take objective decisions on our game by ourselves. This is why we want to get as much outside feedback on Coffence as possible so we can get a better idea on what works and what needs changing.

Collective is a perfect fit for our project as it allows us to get people to learn about Coffence and allows us to get some precious feedback on our game. Win-Win!

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