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Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper is a not-so-serious retro rogue-lite RPG with monster-catching mechanics and deep loot and skill systems.

Soul Reaper
Yes 80% No 20%

Genre: RPG

Developer: Power Level Studios

PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo Mac


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Platforms: PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo Mac

Soul Reaper is a not-so-serious retro rogue-lite RPG with monster-catching mechanics and deep loot and skill systems. 

Try our very early prototype here:

Take control of the one and only Soul Reaper, a power-hungry skeleton whose thirst for souls leads him to a mysterious cave called The Vault, where there are more than enough souls to go around. But getting those souls may not be so easy when they belong to wasps with a gatling gun. Or sharks that breathe fire. Or a knife-wielding squirrels...? It's a fitting place for a talking skeleton with a bone to pick.
Some games that Soul Reaper might remind you of are...
* Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow (Kill monsters, get souls!)
* Diablo (Loot with more stats than you can shake a '+50% stick-shaking' stick at)
* The Legend of Zelda (Top-down navigation style complete with bush-whacking action)
* Final Fantasy (Side view turn-based combat)
* Lufia II (This one might escape some youngsters, but if you remember "the Ancient Cave", you know what you're in for!)
* Pokemon (Once you're hooked on soul-collecting, you'll wanna reap 'em all)

Soul Reaper is about exploring a deep and ever-changing dungeon, finding sweeter and sweeter loot, using that loot to punch enemies in the face, then collecting their souls to kick their butts a brand new way next time around.
It's not all butt-kicking and soul-stealing, though, since enemies tend to want to keep their souls in their bodies for some weird reason and they'll probably be successful once in a while. Since this is a rogue-lite, dying may feel like starting over, but since you can hold onto your Loot and Soul Gems, you can feel confident that you'll have what it takes to get re-venge in the next “afterlife”.

Like you might expect from a human-shaped skeleton, Soul Reaper used to be human. According to him, it's been 1,222 years since he struck a deal to stay 'alive' and became a smart-assed grim reaper named Soul Reaper. All he's been able to care about since then is collecting souls, so the details of his old life are shrouded in mystery.
Now Soul Reaper's on a self-described 'epic quest' to a mysterious cave, which probably has something to do with his internet search history of "where get more souls" or "how remove coffee stain from skull". Maybe both! This particular cave does hold many souls and many secrets, in-cluding more than a few about Soul Reaper himself. There's also a moun-tain of loot inside, so it's not unreasonable that he might find a coffee mug designed for drinking without lips. A reaper can dream!

Rather than the tile-based, turn-based action of a strict roguelike, Soul Reaper lets you free-roam and do what you want, when you want. Use this to your advantage to slip past enemies or lure them away from treas-ure without engaging them in combat. Or just rush them head-on, know-ing that even when permadeath strikes, you'll still get to keep those sweet, sweet souls.

Top-Down Exploration
In a game that hinges on finding the stairs to climb one floor deeper into madness, you'll want a clear view of your surroundings. Push rocks around to get ripped, cut down helpless plants in the prime of life with your scythe (no word yet on if plants have souls...), and most important-ly, find treasure! Just watch out for spikes, fire, pits, acid, angry dragons, and other dangers that absent-minded dungeon builders always seem to leave lying around.

Turn-Based Combat
Commonly found in RPGs, but rarely in roguelikes (or roguelike-likes in our case), if you touch an enemy, you'll be thrust into turn-based combat. It might just turn out that they brought a few of their buddies to the party, too, so pay close attention to the bar at the top to see whose turn is next and plan accordingly.

Monster-Catching Mechanics
In a game called Soul Reaper, we like to think you'd be sorely disap-pointed if reaping souls didn't mean something special. Well, worry not! Any time Soul Reaper kills a monster, he'll have a chance of syphoning their soul and turning it into a Soul Gem. The Soul Gem can then be equipped to your gear and you can use its abilities in battle. Any extra souls that you suck up along the way will power it up, and you always keep your souls even if you die, so 'reap' those rewards!

Deep Loot
All gear in the game has a long list of potential stat modifiers, so you'll want to leave no chest unopened. There's no telling what attributes the next item might have, and it might even be so good that it's worth taking to a shrine, where you can imbue it with energy that lets you hang onto it even if you bite the big one.

Soul System
Using the Soul Gems that you get from syphoning souls is as easy as finding a piece of loot with a soul slot and equipping the Soul Gem to it. Since Soul Gems can be leveled up by collecting more souls of the same type, you can power up their base stat modifiers and abilities. A level 1 Flame Bee Soul Gem lets you fling fireballs and increases your strength, so if you chop up enough unsuspecting Flame Bees to get it to level 100, you can basically expect to be a musclebound skeleton that shoots mete-ors from his eyes. Equipping multiple Soul Gems to one piece of gear al-so has the potential to unlock hidden abilities and modifiers unique to that pairing, so you'll want to try as many combinations as you can find!

We plan to launch Q4 2018 on Windows, Mac, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The best way to support us right now is with your feedback here on Square Enix Collective. Your cheers give us strength! Strength to program cool features, strength to draw crazy monsters, strength to animate them stabbing everything in sight.

Try our demo here: We may harvest your soul in exchange, but we promise never to sell it.

Now get on down to that comment field and use it to whisper your innermost hopes and dreams in our ear. It's probably best if those hopes relate to Soul Reaper, but that's not to say we aren't interested in hearing about your plan for making velcro contact lenses.

We're a small Toronto-based team just doing our best to help our little fledgling game eat plenty of souls so it can grow up big and strong. The Collective isn't just a great place to find souls, but opinions as well! By telling us what you think, you can play a personal role in helping Soul Reaper level up, evolve, and become everything you ever knew it could be.

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More Updates


Many of our prototype users had the same idea to improve the game: what if you could summon monsters you’ve “collected” in combat to fight alongside you and protect you?


Reap: Steal a monster’s soul
Unreap: Summon a previously reaped monster in combat

So, what’s the feature about?
We’ve always wanted to experiment with that feature since the beginning, but never had the chance to, until now. During combat, when you select a Soul Action, you can now decide to unreap (summon) it instead of using it to damage monsters or buff yourself. Once unreaped, the monster gets added to the timeline and will take actions during its turn. 

Unreap monster during your turn.
Unreaped monsters last for the duration of the fight
Unreaped monsters can be replaced during your turn
Soul cannot be used as an action if monster is unreaped (Example: you can’t use the Flame Bee attack during your turn if you’ve unreaped the Flame Bee already)
You can unreap up to 2 monsters during combat
Unreaped monsters automatically perform their soul action on their turn
Will get released in prototype at the end of August 2017.

This is only just the beginning of that feature. Many things still need to be decided design-wise. Here’s a list of things we’d like to experiment with and get feedback on:

How to unreap - ideas
Prepare combat formation outside of combat, so you don’t waste a turn unreaping during combat; or
Keep combat formation once unreaped. For example, if you unreap a Flame Bee during one combat, it stays there for the next fights, until “disbanded”.

How unreap works - ideas
Unreap lasting a few turns only? Can be increased by loot stats (+x unreap turns)
Each unreaped monster’s action costs spirit (mp); or unreap only costs spirit when unreaping
Unreaped monsters can be targeted and die
Unreaped monsters can be buffed by loot stats (+% unreaped : +20% unreaped damage, +12% unreaped fire resistance, etc.)
Soul has a chance to level up when unreaped

What do you think?
Let us know what you think. What do you think of the new ideas? Do you have better ones? Let us know in the comments section!

Also, follow us here for more information on the development of Soul Reaper:


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  • Matt Kidd, Animator/Artist
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