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Ved is set in two worlds: science and magic. It belongs to two genres. A colorful platformer meets an exciting quest with multiple choices along the way and several endings.

Yes 90% No 10%

Genre: RPG, Adventure

Developer: Karaclan

Xbox One PC Mac iOS Android


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Platforms: Xbox One PC Mac iOS Android

Kir from Kamara is a loner who travels to the innovative city of Micropolis in search of a good life and work. He would probably have found a job and settled down to a life of dull, well-fed monotony, if it hadn't been for the mystic circumstances that revealed to him—and not by chance—the truth about the town, about science, and about magic.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One                    
Release date: 2018

Ved is a role playing game combined with a vivid platform game, where each decision means as 'little' as it does in real life. Talking to different characters can earn you their respect and friendship, or can even instil fear—which may be the key to success. Here everyone acts according to their own motives: don't be too quick to condemn your enemies or to trust your friends. Not before you realize just how multi-layered the conflict in this world is.

Choose (Your decisions changes the world)

Speak  (The world is full of extraordinary characters)

Fight (Any bush may be a monster)

Explore (Portals connect the world of science and magic)

Improve (Money and will help to achieve success)

Our goal is not only to create a game that is fun, but a game that can be in every sense art.

Windows, Mac, Linux,  Xbox One, iOS,  Android.

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