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Kwarn Armada Tactics

Kwarn Armada Tactics (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game (RTS) that puts you at the head of an armada of drones.

Kwarn Armada Tactics
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Genre: Strategy, Sci-fi

Developer: 3dlight-studio

Xbox One PC iOS Android


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Platforms: Xbox One PC iOS Android

Kwarn Armada Tactics (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game (RTS) that puts you at the head of an armada of drones. Disposes drones skillfully on the ground to increase their power. Deploy them in formation to break the enemy lines, surprise the enemy or counter his attacks. Unleash the special powers of your general to overthrow the course of the battle. K.A.T will experience your tactical sense and your speed of reflexion like never before!

Kwarn Armada Tactics (aka KAT) is a unique mix of strategy and action.

KAT’s gameplay is focused on an ingenious system of units formations : each of your units has lines of action that can strengthen allied units or destroy opposing units. Place smartly your units to create powerful formations which will counter your opponent's assaults !
This simple gameplay allows a very fast handling, while offering large tactical possibilities!

Choose among 13 generals the one that will lead your troops on the battlefield.

The general defines your armada's general strategy : massive assaults or fast attacks, impenetrable defense, ruses or diversions, guerilla warfare or destabilization...
Each of the 13 generals has 3 powers able to turn the battle to his advantage : powerful drones prototypes, opposing units capture, camouflage, speed or power boosts, etc.

Choose among 27 units the best combination according to your strategy!

Heavy units, equipped with shields, allow to crush a defense formation!
Light units are able to dodge enemy's attacks and are perfect for harrying your opponent!
Medium units are balanced and will form the core or your armada!
Transport units allow you to bring units to the heart of your opponent's armada or to create a diversion!

Customize your units with equipment to caught your opponent by surprise and take advantage!

Equipments can be installed on some of your drones and can be used at any time during the battle : the bomb transforms a unit into a suicide bomber, the teleporter transports a unit in the middle of the enemy defense, the virus sabotages the enemy defenses, the bastion turns a unit into a fortress, etc.

A tactical and fast gameplay you've never seen before!

An absolutely unique, simple, tactical and nervous gameplay
Large tactical possibilities : 13 generals, 36 powers, 27 drones and 26 equipments
Long game length : a campaign mode that follows each of the 13 generals, 10 game modes and quick play against a challenging AI or a second player
A unique and captivating universe told with a comic book style

In KAT, there are 8 factions and different 13 worlds. Every general represents one of these worlds. They have all the own way they fight. In campaign mode, there is a campaign and a specific history for every general. 

A demo (Windows PC only) is scheduled for the start of July 2017.
Download the demo and start the tutorial:

With more than 30 different backgrounds, each battlefield is full of surprises: whether it is a violent snowstorm that immobilizes your units, asteroid fields that threaten your troops, or pirates capable of capturing your units: each battle promises to be unique and surprising ! 

There is numerous modes in KAT: 

1 player :
quick play
sudden death
time attack
epic campaign with 13 different stories

2 players :
sudden death
time attack
epic online

KAT is schedulded for end of 2017 on Windows PC, and for middle of 2018 on iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10, Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile)

We are a very small studio, one programmer, one artist and one tester. So it would help us out the most right now would be your feedback and your support.

If you would like to be kept up to date with Kwarn Armada Tactics development, please feel free to subscribe in the newsletter form on our website or follow us on social media:


Collective is an interesting way to build a community around our project. This way we could:

Get a lot of feedbacks about the gameplay, not only from RTS fans but also from players with various profiles
Improve gameplay and quality of KAT, including by receving new ideas
Improve quality of our projet on the different supported OS thankful to beta tests by large panel of testers

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This is our first devlog dedicated to the discovery of the gameplay of Kwarn Armada tactics (KAT) and its history.
KAT takes place in the galaxy of Andromeda, at a time much earlier than ours. The story of KAT is told in the campaign mode (not yet implemented in the demo). An animated cartoon will accompany the story to make it more immersive.

While the Stellar Empire has established itself throughout the galaxy, it seems that it can no longer extend without growing weaker. Although no civilization can compete in power and strength with the stellar armies, many worlds on the periphery of the Empire secede and warlike acts are always more frequent.

After the ultimatum of Archi-Kingdom Krang, a former imperial province, Emperor Aldebaran IV appointed General Reese Sanders to lead an expeditionary force of combat drones to reduce the blockade cutting imperial iridium convoys.

The Sanders mission is crucial: without these iridium convoys, the Empire will not be able to finalize the Atlas Gates project, gigantic teleport portals that can instantly transport the equivalent of a planet anywhere, using a dimension unknown until then : the flow. Thanks to the Atlas Gates and the flow, the Empire can intervene at any point of the galaxy while continuing to expand, in search of new materials and new allies.

And time is short because the Imperial General Staff has detected a colossal source of inter-dimensional energy approaching Andromeda. A force capable of annihilating the Empire ... The entity that created the flow wakes up gently : its trap snaps shut ... matter comes to it and it will be able to feast on it as in the past. The Kwarn is gathering its forces, lurking in the void and waiting for the opening of the next dimensional portal to spread in the dimension of light..

But KAT, what exactly is that?
KAT is a tactical game but in real time. You are under constant pressure.
Here's how the gameplay works.

The basic principle of Kwarn Armada Tactics is the line of action. Each drone has it. Each line of action is underlined in the game in blue or orange depending on the camp chosen. A line of action represents both the line of attack of the drone and the line of support. An average drone has a power of 2 (= 2 in attack and 2 in defense). If I put another drone and the line of action goes through the previous drone then I give it +1 on power : it is a support. Here is an enemy configuration:

3 back drones support the front drone and thus confer him 3 in power. So the front drone has 5 pts (2+3).
To destroy it, I have to do a squadron that allows me to have a line of attack at least equal to 5.

Note that my line of attack is diagonal: I can not be reached by the enemy attack. On the other hand I will destroy all the drones having maximum 5 power that is on my lines of action.

But you're going to tell me "there's no one on your lines of action, boy ...". It's good you listen!
At the bottom right there is a button to send my squadron of drones. By clicking on it, my squadron will move towards the enemy camp. And in its trip, if the opponent does not do better, my squadron will destroy the 4 drones because I chose the right angle of attack and the right squadron.

Now if I had wanted to attack frontally, 2 drones of the same power destroy each other. It would have been necessary for me to do a squadron with a value of 6 for one of the drones at least.

Another possibility in Kwarn Armada Tactics, we make a mesh:

As you see I have 2 squadrons: 1 with 3 in power and 1 with 4. the intersection of the 2 lines accumulate their powers. If I send my squadrons or if the enemy squadron comes to me, the drone 5 will be destroyed.

Here is the basic principle: to create meshes of lines of action as powerful as possible. The final goal is to destroy the opposing base (PV = 0).

This gameplay is enriched by several elements:
-the use of a special drone, the container, to embark a squadron and disembark later
-the use of drone variants to modify their ingame behavior and to force to change their tactics for the meshing of the lines of action. Having the most powerful mesh will not necessarily be important against the light drones but the density of the meshing will be essential... but I say no more...
-the use of special single-use equipment (so you have to call your shots!)
-the use of the powers of the general chosen
-the use of a terrain factor (sand storm on the ground, blizzard, 3rd force on the ground ... etc ...

I would talk about each of its elements later on.

Do not hesitate to come back to us! ;)


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