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Kitten Mita

A charming life simulation/role playing. Live your daily life as Mita, the little kitten, on her journey to understand the meaning behind the mother’s true love.

Kitten Mita
Yes 85% No 15%

Genre: JRPG

Developer: Eggion



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Platforms: PC

A charming life simulation/role playing game brimming with story, interesting characters, fun mini games, and more. Live your daily life as Mita, the kitten, on her journey to find and understand a mother’s true love.

You assume the role of Mita in a quest to find her ideal mother figure. However, what started as a simple journey suddenly goes awry when a mysterious rabid dog crosses her path. Rally the help of your friends, gather resources, and help Mita hone her skills through various mini-games in order to achieve her dreams together with her fellow companion!


The whole production of Kitten Mita is inspired by various classic RPGs, such as Legend of Mana, Digimon World, Persona, and Atelier series. This game uses a turn-based combat system which is heavily tied by the scenario. There is no random battle, and every encounter you face will always be unique. You can also engage in various activities such as training, fishing, mining, and many more.

Kitten Mita combines elements from RPGs and Life Simulations to create a fun and dynamic experience, both in the gameplay and the storytelling. The player is free to do whatever they please within the realms of the game’s many possibilities in their quest to help Mita find the perfect mother figure.


Within every chapter, the player is given a limited turn to complete a quest, and their performance will determine whether the story moves forward or not. A success will move them toward the next chapter, but a failure will cause Mita to be captured by Cyan, the rabid dog.


Kitten Mita offers unique and memorable locations for each chapter, which guarantees different and engaging experience. Be it in getting Glitters (the primary in-game currency), finely crafted and tuned soundtrack for the experience, and how the player plays the game itself.

Dynamic Dialogue Interface

The dialogues in Kitten Mita has been meticulously handcrafted with animated interface. This is done to ensure that the storytelling--an important part of an RPG--feels a lot livelier.


 Fun Daily Activities

Finding the perfect mother figure is but a pipe dream if one can’t manage themselves in their daily life. Eat, sleep, earn money, shop.


Exciting Adventure

Explore the vast and charming world of Kitten Mita, in your own way. Conquer dungeons, battle monsters, solve puzzles, play mini-games, and many others!


Wide Variety of Quests

Help local residents in their plights and uncover the telltales of surrounding regions. As you complete side quests, you will gain access to mini stories which can give you a deeper knowledge about the world.


Unique Environments with Different Playstyles

As the story progresses, Mita will travel to various locations, each with its own unique theme. From mountain to desert, or even underground caves, these environments will affect not only the story, but also the way you play the game!


High Quality Original Soundtrack

Our talented composer’s works will enrich your playing experience with unique tracks that are tailored especially for every chapter. Enjoy music from various genres, such as rock, jazz, orchestra, and more.

In your journey, you will find many likable characters. These are a few of them.

At first we plan to launch on Windows, depending on our crowdfunding success we may also launch on Mac and Linux.

We at Eggion hold our heritage in the highest esteem and as such wish to create a game that promotes our culture and shines a positive light onto Indonesia for the whole world to see. With Kitten Mita, we wish to inspire and to encourage people to chase their dreams. This should be evident in our art style. We purposely chose the coloring book style to add to the whimsical nature of the game. Its playfulness is to encourage a sense of adventure, and remind players of their youth.


Our goal with Kitten Mita is not only to create a game that is fun, but a game that can be in every sense art. We wish to break the limitations that have been imposed upon us, and exceed the expectations others have for us. We wish to change the world’s view of our culture, and challenge stereotypes, we want our game to be a beacon to other Indonesian developers, so that they know, they can create the game of their dreams in their own style. We wish Kitten Mita to be that success story.


Now you can help us by supporting Kitten on Collective and our future crowdfunding campaign! Help us rebuild our Story!

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Kitten Mita has been developing from time to time; started as a work of passion until it has now become a purposeful matter. It brought us into earning awards and meeting awe-inspiring people such as the one we have now in our team.


Square Enix Collective is a medium for us in advancing ourselves and we are certainly would love to develop ourselves in a community, so that we can brings Kitten Mita to grow in accordance with what has been targeted.


We sincerely need your feedback for better Kitten Mita in the future. 

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More Updates


Hey folks! It’s been a crazy week since the launch of our campaign and boy did you make us proud! Your feedback has been immensely insightful for us, and we’d like to thank you all wonderful people for the positive votes as well!

Now, onto the update. What have we been up to? Chandra, the composer of Kitten Mita, has been adding to the soundtrack with a new song called “Dancing to the Moonlight”. He took inspirations from “The Wind Sings of a Journey”, a song from the classic game that we all love, Legend of Mana. “Dancing to The Moonlight” turned out to be a little complex, however. The jazzy-feeling but relaxed atmosphere was a little tricky to craft, Chandra said.

On another news, Clea has encountered some tricky situations whilst mixing the Kitten Mita soundtrack. The game does feature a wide variety of genres, tempos, moods, and main instruments in the soundtrack, the challenge now lies in mixing them right so that every piece reaches its maximum potential. This means that Clea can’t reuse a preset from another piece, or even use the same treatment in most cases. Still, the most exciting part about working with Kitten Mita’s soundtrack is the fact that Chandra has often managed to surprise us with his fresh and out-of-the-box scores from time to time. We never know whether the next piece he presents to us would inspire us, make us shake our heads, simply smile, or even laugh. He’s just that good at this!

So, how about this particular piece we mentioned earlier, “Dancing to the Moonlight”?

Well, mixing this piece is only moderately difficult for Clea. It doesn’t involve that many instruments, and the raw audio files which Chandra exported for Clea were of good quality already. Thus the challenge would be in how to balance the instruments so that each of them only stand out when it has to, organizing sound frequencies, and enhancing the overall groove.

“Dancing to the Moonlight” tries to capture the nuances of Nocturn Forest, one of many locations Mita will travel to at one point in her journey. This forest surrounds a lake in Nocturn Village, and from various points you can see fresh, moonlit river streams.

In the making of the forest itself, we did a rough sketch to define the pathing that Mita will be able to take (i.e., “traversable roads” and “walls”), then we filled the elements of the map and added some finishing touches.

Meanwhile, Ron is hard at work right now on making a cinematic opening movie. It will feature a song called “Pencari Harapan”, which represents the overall theme of Kitten Mita’s narrative. So far, he’s finished syncing the animations with the song itself. You can watch the work-in-progress below. Tell us what you think about it!

In addition, many of you asked us to improve the coloring of characters’ portraits in Kitten Mita. Ron created a few iterations, and after doing internal discussion and asking opinions from many people, we decided the final art style which you can see below. What do you think? Are you satisfied with the result?


That’s all for the update so far! Thank you for your continuous support and feedback. They are very valuable to us, and we hope we can deliver the best quality in our game for you."


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  • Andriano Dwindo Putra aka Kuro DCupu
    Game designer, creative director, and main programmer of Eggion. Passionate in game developing and story telling. Have created many experimental utilization of gameplay and wants to put something unique on his work. His previous notable works include “Darkness of Hope: Save The Heart of Painful” and “Kitten Mita: Moon Chapter”.
  • Syahroni Musthofa aka rondchild
    Game designer, art director, and animator of Eggion. He is passionate about making art, especially anime-styled art and animation. He has enjoyed drawing from childhood and has been involved in game development since 2011. His previous works include “Darkness of Hope: Save The Heart of Painful” and “Kitten Mita: Moon Chapter”.
  • Muhammad Sufyan Noor aka DrDhoom
    Technical programmer of Eggion, he is passionate about making great codes. He has a vast experience with game programming. He is helping by making a lot of stuff and tools for Kitten Mita.
  • Chandra Cheung Oyuget
    A self-taught composer who began his career in 2014. He has a huge passion for video game music and is a quick learner. Gifted with a unique sense of style in music he is aiming to have his work on the top of video game charts.
  • Clea Leshlick
    A composer, arranger, and sound engineer who specializes in video game audio production. Currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia, they work as Audio Director and Game Designer at stellarNull, a team which creates games and provides game assets. Also affiliated with Harmonicblend music circle and Eggion development team.
  • Handaru aka HANSCHRANZ
    A young man passionate in telling stories and ideas, English language and graphic design/concept art are his primary tools of the trade. Idealistic but also realistic, Handaru is his own worst critic, and he strives to do what he wants in high standards.