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"If everything you know, begins to fall apart. Would you stay and fight or would you RUN?"

Yes 71% No 29%

Genre: Action

Developer: Torch Games



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Platforms: PC

The Game

RUN tells the story of a man called Isaac Wain, falsely accused of the murder of his wife and daughter. It's a top-down stealth/action game with puzzling environments and a dark atmosphere.

Isaac Wain is a former agent who suffers from schizophrenia and drug addiction. After some issues, Isaac was falsely accused of the murder of his wife and daughter, and sent to prison.

He finds himself lost in a horrible environment, with suspicious and corrupt people. Insomnia and hallucinations are quite common in day-to-day life. To further worsen the situation, Isaac has become a target for people both inside and outside the prison.

What is happening? Escape the prison and you shall find the answers you need.

The dark atmosphere fills the game environment while the detailed narrative drags the player inside the story. Isaac's schizophrenia/feelings/choices add complexity and immersiveness to the overall gameplay experience.

The player feels what Isaac is feeling. Strange noises, weird voices, ghostly people wandering around are very common during the game.

The core gameplay is focused around stealth mechanics. Sneak around and explore every corner in order to escape from each level and you might manage to escape from the prison itself.

Isaac will collect, craft and use several items and weapons in order to make it out of there alive.

With a black and white artstyle in Noir fashion, and few splashes of color, we wish to deliver a unique artistic design for the settings and characters. Cutscenes with comic-book like pages will also appear as flashbacks revealing the story piece by piece.

The player will be able to interact with the environment, use items to solve each level puzzle, fight against the guards or sneak around them and a lot more.

Our focus is to bring an exciting and immersive Gameplay experience, with high quality sound and graphics.

  • Challenging gameplay - Isaac isn't powerful. Vulnerability and weakness are part of the game. The deadliest weapon that you will use is probably a knife. Go wild without stealth and you will die soon.
  • Vast cast of characters.
  • Various items to collect and use.

RUN is powered by Unreal Engine 4.




The Collective campaign is not about money. As an indie team, we believe that coming closer with people that support us is really important for both parties. And this is all that Collective is about, helping us to grow a better community and allowing for a direct relation with all fans and supporters. Our team looks foward to your feedback and comments!

RUN is in an early stage of development. However, we are working hard to bring this game to life. Every corner of each level, every sound and music piece, story script, concepts, 3D models are beeing made with big effort by our talented team.     

Currently we are working on the demo.

Our basic mechanics are almost done. We finished prototyping the core of the gameplay so we just need to complete the features and other gameplay characteristics.


RUN theme

Soundtrack: Isaac's theme

Soundtrack: Amy

RUN playlist by Thomas Frost





3D models






Thank you all for your support,

Torch Games

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  • Alexander Nestor
    Torch Games' Creative Director, the man behind the scenes, inventing ideas and directing the game. Alex is from Greece.
  • Walid Feghali
    Walid Feghali is a young composer, engineer, and concept artist living in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Three things have fascinated him since childhood: science, music and art. This led him to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and an explosion of his own musical creations and illustrations.
  • Ahmad Said
    3D character artist from Alexandria - Egypt. With the dream of breaking into the video games industry
  • Bela Szabo
    Bela Szabo is a self-taught freelance 3D artist currently living in Hungary. He has a passion for character creation, and his goal is to become a professional character artist capable to create hyper-realistic characters from concept to animation. He loves video games and CG animations, and was always interested in how they are made.
  • Marcus Michaeli
    Audio Engineer, Producer and Sound Effects Designer... And sometimes Music Composer. Marcus is the Torch Games Sound Designer. Marcus is from Sweden.
  • Thomas Frost
    Composer, Producer, Rocker, multi-instrumentalist and sometimes Sound Designer, Thom's also a passionate gamer and a 2D animationmovies lover. His dream is to one day become a part of video games and film music's history. And he's working hard on it!Thomas Frost is from France.
  • Sara Naji
    My name is Sara Naji . I am 20 years old, originating from Marocco I attended the Art institute for my bachelor's degree in applied art . Now I'm a student in fine arts university comic book branch, I'm a traditional and digital artist. I can draw a variety of things, but I mostly draw fantasy and science fiction work. Right now I'm looking into becoming freelance concept artist and character designer.
  • Julio Trasferetti
    The Founder and main mind behind Torch Games. Currently enrolled in Computer Science, Julio's dream is to be a professional Game Developer. He started Torch Games to bring his ideas to life. Julio is from Brazil.