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Planet Apolion

Planet Apolion is a game which combines classic shoot 'em up mechanics with elements of adventure, exploration and RPG.

Planet Apolion
Yes 91% No 9%

Genre: RPG

Developer: Apolion Team



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Platforms: PC

Planet Apolion is a game which combines classic shoot 'em up mechanics with elements of adventure, exploration and RPG.

You must explore the vast world by choosing different routes within an open world map you can explore freely, get new skills, solve puzzles and find secret to access new areas.

We want to release the game in PC and consoles, with an estimated release date end of 2017.

Update: Try the demo here!

The plot takes place during a distant future, in the planet Apolion, a highly similar to earth and full resource planet, but inhabited by different creatures which depend of huge entities called Apolions.

These creatures are fighting against the invader, the player: a ship from planet Earth which looks for new planets to colonize after the degradation of its own, due to negligent abuse of natural resources. These creatures will try to communicate and interact with you, with multiple conversations.

Depending on the information you collect during the game both in the conversations and the files where the story of the planet is told, as a player you will be able to interact with the planet to obtain three completely different endings.

The gameplay combines side-scroll and vertical-scroll stages. The path traced on the map will determine the scroll.

In addition, you can change the direction of the spaceship at will, and make it stop or go back to defeat certain enemies, solve puzzles or investigate a suspicious element on the screen.

You will obtain different weapons, materials and equipment to prepare the protagonist to reach new areas and defeat enemies with different characteristics.

Also you will have a system of "slots" where you can apply enhancements for the different spaceship devices, developing each one of the 7 key attributes. You'll be able to use this system to get the game style you prefer. You can get these "slots" defeating certain enemies, finding secret areas or through a system of creating slots with the obtained materials.

Key Features

* Open world, where the player will be able to explore, investigate, and think while maintaining the arcade essence. 

* Leveling up system: as player you can feel how your power and stats increase as you defeat ever stronger enemies, starting from small enemies to fearful huge creatures, which will increase your power as you enter the deepest of each Dominion.

* Equipment system, with more than 150 slots to combine, that you will have to obtain in the different secret zones, looting it from the different enemies or by crafting.

* Multiple secrets and hidden areas to find: If you explore the different zones you can find hidden doors that will take you to new areas with new challenges, where you can get items that will make you stronger.

* Puzzles to solve: In many areas of the planet you must prove your skills in different puzzles themed by zones in order to obtain new equipment or access to restricted areas.

* Forty weapons divided into four categories  (main weapons, special weapons, secondary weapons and sidekicks) that of course you will have to find if you want to make use of them!

* Free control of the spaceship to freely take any direction at any moment, an important movement regarding the classical shoot 'em up gameplay in which the screen always moved forward in a single direction, forcing the player to advance automatically.

We decide to use HD digital hand drawn style in all elements of the game. Normally shoot 'em ups use either an “organic” visual style or a futuristic one. This time, we decided to apply another art concept to the shoot 'em up genre, changing the usual style used in these games into a kinder one, based on science-fiction nature enviroments. 

We experimented and tried a way to transfer these kind of graphics which would allow to make Planet Apolion a colourful and artistic visual piece in an easy way.

The game is being developed by a very small team, and we will take into consideration every comment that you give to us. We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

You can either drop a comment or send us an email at


Why Collective?

We want to be part of Square Enix Collective because we want to increase the quality of  our game with your feedback and bring attention to our game. 

We’d like to know if we are taking the right path, if players would be interested in our game, what can we do to make it better, and share with you the world and the story we created! Your feedback is quite valuable to us. 

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More Updates


Planet Apolion demo has now been released! You can now try the game early and give us feedback!

In this demo you will be able to try the mechanics and visit four different environments and become immersed into the world. 

Please remember consider this isn't a final version, there may be bugs and new features will be added in the future. Our goal is to make the gameplay to be the best possible with the feedback you provide us.

We do have a question for you that we’d like you to consider ‘Do you like enemies to appear randomly or do you think they should appear in a pattern?’

Now please try this demo: and give us your thoughts down below.

Thanks for playing!


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  • Lucaszeca
    Lucaszeca / 3 years ago

    I said before that i didn't like random enemies but that's mostly because they spawn around you all the time and get repetitive. With preset enemies you can theorically give a balanced and fixed chalenge but due to the player's ability to stop we can technically exploit this by killing 1 enemy/formation at a time. I think both have it's advantages too. Random ambushes and spawns can break the mold and take you by surprise. As much i dislike the circling enemies that spawn on screen i admit they're scary due to how unpredictable they are, some ambushes could be scripted too. But preset is good, rooms feel unique, we can farm the item we need and after i kill everything in a big area i just want to explore it in peace. I guess i'd say, mostly preset spawns but some randomness now and then could work too. It all depends on how rooms are put together. Schmups are all about learning patterns, afterall. I hope big enemies/bosses have fixed shooting patterns with more types of shots tho.


  • Ignacio Allely
    Ignacio's dream has always been to make a videogame, so he decided to study hard to be an expert programmer. And he indeed is! He is the person behind all the programming process, the game mechanics, level design, sound and bug fixing. He's able to set in motion all Paloma's crazy ideas. He's an artist as well, but using code instead of graphic tablets
  • Paloma Costa
    Paloma always loved art and knew making art was her destiny. After getting into videogames, Paloma knew her destiny was to make art FOR videogames. She is self-taught and tries to be a jack-of-all-trades for all the graphic content, so she is illustrator, concept artist, sprite artist and animator. She also contributes to the story and the character development.