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Fort Triumph

Welcome to Fort Triumph, a Tactics game in a Fantasy world. Fort Triumph emphasizes the use of Environmental Interactions to support rich, challenging and rewarding tactical gameplay.

Fort Triumph
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Genre: Strategy

Developer: Fort Triumph



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Platforms: PC

Fort Triumph is most easily described as “Fantasy XCOM” - a mix of sophisticated tactical combat with role-playing influences such as character customization, equipment, inventory, and just the right amount of good ol’ roll of the dice.

It’s an adventure of choices and consequences. Whether on the campaign map or in the midst of battle, you will have to make informed decisions that will affect how the game plays out. Heed certain events and neglect others. Risk the death of an experienced hero or sacrifice hapless peasants in his stead. Fort Triumph will test your judgment and vigilance.

We believe in DRM-Free products and involving the community, and so the game is to be released on Steam Early Access this summer for PC, and eventually to other platforms and consoles.

Naturally, the world is filled with all sorts of terrains, locations and places of interest.

You will battle in mighty castles and ruined outposts, traverse thick forests and raging rivers, explore crypts, caves, snowy mountains and more. Settlements like towns and taverns will provide rest to your parties. A place to gather strength, hire mercenaries, buy and sell equipment and also get drunk.  We love stories, and better yet - games that convey them in a vivid way.

Since replayability plays a big part in the game, Fort Triumph will have multiple storylines to tell the many tales and happenings in this fantasy, providing lore and insight on the setting and the world while keeping the experience of the gameplay fresh.

Dive deep into a dank crypt to retrieve a spectacular artifact, defeat a dragon that’s menacing the town, halt a goblin invasion, trade with the mole-men, and more.


Battle with your squad against swarms of enemies on a tile based map. The combat aspect of Fort Triumph relies on your ability to outwit enemies using the environment, sharp tactical senses, and smart usage of the abilities at your disposal.

Key Combat Features

● Destructible Cover - objects on the map can provide cover, be destroyed, or manipulated. Take caution where you place your heroes since the same rules apply to you.

● Dynamic Environment - Push, pull and topple objects, kick enemies into each other or against walls, drown them in deep waters, or even manipulate large objects to create new passageways.

● Permadeath - In most fantasy stories the heroes always overcome. Well, this isn't this kind of story. In the heat of battle there are no second chances - If a hero dies, there is no turning back.

● Various Mission Goals - Not all battles are the same. The various goals may include assassinations, artifact hunts, rescue and defensive missions, ambushes, and more.


Roaming the world, you’ll get to explore a variety of locales, hire and level up your heroes, buy equipment, form your strategy and storm into battles. The land is filled with interesting places to visit and extraordinary people to meet.

Be wary, because several attractions that require your attention may occur at once! Successfully responding to threats, as well as failing others, will affect the outcome of the story and the game. You will however have the option to split your parties in order to achieve multiple tasks simultaneously, but at the cost of thinning your forces.


We strive to make each run relatively short, but very fun and unique.

The locales and areas on the campaign map are random, meaning the routes and quests are always different. The battlefields are also random, meaning you’ll never know for sure where the enemies will come from and where to find hidden treasures on the map.


The fantasy of Fort Triumph is filled with magic and ruthlessness, thus a group of specially trained combatants is needed to succeed in this unforgiving world.

Mage - Schooled in the arts of the arcane, the Mages are powerful and dangerous.

Able to manipulate the elements of the earth and perform highly effective spells from a safe distance, this group of mystics are as power-hungry as they are wise.

Paladin - A beacon of stability in a chaos-wreathed world.

These heroic soldiers inspire courage in an ally and fear in the heart of a foe. The Paladin is a holy warrior, capable of dealing massive blows and absorb the heat in the frontlines of battle.

Ranger - Hawks of the ground. These rogues with their extraordinary vision are deadly from afar as they are from the shadows. Rangers are naturally adept at traversing difficult terrains and getting in the most difficult areas to flank their quarry unseen.

Savage - Your friendly neighborhood cannibal! These guys are warm hearted and warm-blooded altogether. With a short temper and fetish for death and bones, the Savages will tear to pieces whoever dares to face them, with nothing but their bare hands.


In Fort Triumph, no two heroes are the same. Each will have their own personality and will react differently to certain events. The uniqueness of the characters, their opinions and behavior, is what gives grace to the adventure.


As expected from a hardcore D&D game, the world is rich with all sorts of monsters, and each class of monsters have their own hierarchy of combatants; goblin shamans, boar riders, cackling skeletons and more.

Nothing speaks louder than proof testing.

We hope you’ll like this demo of Fort Triumph and will have a better understanding of the game once you’ll feel it for yourself. As a Pre-Alpha version, it may still contain bugs and of course do not include all the features just yet.

This current demo showcases the combat aspect of the game. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

How Can I Help?

If you’ve reached this far, first we’d like to say - Thank You! It might not always be obvious to people, but we make Fort Triumph because we want to share our passion with other gamers, and hopefully you’ll feel the same about our game.


Since the success of a crowdfunding campaign will rely on you, our fans, rewards are in order!

Here are some ideas we have in mind:

● Design a mission

● In-game statue in your honor

● Characters’ miniatures

● Printed cloth map of the world

● And much more…

The scope we imagine for Fort Triumph is big, but with the support and feedback of the community we believe we could both meet our vision and improve on it. Fort Triumph was greenlit on Steam in 2 weeks, and is planned for DRM-free release on PC, Mac and Linux, as well as for consoles.

Contact Us

The community is the pillar of our creation, and we’d love for you all to take a part in making Fort Triumph even better. Please feel free to contact us with any question or suggestion you have in mind:

And follow us for updates:



Why Collective?

We’d like to underline that Square Enix Collective is not a crowdfunding campaign, but a gathering of gamers and the perfect place to receive as much feedback as we can get.

We’ve been developing Fort Triumph full time for over a year, and are looking to engage in a crowdfunding campaign soon in order to bring our dream to life. If we are to succeed, we need to know what players look up to most in Fort Triumph and how do they feel about the concept of the game.

Please cast your vote and leave a reply, telling us what you liked, disliked or would have changed in the game. We appreciate your replies and take all of them in consideration!

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  • Yali Zak-Malkin
    Construction manager, see to it that the fort will be established on schedule. Former VP of R&D of a successful Internet-traffic startup.
  • Uda Ittah
    Dungeon architect and under-utilized portrait master. Selling his soul to the ‘High-tech Industry’, but dreams of a world where all you ought to do is paint
  • Tomer Abadi
    Sculptor and Torch Bearer of multitasking. Graduated from ‘Israeli Animation College’, former Lead Modeler in a 3D Printing studio.
  • Shay Zeldis
    ‘Herald of the Fort’ and ‘Bringer of Likes’. Over 8 years of full time content work and 2 years of C-level communications.
  • Omer Sharon
    Master scribbler and overpowered content generator. Honored Warchief among the Pencil Bearers. Graduated from 'Bezalel Academy of Arts &Design'.
  • Eyal Shoham
    Towering at 6.5 feet and busy sketching all day, he’s best described as a ‘Poetic Giant’. Shipped over 9 games, graduated from 'Ringling College of Arts & Design'. Likes Quake, Chess and cookies.
  • Eran Yaacobi
    Night shift manager – in charge of basically just himself. Over 11 years of cyborg-ing, Senior Engineer in IDF
  • Guy Wolfus
    Rigger and Puppeteer, ranked Captain ‘Ogre-monger’ in Fort Triumph’s Savagery community. 3 years as Character Animator on various projects including Disney franchises and Mattel’s ‘Barbie’
  • Adam Zeira
    Passionate gamer and full-time Fort Triumpher. The fort’s cornerstone, and Lead Scapegoat: If you experience any bugs - it’s definitely his fault. Over 15 shipped apps, former R&D Director.