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Metaphora is a big adventure game. Light the past, seed the present, blossom the future.

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Genre: Action, Casual, Sandbox

Developer: Moonycat Entertainment



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Platforms: PC

 Metaphora is a story adventure game made by MOONYCAT Entertainment.

METAPHORA is the name of a small hollow planet filled with fascinating and crazy wildlife
You play as LUX, a small star that has fallen from the sky, seeking a route home where he belongs.
During his journey, LUX will discover why stars are disappearing from the night skies while you will be confronted by an enemy, a disease called the “NEOVIRUS” that disrupts and corrupts the internal ecosystem of METAPHORA.
By using the power of wildlife, our hero will delve into combat against the NEOVIRUS and make Metaphora blossom again. “It is high time to rekindle the stars”.

The game is developed on Unreal Engine 4 and will be available on PC first.

What makes our game unique

  • The narrative will have a direct impact on the gameplay itself.
  • Positive gameplay mechanics that favor creation against destruction
  • A procedurally generated ecosystem in an hollow planet. Use and modify your environment and interact with wildlife in real time.
  • We have got GEOPODS! They are small cute crazy geometrical creatures, obsessed with the seeds and full of surprises.

Light the past, Seed the present, Blossom the future

Explore the world

The game is divided into a variation of different exploration areas on the planet. To progress in his adventure and to reach the sun, LUX will have to use the power of wildlife to unlock the passageways that hinder his progress.

Lux will be able to use his power to discover the story of an ancient civilization who once populated the planet, by charging at the energy giant crystals which hold these historical secrets.

You will also have the opportunity to face some natural cataclysms ravaging METAPHORA such as giant tornados, flames geysers, sand tsunami and thunder cyclones...all of which will make this a thrilling adventure.

Who knows what a seed will form into?

The SEED is a central element of the game. METAPHORA is also a giant SEED that LUX needs to find a way to make the planet itself grow and blossom.

 LUX has the power to transform fauna (the GEOPODS) and flora into seeds. He then plant them in fresh fertile areas and watch them grow and flourish, in order to be able to use their power.

Meet the GEOPODS!

The GEOPODS are live and autonomous creatures that LUX can take full control of.

When they are tamed LUX can give them orders such as, forming herds, creating bridges, carry objects, break obstacles, or defend fertile areas against the NEOVIRUS’ agents. LUX can also lead the creatures to graze plants and charge them with energy.


Use the power of flora...

To be able to use his power LUX has to collect energy produced by certain types of plants simply by passing through them – this will then charge his energy bar.

Flowers will have different abilities such as going up higher, faster, stocking seeds in one specific place, catching virus to fight their agents... 

..And save Metaphora!

Alongside his journey LUX will have to fight the NEOVIRUS and its destructive agents which are gradually infecting the ecosystem of the planet.

Once infected a fertile area becomes dark and sterile, this area then generates new NEOVIRUS’ agents which will go on to infect new zones, so you need to stop them quickly!

He can directly fight the harmful agents by crashing into them, or he can use a powerful blast of light around himself to liberate the area. However these viruses come in all size. If Lux destroys a bigger virus this will then form into smaller agents, and then even more when destroyed again.

When LUX is fully charged of energy he can clean these contaminated areas and make them fertile once more. Green the world to save metaphora by using special types of seeds to cover the level with grass and erradicate the virus from the level.

Our sources of inspiration have in common epic and poetic tones, not to mention some craziness inside! 

Metaphora – this is a metaphor from the Prometheus myth and this is in turn is what will lead the player to exploring the world and finding out why stars are disappearing from the sky. The fate of METAPHORA is in your hands and only you can fulfil its destiny.

                                  "They challenged us...
                                  They wanted to pit themselves against us.
                                  They thought they could be our equals... be Gods.
                                  They now pay the price for their bravery
                                  May the stars die, may their memory become sand
                                  May their salvation become their damnation."

METAPHORA is the name of a small hollow planet, full of mysteries with one twist the Sun is inside the planet orbiting like a nucleus around the core of the planet rather than in the atmosphere.

 On Metaphora there is a trace of a vanished civilization, with their memories trapped inside crystals. Each memory holds a piece of Metaphora’s history and in turn will tell a story of how they disappeared.

 During his journey, LUX will be confronted by an enemy, a disease called the “NEOVIRUS” that disrupts and corrupts the internal ecosystem of METAPHORA.

By using the power of wildlife, our hero will delve into combat against the NEORIVUS and mend the broken links between in the inner and outer world. Think of Metaphora as a seed that you’ll need to get to, to help spread and grow.

 The final goal for LUX is to help the trapped sun enter the outside world.



You play as LUX, a small star looking for a way to return to the sky that he has fallen from. As all other stars he moves very fast and that helps him have a great sense of manoeuvrability. LUX levitates gracefully off of various surfaces and this helps him reach incredible heights.

Lux has to power to control various wildlife on METAPHORA.


GEOPODS are small geometrical creatures completely crazy and obsessed with seeds. When they see one they can’t resist kicking like a soccer ball. Round, triangular or square in shape, they compose the fauna of METAPHORA.

 The GEOPODS have an autonomous behaviour depending of their surrounded environment, they can be asleep / walking / hungry / sated / curious / scared / excited or run away...

 The GEOPODS have different types of powers that LUX can absorb when taking control of them. They play the role of antibodies on METAPHORA and could under specific conditions help LUX to fight the NEOVIRUS.

These crazy creatures will hold many surprises.


Part cat, part monkey, the MOONYCAT is a big mystery and will be key to the odyssey of LUX. As we don’t want to spoil the full story, we will not share anymore secrets about the MOONYCAT.


The NEOVIRUS is the biggest threat on the planet, that is gradually infecting the entire biotope. LUX will need to fight this desease to make the world grow and blossom again. The origin and the purpose of this plague will discovered by LUX as he continues through his adventure in game.

The NEOVIRUS’ agents work tirelessly to contaminate the few remaining fertile areas of the planet.


For us music is just as important as the visuals in Metaphora. You will find different types of music around the game, it can range from funny / quirky music to some epic orchestral compositions.

You can actually listen to some music that has already been composed for the game now.


Our goal is to offer to players a unique and exceptional game experience, so we are taking extreme care in crafting this project before presenting it to you, the community. The game has currently taken two years of hard work and preparation, with a small but highly passionate team fully supporting and dedicated to making Metaphora. We are now turning to the gaming community for support for our game.

 We are now in the pre-production phase of Metaphora, finalising the characters, developing the universe based on the story, this includes animations and building levels of the game.

 Metaphora is an ambitious project that needs an important investment to finance the production, promotion, and distribution of the game. To do so we will need to rely on external sources like publishers, investment firms, or loans. But sometimes their involvement also come with significant strings attached that can pull the game in the wrong direction or even cancel its production altogether.

Thankfully, crowd-sourced fundraising sites like Kickstarter and raising awareness on sites like Square Enix Collective provides us a unique opportunity to interface directly with players, know what they think about the game, improve it and then go on to provide them with the best game experience. Kickstarter allows the players to support the games they want to see developed and give the developers the freedom to experiment, take risks and design without anyone else compromising their vision. It's the kind of creative luxury that most major, established studios simply can't afford.


 Without you, we can’t make this game. We would love to hear what you think. You can either drop a comment down below or send us an email at And don’t forget to vote at the top of this page!


About Us

Moonycat Entertainment is a video game studio founded in 2016 by industry veteran Hervé Masseron (Rayman, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, ZombiU, Valiant Hearts, Seasons After Fall), and Roxane Domalain (Valiant Hearts, Life Is strange). MOONYCAT Entertainment is a Montpellier-based company with the purpose to create poetic, immersive and cross-generational games. We are a small team of 6 people, but our team will grow if you give us the opportunity to make this game!





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  • Quentin Vialade
    Resulted from a mix between Rincewind, Alain de Greef and a pelobates cultripes. Making video games for a better world and the small birds.
  • Kevin Drure
    Gameplay programmer - New model of terminator reprogrammed by the video game resistance to create a new video game era. He won't stop until his mission is achieved.
  • Jérémy Duchesne
    Environment artist - Invalid for the real world he decided to use 3D environment to live his true life.
  • Hervé Masseron
    Creative Director - Video game veteran developer, who started to work in the industry with the emergence of video games, from the first Rayman, and more recently on the award-winning and critically acclaimed Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Ubisoft Montpellier) as Narrative and Cinematics Director. He is behind the story of Season After Fall (SwingSwing Submarine - Focus Home Interactive) and Edge of Eternity (Midgar Studio).
  • Roxane Domalain
    Business Developer - Started to work few years ago in the video games industry, in Ubisoft and then Square Enix, on business and studio side. She worked as Product Manager on Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Ubisoft Montpellier) and as Brand Manager on Life Is Strange (Dontnod Entertainment - Square Enix).
  • Magda Wydrzynska
    3D designer for the last eight years. A graduate of ESMA in 2008 and co-director of the film "My friend Charly", performed various clips and short films (Elasticstudio) and began hes career in the video game as 3D animator on "Rabbids Go Home" (Ubisoft Montpellier), Mobile game Jaddream (JD Studio), in 2016 Cinematic Designer at Ubisoft Montpellier and finally 3D video game teacher at E-artsup.