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FRAKAS is an online PvP fighting game. Choose among 30+ characters and win by knocking your opponents’ teeth out!

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Genre: Action, MMO, Multiplayer

Developer: Oakmoss-Games



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Platforms: PC

Let’s brawl!

Focused on fast-paced and close-range combat, FRAKAS is a game where challengers fight each other in small arenas. It is inspired by old arcade games with Combo Points, Special Moves and gamepad-ready inputs. Play online in Free-For-All and Team Modes.

We are aiming for an early Steam access on Windows at the beginning of 2017 and then within a year full releases on PC/MAC/LINUX, PS4 and XBOX One.

Be prepared to confront opponents as strong as you!


●  To obtain victory, only skill is valued.

●  Short intense games, WASD movement + attack in mouse direction or gamepad. 3 base skills: one skillshot, one combo shot and one ultimate. Also 3+ Click&Drag shots and a defensive ability.

●  30+ different playable challengers with various styles and backgrounds that can be unlocked through achievements only your skills can complete.

●  Cross-platform Multiplayer: Play for fun with friends or in ranked matches. PC and console players can brawl online since the game is equally adapted to all input devices.

●  Free to Play: Skins and graphical additional content can be earned in game, and bought or sold in the market.

Frakas Cup: The overall ranking will see its best players rewarded with their signature permanently written on the virtual trophy, viewable by all.


In FRAKAS, you choose a challenger and enter the arena. Hidden playable characters can only be unlocked with victories and completed achievements.



●  Free For All: five players fight one another. The first to obtain 20 kills wins.

Free For All

●  Merry Chaos: Hop-On Hop-Off. Casual only. Up to 20 simultaneous players!

Merry Chaos

●  Capture-The-Flan: traditional Capture-The-Flag.There's one flag, but every piece of it must be carried separately since it's a flan!

 ●  BMM: with your team, slay a Big Mobile Monster before your opponents.


Challengers have hit points and combo points. With numerous possible actions (triggered with keyboard, mouse and/or gamepad), you can inflict damages and earn combo points, spent to launch powerful attacks.



The number of possible actions per challenger varies because each challenger must be played with different tactics, however they usually have three main attacks, a defense mechanism (dodge or block) and four special moves.

A special move is an attack triggered by more than a key pushed down: it requires you to move the mouse or pad in a certain pattern (line, quarter circle). FRAKAS thus offers many possible combinations with a small number of different buttons.

Gameplay equality between console and PC players is our objective. The attacks are performed in a short range in the direction of the mouse or the pad so it’s the same difficulty level for all input devices. 

At the end of a match, you can unlock or randomly earn graphical assets, which are put in your backpack. The market is the place where you can buy or sell these items. Challengers may appear in different ways.

Ingame Loot

With a Switch, you can replace a character by a completely new one with a unique appearance and exclusive sounds, but its skills have exactly the same impact on the game (there’s nothing like “pay to win” in FRAKAS), while a Skin (much less rare) is a visual variation of a character. The visual display of a map can be customized using objects from the backpack.

You might even unlock adorable or ferocious pets and then bring them with you in your casual battles.

Little Piggy



Climb to the top of the game ranking and win the Frakas Cup! It is the trophy that all players of Frakas will see but only the best players of the overall ranking will have the right to leave their print in the Frakas history by signing it. They will send us a signature of their choice and pick the spot they want on the trophy.

The overall ranking will consist of an average of the ranked modes, putting solo and team modes at the same degree of importance. Separate rankings will be displayed for each mode.

The rank is computed with a custom algorithm, based on tried and tested models such as ELO and GLICKO 2 but adapted to be fair considering the gameplay of Frakas.



The origin of the tournament was war. The Technoloth conglomerate declared the most gigantic war ever known within the galaxy. Their goal: to take possession of the Teradeck colonies’ energy source, the Hyperdiaz. This war led to nothing but ruin. All life in the galaxy was affected. At the end of a dreadful fight, a conflict which had taken ridiculous proportions, naught was left of these two great civilizations, leaving entire populations in need.

The Sandkids, lead by the Emperor Kheo V, saw the opportunity to expand their commercial power and to spread their pacifist ideals by assisting the most wounded peoples. They learned to employ the transfer portals that the Teradeck used to travel with all over the galaxy. Then, to channel the warrior spirits and maintain the peace, they have organized intergalactic tournaments, regulated arena battles which federate populations and whence champions emerge.


Arena for Free-For-All

Arena for Capture-The-Flan


Challengers have multiple reasons to brawl in FRAKAS arenas. Some seek redemption, others want justice, one deflated till there, and another was bored. On 30 planned challengers, 12 are currently playable.



Roakun was once a powerful dark sorcerer but victim of his ambition and his experiments he lost his body on a wrong pact. His drastically reduced energy was gathered into a sword. The soul of a warrior was forever trapped in his sword. With his remaining magic he controls an armor to forever fight in the Frakas arenas.




Wrenchi comes from Strozka, a powerful and peaceful city which produces fuel oil and mineral coal. She is a technician for the biggest company of the city. Her combat skills and her strong character lead her to be designated as the city champion; an icon appearing on boards to motivate the hard workers. To establish her fame, the government of Strozka sent Wrenchi to the Frakas arenas with the order to win every fight.




Far from homeland and seeking for revenge, Xantho only lives for his obsession: find and destroy Roakun’s soul. Xantho is an Aranian, a mysterious and peaceful civilization, living on rocky mountains into dark and abyssal caves, devoted to a secret cult of life and death. This cult was particularly interesting for Roakun during his quest of power, therefore he traveled to their land to capture some Aranians so he could experiment directly on their mystical powers. Xantho managed to flee after Roakun lost his soul during dark manipulations and promised to avenge Aranians by destroying Roakun’s soul, definitely.



Egi, the bubbha monk, is going on a pilgrimage in all the Frakas galaxy. Disagreeing with his congregation which is dedicated to bring knowledge by education, Egi wants to fight every Frakas challenger to prove that him and his brothers hold the truth about the meaning of life.




Nessalika is a forest spirit, half bear half human. She comes from a far-off planet unknown until the monk Egi arrived on Frakas to warn about its nature dying due to excessive mining. Nessalika was a devotee of the Teradecks and now fight to punish every other population letting the nature disappear.




Sophie de LaFleur helped the Teradecks during the Great War, she was captain of the red army. During this war, she lost her arm and was left for dead on the battlefield. She came back and discovered that the inhabitants of the galaxy were devoting themselves to arena fight. Having no reason for being with the end of the war, she decided to sign in as a challenger to feed her spirit of woman of war.



Kapteyn B

The sound of a deep horn emerges from beyond. Kapteyn B is a complex crossing between a planet and a globe fish. He used to be big enough to travel in the galaxy but it seems that he deflated and the gravity of Frakas caught him. He landed in the arena and when the hits began to strike, the first surprised were the villagers living on top of him.



Haby Higashi is a taekwondo professional in one of the biggest city of the galaxy : New Coast Town (NCT). One day, during an epic fight to win the title of Champion of the galaxy, overwhelmed with rage, she killed her opponent. She was then struck off the Taekwondo world and saw in the Sandkids arena a way to prove her true value at combat and to achieve what she began by winning the respect and recognition of all inhabitants of the galaxy.




Kevin was a sweeper monk. In the monastery no one would pay attention to him... However Kevin had developed complex combat techniques and really delicate to apply. When he saw the disciple Egi leaving for the Sandkids arena, he decided to follow him to show the whole universe the power of his techniques!




Ricky is Kevin’s cousin. When he was younger he decided to follow another path than its cousin and became a Ninja! During an intensive training in camouflage, he found himself stuck in a tree trunk where he was hidden. Tired of trying to drag himself out of it, he chose to be one with its new prison and made himself known as the Tree Ninja!




He is Roakun’s brother, contrary to him, he knew how to stop his quest of knowledge to be nowadays one of the rare masters of shadow manipulation. He acquired such a level that he can manipulate people soul to make little paper ravens. That is the technique that gave him his name.




Leo has a mission. Leo believes there is good in all human beings and creatures of the world. He also believes that for those who have buried their good under a little too much of corruption, he will be able to purify their hearts and souls. He was once called the Old Bright Traveller but it appears that since he found Frakas, his mission would take years to be fulfilled in these arenas and he had to settle for a while.



At Oakmoss Games, we are working full time on FRAKAS. We have been living on our savings since January 2016 to deliver an amazing game that you would love to play with. Our growing team is giving time and energy endlessly to achieve FRAKAS as it was meant to be: a high quality, stable and fun video game. In order for us to continue the development and keep creative control we are asking for your help.

Collective is a perfect opportunity for us to show Frakas and gather first feedback. Please leave us comments about what you like and dislike about our game, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


We are planning on starting a small Kickstarter campaign early january 2017. It will allow us to collect enough money to assure the server setup of the first year.

See you soon in the arena!

 But in the meantime, you can learn more on our website and help by following us on social medias. We post daily tweets about our activity with a lot of gif and screenshots and bi-weekly reports on facebook, IndieDB and tumblr.




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  • Yoan Autin
    Low and High Poly Mesh Knight, Animation and FX artist, Flying vertices amateur He has a degree in the field of 3D Modeling. Extremely fast to deliver good 3D assets, his biggest flaw is to live in a potato field. “What? You need a description of me for the pitch on SEC? Okay, write something like this.”
  • Vincent Bruneau
    CEO, Game designer, Character designer, 3D artist, Coffee maker, Animation designer, illustration With more than 10 years of experience in product management and a degree in Arts, entrepreneurship and overskilled game playing, Vincent initiated this project and gathered everyone. “Cykachu! Use ThunderBlyat!!”
  • Arnaud Salomon
    The Tall Guy, Texture, Animation, Character design, Game designer, Illustration Arnaud produces high-quality material. Sometimes we have to wait, but it’s totally worth it. He’s better at games than Vincent, and also at pizza-eating. “Look at my beard. It’s gorgeous, but it took time to grow. Think of my work in the same way. It’s hairy and on my face.”
  • Célia Porcher
    Razzle-Dazzle Software Engineer, Art integrator, UI/UX developer With a master’s degree in Software Engineering, specialized in 3D development, Célia produces clean and optimized code. She worked in research (software, including video games) in Canada, UK and USA. *Toot toot toot toot toot*
  • Yannis Guyon
    Very soft Ware Engineer, Plugin and Network developer With a master’s degree in Software Engineering, specialized in 3D development, Yannis creates magic. He also worked in Canada, UK and USA developing softwares and video games. “- I swear, one more toot and I…” *TOOT*
  • Aymeric Merveilleux du Vignaux
    Sound designer, Music composer He has a diploma in Sound Production. He doesn’t have a lot of time, but made room in his schedule for FRAKAS. “How do you want me to produce a sound ‘like a leaf but loud’?!”
  • Pascale Roncin
    Community manager and Tips distributor. She loves games and worked for several game studio (including Blizzard). “Don’t get me wrong I love the Frakas logo but I think It would be waaaaaaay better in pink!”