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Pine is a 3D action adventure game that adapts to how you play, through advanced artificial intelligence and an intricate game ecology.

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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Twirlbound

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

Pine is a game that adapts to you. Using advanced artificial intelligence systems, the game recognizes your patterns and style of play, and makes its creatures and world evolve to you specifically.

Take the role of Hue, a scared but brave adolescent belonging to one of the last remaining human tribes on the island of Albamare, fighting for the survival of their species. Find your way to a new home in an amazing adventure!

Pine is in development for PC (Windows/Mac), and if the crowdfunding campaign allows it, we'd love to bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The plan is to release it at the end of 2018!


Your enemies learn your moves and style as you fight them: they observe you, try out different combos against you and physically evolve, to oppose your style specifically! It forces you to adapt to them and to choose your alles and enemies wisely.



The vast island of Albamare has a mystery around every corner, ready to be explored: As you embark on your necessary adventure, you uncover intriguing details about the history of the island and how the current evolutionary course came to be.

Survival of the fittest, even when you’re not around: Pine is world-centric, meaning things will happen across the island regardless of your actions. Based on knowledge borrowed from evolution and ecology theory, all species will do anything to survive - from small power shifts to the extinction of a sort, the island of Albamare features it all.

Use a range of fantastic tools to make your way across the island: As you progress, you discover amazing contraptions that help you traverse, interact and fight. Scare away creatures with the Igniter, make your way across large gaps with the amazing Airglider or scale the highest cliffs using strong Climbing Axes!

Dynamic weather and natural day/night cycles that make the species move and act: Based on their needs, some species will find shelter during the nastiest storms or the coldest nights. Keep an eye out for large migrations as the island's inhabitants are always on the move!

Original soundtrack with live recorded parts: Inspired by both older symphonies as well as by contemporary game and film music, Pine's soundtrack by Ratchet Audio flows through the experience as if it were coming from the island itself.


Inspired by the adventures of Link in the Zelda-series, the dance-like combat of Bloodborne, the intriguing nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor and Fable's dynamic progression, Pine adds an additional layer of evolving AI.

Pine is all about evolution, adventure and interacting with the species on the island. Albamare is a large open playground for you to explore, and on your journey you meet a wondrous cast of animals that have evolved over time. You learn from them and interact with them to change the course of evolution on the island, as you are making your way to a new home for your own species.

Explore the world, fight your enemies - Albemare is your playground!

You can help a species fight, help them gain territory or even bring them food to keep them befriended. But you can also fight against them, steal their food or move them out of their territory.

Everything you do affects their population, territory and power on Albamare. Choose your allies and enemies wisely!

Your fighting style is defined by your every move and the weapons you use, and enemies observe this constantly to stay up to date and to survive against your attacks.

Pine is not a survival game. We want you to focus on the beings of Albamare and how they interact. It is about survival - about natural selection, evolution and adapting to new circumstances – but we do not focus the gameplay on staying alive.

We have so far prototyped with only two fully fleshed out species, one armor set for Hue and a mere two weapons – but in its structure, Pine is ready for expansion and its design is set up to become better as the game grows larger.

The game is populated with dozens of species, some more cultured than others. They engage in a constant struggle for survival, while the overall balance on Albamare is always kept.

All species are sharing the same base structure. But in Pine, we focus on individual differences within a group.

As you play, their appearance will become more unified - if they have to evolve into more defensive creatures, they will start to wear more armor, while if they evolve into aggressive species, their weaker weapons could be replaced by stronger ones.

Other than being different visually, each organism is slightly different behaviorally. Some are more aggressive, some more energetic. Along the way, your nemeses will specialize and adapt, based on actual genetics and your style of play. If you're a stealthy player, their ears will have to develop better to hear you approaching.

We are making roughly a dozen of them capable of evolving and devolving in different phases, which is visible in their appearance and their overall presence on Albamare. The island also features roughly a dozen critters, unable to move up the ‘social ladder’ but extremely important for the island's ecology.

If you choose to stay idle and don't do much with the species, they will still live, eat, fight and migrate - greatly disrupting their own ecologies or the overall structure of Albamare. You are simply one influencing factor in a living and breathing whole.

As you venture across the island, you stumble upon their habitats and can observe how they live and what they do. You could find them around their villages or even see them at war with another species, and it's up to you if you want to interrupt, help either party or just sneak off.


We are filling Albamare's ecology with wondrous locations. It features mountains, plains, forests, beaches and swamps, ready to be explored in an open world-fashion.

You discover more and more about the island as you progress, uncovering mysteries about the Humans, the history of Albamare and the creatures that live on it!

The weather on the island is always active, meaning a species on the other side of Albamare might be fleeing from the storm that's raging there. You might even need to take advantage of certain weather conditions to get things done!

We make it possible for you to ‘live off the land’, as all tools and resources come from the island and species. Some species are quite advanced, so you learn from them by taking or finding their weapons and resources.

You find pieces of armor and gear all across the island, each giving you different advantages. Earn species’ trust by using a full armor set or dress yourself with a combination of tools and gear!

Aside from these tools, your goal is to find ancient Human tools to make your way to a new home. These are major items that help you traverse the island in different ways, or that help you interact with species in a different way (by changing their position or territory).

Albamare’s history is as rich as its ecology, and you can learn about it in the joyful sidesteps to the story, where unique tools are waiting for you in hidden places.

Pine’s soundtrack, which is done by Ratchet Audio, is filled with natural and lush sounds to accompany your every move as you venture across the Island.


Each species will have their own sound palette and way of making music with unique instruments, specifically recorded for Pine. As the species battle each other for power and one gains in strength, their sounds will become more dominant in the music as well.

In the world of Pine, Humans never reached the top of the food chain. In this novel ‘evolutionary timeline’, other species got the chance to develop language, cultivate and become smarter than ever.

You play as Hue, a timid adolescent growing up in an isolated group of Humans, deep into some beautiful pine woods. Traditionally, the tribe you live in does not leave their territory, into the Out, afraid of the creatures wandering through the biosphere and afraid of losing their safety.

When the Humans' territory suddenly becomes endangered, Hue is forced into the Out to find a way to make the Humans survive and thrive. As soon as he hears of a legendary place where Humans once lived before, Hue is determined to find a way to reach it.

You discover more and more about the island as you progress, uncovering mysteries about the Humans, the history of Albamare and the creatures that live on it.

Pine is a story-driven game. However, while there is a clear goal to the game, we let you decide in what order you want to reach it. The actors and sets will change based on what you do, so you get your personal story and setting every time you play.


Having worked on Pine for over a year, we’ve come to realize its potential. With systems that actually listen to what you do as a player, we feel like the game is taking a logical step forward in open world and action adventure game design. The game is personalized to whoever holds the controller.

While the ambitions have always been high, a smart development cycle has allowed us to create a vast amount of content in a very small amount of time, while constantly testing and iterating on the strengths and weaknesses of our systems.

Regardless, we can't do this alone. We have worked on this for the better part of a year now, but being a relatively young team we don't have the budget for this rather ambitious adventure.

We have always been very openly developing the game and we plan on keeping it that way. Pine’s rather classic gameplay is combined with experimental technology and design, and we can only make the best game we can with the help of lots of testers and a community. We have written articles, gone to conferences and have so far engaged with over 2300 testers for our early demos to reach this goal, but we can't get enough people involved.


We think the Collective is a really good fit – it allows us to see if we can explain our experimental systems well and if the game is appealing to a bigger gaming audience! Aside from that, we cannot wait to have a strong community helping us to make Pine.

You can really help us out by telling us anything you don't like about this campaign and vote using the buttons in the top right. We always read all feedback! Sharing is also very appreciated of course – we’d love to hear any thoughts from the gaming community. Thanks so much in advance!



On Twitter, we post a lot of gifs, videos and images. We update very frequently here, make sure to follow us! And on Facebook, we post some of the better videos and larger updates. Hit that like button!

On our main website, and on the Pine subwebsite specifically, we post blog updates about the game occasionally. You can also opt in for testing here and get some neat downloads when the time comes!

You can also always email us about anything related to Pine, and we'll be happy to respond.

Lastly, thanks to (and check out):




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  • Pascal Vis
    Lead Character Artist on Pine, determined to make the final models of species and characters in the game as recognizable as possible. He sculpts his days away to make highly detailed, characteristic creatures to populate the island of Albamare. Pascal has a bachelor’s degree in 3D Visual Art with a focus on character art, and has experience in both films and games.
  • Matthijs van de Laar
    Creative Director of Pine and co-founder of Twirlbound. He’s the so-called vision holder of the game, making sure that everything gets made at the right moment by the right people, while staying true to Pine’s creative goals. Matthijs has a cum laude bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Production, with over 4 years of experience with smaller and bigger titles, such as the recent RIVE by Two Tribes.
  • Marc Peyré
    Technical Director of Pine and co-founder of Twirlbound. Marc has 4 years of close-to-daily experience with Unity and other engines, coding everything from gamejam games and smaller prototypes to fully fledged games for mobile and console. He has a cum laude bachelor’s degree in Game Programming and a lot of experience with experimental technologies, finding out what they do best and how they can be applied to entertainment games.
  • Timo van Hugten
    Art Director of Pine, mainly focusing on environment art. Timo has an eye for bringing real-life environments to the digital world with beautiful detail and a balanced style. Loves stylized games for their timelessness. Timo has a bachelor’s degree in 3D Visual Art and has worked on a lot of projects, among which the upcoming RIGS for PlayStation VR at Guerilla Cambridge.
  • Martin Stuurwold
    General Programmer. Martin is one of the latest additions to the team, joining after having worked on Mafia III at 2K Games in Prague. Martin is ready to take on any programming issue and has been highly valuable during Pine’s pre-production phase. He works on whatever has the highest priority and makes sure Pine works from all sides. Has a cum laude bachelor’s degree in Game Programming with a specialization in development tools and optimizations.
  • Lukas Stolp
    Lead Animator on Pine. Lukas is all focused on making the otherwise idle world of Pine a breathing whole, while keeping an eye on the highly important feedback animations should give. He aims to give as much character to the species as possible through the way they walk, move and attack. Has a cum laude bachelor’s degree in 3D Visual Art with a specialization towards animation, with experience in both games and film.
  • Robin de Jong
    Support Artist. Robin is a part-time addition to the Pine team. He has knowledge of all aspects of art and rendering and helps out wherever the bottleneck is next. Besides this, his skills in concept art helped during preproduction to deliver high quality digital paintings to have a mood to aim for during production. Robin has a cum laude bachelor’s degree in 3D visual art and years of experience with both traditional and digital art.
  • Leonhard van Voorst
    One half of Ratchet Audio, Leonhard has extensive experience in the fields of both electronic and media music. His career kicked off with popular remixes of well-known songs as an electronic artist, but he moved to media music (and games specifically) soon after that. He has learned from the best during his work on Deadpool and he has worked with orchestras to conduct some beautiful soundtracks.
  • Jonathan Howe
    The other half of Ratchet Audio and, among other creatures, the now famed voice of Pine’s Litters. Working on his first video game projects, Jonathan started early in the field of media music and joined forces with Leonhard to cover all aspects of game audio. He composes music and creates or records sound effects and ambiences, drawing from his wide experience ranging from classic orchestral music to digital electronic music.