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Fantasy Conquest Tactics

Advance Wars meets Final Fantasy Tactics in this colorful, quirky tactical strategy game of kingdom conquest and domination!

Fantasy Conquest Tactics
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Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

Developer: Explosive LLC

PC Mac iOS


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Platforms: PC Mac iOS

Fantasy Conquest Tactics is a colorful, quirky tactical strategy game of kingdom conquest and domination, which takes the fast paced, accessible gameplay of Advance Wars, and combines it with Final Fantasy Tactics style classes and mechanics.

Core Design Pillars

  • Visually distinctive, production efficient art style set on traditional fantasy setting.
  • Self-aware, sarcastic, cynical, comedic parody of traditional fantasy tropes
  • Streamlined, intuitive visuals, controls, indicators, and interface.
  • Deep but accessible combat.
  • Tactically diverse units and playstyles.
  • Highly replayable.


While the story of Fantasy Conquest Tactics is not yet set in stone, you can be sure it will be an epic tale containing classic fantasy motifs such as love, honor, betrayal, greed, power, allegiances, sacrifice, heroism, etc. Along with these elements it will also deal with more contemporary issues such as exploitation, commercialism, fascism, and colorism.


Scout the land, capture Villages and Keeps, and use the gold collected from them to recruit varied Units to fight for your cause. From basic melee swordsman and skilled ranged archers to massively destructive WarMachines and tactically diverse magic units, you’ll command more than 25+ Units, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and skills. You’ll even be able to train and fight deadly beasts, many of them able to traverse the diverse terrain types that would otherwise impede other units, or even fly above them entirely, crossing great distances to strike at distant foes!


As the long and rich single player story campaign progresses, you’ll battle through a variety of tactically challenging and creative scenarios. Between each battle you’ll get the chance to level up your Units, granting them Stat bonuses, or giving them new Abilities. You’ll also research and develop unique Castle Powers, giving you the power to turn the tide in battle, along with bonuses for the different Battle Lords under your command.


Use your military, magical, and beastly might combined with brilliant tactics and cunning deceptions to crush your enemies before you. Drive and conquer your way across the land, sea, and air to reach the Castle where their lords cower in fear, and then smash it into rubble and dust. The sounds of their screams and lamentations are the symphony of your victory! You are the Lord of the Realm!

Attack the enemy with multiple Units for an added combat bonus, or perform a flank/rear attack for even more damage! With more advanced mechanics comes calculated Line-of-Sight targeting that gives Indirect ranged attacks advantage over Direct-Fire Units, and Unit Sighting distance allows you to move your troops out of range undetected from the enemy. Day/Night cycles mean an even greater ability to deceive your opponent, with visibility greatly reduced during the night for most Units, you’ll be able to slip past their front and unleash a devastating surprise assault!


If your Units witness too much friendly damage or death, their Morale will break and they can become Shaken or Panicked, or alternatively, can be Inspired or even Galvanized, fighting even more gallantly. If your Units fight and survive long enough, they’ll advance in rank and gain increased Stats to become even more powerful.


In keeping with the core design pillar of streamlined, accessible combat, all attack and damage calculations are without any randomness and are completely deterministic.

Basic Units

The Builder doesn’t participate in combat, but can Repair friendly War Machines and Buildings. He is able to capture Neutral Buildings, but unable to Assault Enemy Buildings. Upgrades boost his Repair skill and increase the amount of HP recovered.

The Swordsman is a basic melee Unit that is able to Counter Attack, and Assault and Capture Buildings. Upgrades boost his stats, and allow him to Attack additional Adjacent targets.

The Archer is an indirect ranged Unit that is able to gain extended range by traversing Hills, Mountains, or other raised terrains, but is unable to Move and Attack on the same turn. He is unable to Counter Attack, and also unable to Assault or Capture Buildings. His Upgrades allow him to Slow Enemy Movement, fire a delayed shot, increase range, or even return fire against other ranged Attacks.

The Spearman is a dangerous ranged and melee Unit that can Counter Attack, Assault, and Capture Buildings. He can Move and Attack, but his ranged Attack has a shorter range than the Archer, and is a direct Attack so its not able to Attack over other Units, Buildings, or Line of Sight blocking terrain. His upgrades allow his Attacks to become Indirect, increase the range, or even allow his melee Counter Attacks to trigger first before being hit.

The Knight is a slow, heavily defensive unit who gains extra defense against front and side melee Attacks. He is able to Counter Attack, and Assault and Capture Buildings. Upgrades allow additional defense, faster Movement, and the ability to shield adjacent Units.

Cavalry are essentially just a mounted Swordsman with nearly the same stats aside from Movement, but are not able to traverse Mountain terrain. Upgrades allow for powerful Charges that increase the Attack strength for each space moved before the Attack, and also allow the Swordsman to carry on on foot after being defeated.

The Ballista is a powerful Direct Attack War Machine that can only be Repaired by the Builder. Its unable to traverse Mountains and Water terrain, but it gets a bonus Movement on Roadway terrain. Ballista can either Move or Attack, and is unable to Counter Attack, or Capture Buildings. Upgrades allow for stat bonuses and the ability to fire multiple projectiles.

The Catapult is a powerful Indirect Attack War Machine that can only be Repaired by the Builder, and is unable to Attack Flying Units. Its unable to traverse Mountains and Water terrain, but it gets a bonus Movement on Roadway terrain. Ballista can either Move or Attack, and is unable to Counter Attack, or Capture Buildings. Upgrades allow for stat bonuses and the ability to fire explosive projectiles that damage adjacent spaces.

Advanced Units

The Alchemist doesn’t participate in combat, but instead uses potions to buff friendly Units. Upgrades allow them additional buff strength and duration, and potion range, along with the ability to use potions against Enemies to debuff them.

The Cleric doesn’t participate in combat but is able to Heal friendly Human Units and Dispel negative combat effects. Upgrades allow enhanced healing ability and range, and the power to heal adjacent units as well.

The Necromancer is a ranged Direct Attack Unit that turns the Humans he kills into Undead. He is unable to Counter Attack, but can Assault and Capture Buildings. His Upgrades allow for extended range, and more powerful Undead Units.

The Undead can only be created by the Necromancer. Every turn its HP decreases as it further decays. It is not affected by Morale, cannot be Healed, and is unable to Capture Buildings. It is only able to Counter Attack during the Night.

The Bannerman is a support Unit meant to compliment the mechanics of Morale. The Bannerman doesn’t participate in combat, but instead can wave their flag within sight of Friendly Units and/or Buildings, to give bonuses. Upgrades allow additional Morale boosting, Recruitment bonuses, and Capture and Assault bonuses to affected Units.

The Pyromancer is a master of fire and especially dangerous to War Machines. His Indirect Attack fireballs continue to burn for additional turns, making them useful for blocking Enemy Movement. He can either Move or Attack, and is unable to target Flying Units. His Upgrades boost his fireball range, duration, and size.

The Thief is a master of infiltration and deception. He is a Melee Attack Unit who can Counter Attack, and Assault and Capture Buildings. His Upgrades allow him to Move through Enemy Units, Attack without being Counter Attacked, and steal money when Attacking or Assaulting.

The Enchantress doesn’t participate in combat, but instead uses charms and manipulation to confuse and control Human Enemy Units. Her upgrades allow for extended range and effectiveness.

The Wizard is a great battlefield disruptor. He is unable to participate in combat, but his Ability is to teleport Friendly or Enemy Units. His upgrades increase his range and distance he is able to teleport.


Beasts are Trained from the Bestiary Building, and are unable to be Healed by any other Building. They do not suffer from Morale, and are unable to Capture Buildings.

The Falcon is a Flying Unit whose main purpose is for scouting, but is also able to Attack in Melee. Its Upgrades grant increased Sight distance, Movement, and make it more difficult for it to be attacked.

The DireWolf is a fast hunter, and master of the Forest Terrain where it suffers no Movement or Attack penalty. Its Upgrades allow it to feed on defeated Enemies to recover HP, hunt together in packs for adjacency bonuses, and gain bonus stats at Night under the full moon.

The Slime is a slow and weak, but relentless and resilient creature. Its domain is the Swamp Terrain, where it suffers no Movement or Attack penalty. Its Upgrades allow it to gain damage done as HP, always inflict minimum acidic damage, and divide into sub Slimes on death.

The Serpent is a feared creature of the Water Terrain where it suffers no Movement or Attack penalty. Its Upgrades allow it venomous Attacks which poison Units, continuing to do Damage in subsequent turns, coil around its Enemies to prevent escape, and shed its skin to avoid taking Damage.

The Giant Spider is a horrifying creature that frequently inhabits the nooks and crannies of Mountain Terrain, where it suffers no Movement or Attack penalty. Its Upgrades allow it to make full use of its 8 eyes and arms to negate any Flanking or Multiple Attacker bonuses, and further upgrades let it spin its Enemies into webs, locking them in place and preventing any subsequent Counter Attacks.

The Dragon is a terrifying beast that all the denizens of the land fear. Able to Fly, it can Attack in melee, and Counter Attack. Its Upgrades make it inspire fear in its Enemies, enhance its stats, and give it the ability to breathe fire.

Castle Powers are powerful spell-like abilities and battlefield alterations that can be used to affect a variety of different elements during a turn. When you defeat your Enemy’s Units, they’ll leave behind varied amounts of Energy Orbs in their space, depending on what type of Unit they were. When you collect these Orbs, you can use them to power your Castle’s arcane engine, altering the fabric of reality and turning the fortunes of war into your favor!

  • Expedited Training: All Units recruited this turn are able to activate immediately instead of waiting a turn.
  • Extra Taxation: Each captured Village generates an additional X gold this turn.
  • Repel Invaders: Friendly Buildings gain +5 hit points.
  • Strengthened Resolve: Units gain +2 Defense this turn.
  • Healing Winds: All living Units get +2 Strength this turn.
  • Lightning Strike: Attack Unit and do fading damage to all adjacent Units. Provides extra damage for Units in Water.
  • Far Sight: All Units and Buildings gain +2 Sight Range this turn.
  • Emboldened: Melee Units gain +2 Attack this turn.
  • Master Builders: Builders repair 100% more damage this turn.
  • Ranged Power: Ranged Units get +1 Range, and +1 Attack.
  • Forced March: Ground Units get +1 Movement.
  • Wind Gusts: Air Units get +1 Movement.
  • Sure Footed: No Terrain modifiers apply this turn for Non Warmachine Units.

The lands of the Kingdoms are vast and varied, with many different types of terrains that affect troops’ Movement and combat.

With additional funding beyond the project goal, there will be many more map themes, such as desert, arctic, jungle, volcanic, and even subterranean, each with their own unique terrain types!

The Playable Demo of Fantasy Conquest Tactics took about 3 months of full time+ work, and demonstrates the base game framework and basic Units. It supports hot seat multiplayer, and is playable to victory. Because it is just a demo, it is not representative of the final game quality, and likely contains bugs, errors, and unpolished artwork. 


                                                           Please report any issues that you find.


The reason for bringing Fantasy Conquest Tactics to Square Enix Collective is to make sure it's a game that you the player wants and think will be awesome, and to let you have a hand in shaping its development through your feedback and suggestions about the demo, and about the planned future content.  The more feedback and suggestions, the better we can make the game for all of you.

We're also here on Square Enix Collective to help raise awareness for the game, so that when we bring it to Kickstarter later, the better the chances of getting funded, and the better the chances of hitting the Stretch Goals to make the game even better!

  • Vote Yes on this page.
    (Or if you do vote no, please let us know why in the feedback so we can try to improve the project)
  • Download and play the demo:
    Did you find any bugs or issues?
    What do you like or dislike?
    Any suggestions or expectations?
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Hey everybody!  Just letting you know that Fantasy Conquest Tactics has been greenlit on Steam, after only 16 days!  Thanks to everybody who voted and shared the game!


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