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A 1980´s hard-boiled arcade shooter, Huntdown is the cyberpunk-ish retro platformer handcrafted with an authentic old-school pixel approach.

Yes 79% No 21%

Genre: Action, Platformer, Side Scroller

Developer: Huntdown HB

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android

In the future, the police have lost control to the mighty gangs who now rule the streets. Where crime is king, the authorities put their trust in hired guns to solve the problem. A price is set on the gang leaders’ heads.

It´s time for the Bounty Hunters – It´s time to hunt ´em down.


Choose from 3 different bounty hunters in this classic single-player arcade setup. Run, jump and take cover in a futuristic city environment. Haul bullets at your enemies with a great variety of guns.

Keep your cool while planning your advancement as objects around you shatter into pieces from explosions and bullets that whistle over your head. Kill the minions, then go after their leaders. Collect your bounty. 
Make a healthy living – by making living unhealthy.

Platforms: Under development for Consoles, Computers and prepared for Mobiles.
Genre: Arcade Shooter, Platformer, 16Bit Retro style.

Use your ammo effectively and don´t get exposed too long in the open.



Run left and right, jump and shoot in this side-scrolling platformer. Duck behind cover or hide in dark openings in the background in strategic spots, while bullets hail at your position with screeching ricochets.

Enemies shoot, throw grenades, charge or try to fight you in close combat. Pick up guns, armor and health kits as you go. Time your shots and make your ammo count. Kill or be killed!

Don´t forget to pick up the ammunition or to collect the bounties.


Game Flow

You will progress one level at a time by unlocking levels as you advance through the game. 5 different gangs in 5 turfs (areas) all lead up to their own impossible end bosses. Each gang turf resembles a location with 9 sub-levels inside each turf/location.

Level Selection screen, early graphics of the different areas.


Guns! Guns! Guns!

Be ready to master different sized pistols and revolvers, dual sub-machine guns, devastating shotguns, silenced rifles, armor-piercing blasters and plasma carbines, grenade-launchers, the rapid-firing 'Storm Rifle' or the slow-fed ’Wall-knocker Cannon’. Over 40 different weapons are spread over 45 intense levels of gameplay, that´s almost a new gun to discover on every level.


Most of the guns that are selected for the game will be kept secret until the release. Below are some concept ideas (or sketches) of weaponry with a more futuristic character


Level Content

45 Levels in 5 Areas with 5 tough End Bosses: 

  1. The Riot Area – The Hoodlum Dolls Gang
  2. The Subway – The Misconducts Gang
  3. The Forsaken Zoo – ********** (Gang still a secret)
  4. The Backstreets – The Heatseekers Gang
  5. The City Core – The NO.1 Suspects Gang


Rebel rioters from skid row. No one can force their will, 'cause these babies are dressed to kill.


The Enemies

Each gang have their own unique characteristics which demand different tactical approaches. Some gangs are strong in numbers, while others are tough, hardy and require heavy firepower to take them down. Some circus-agile gangs sneak up on you from nowhere – giving you a hard time with surprise attacks. Some crazies utilize vehicles with kamikaze-like methods in order to run you over by any means necessary. Prepare yourself for explosions, fire and thunder, with a ton of blood spilt.



Quickly choose your tactical approach from the cover of a doorway.


Bold, uncontrolled, and ice-cold! These goons play it dirty, mean and unclean, ...and they play it overtime.



This is the first airbrush-simulated illustration of the 3 Bounty Hunters, revealing the very last end boss of the NO.1 Suspects 'The Shogun' in the background. This illustration is currently a work-in-progress on an iPad.

Some pixelated conceptualizations of two of the gangs, the 'Dollies' and the Misconducts. Still using the limited palette, but also using gradients and tweaking the colors for printing. 

 The Misconducts’ embroidered patch on a hockey jersey.


HUNTDOWN® is now a registered trademark, but the game was first called 'Thug City'.


One of many concept sketches of the different gangs.


One of the first main character sketches of a 'gentle' android in a forsaken world.


Some time later the main character got rougher. This is the first sketch of Sgt. Saw-Jaw, a more suitable character for the dystopian world of Huntdown.


Eventually we decided to give the players a choice of selectable characters. So we made ´em even badder... 
This is one of the first sketches of the female main character 'Mamba'. The only problem is you don´t get to play with Mamba – Mamba decides if she wants to play with you.


A genuine crafted pixel game

Programmed from scratch, pixelated, drawn and animated by hand with an Atari 2600-based palette, with the music made in an old tracker program, made by a crew who grew up with Commodore computers, NES, SNES and Sega consoles – this is the genuine retro-shooter with challenging action-packed 60 FPS gameplay.



The songs are made with an over-twenty-year-old tracker program, commonly used in the early 90´s (we are also experimenting with samples mostly converted from Amiga 500 to PC). The vintage synthesizers are VST replicas mainly from the mid-80´s and earlier. We want to invoke the same feelings as in the soundtracks of action movies we idolized in our youth. Each gang will have their own theme song and loading screen songs.

Feel free to listen to some of the work-in-progress here:

The Main Title Theme
Loading Screen Track – Backstreets
Loading Screen Track – Riot Area
Loading Screen Track – The Forsaken Zoo (secret gang)
The Hoodlum Dolls Theme
The Misconducts Theme
The NO.1 Suspects Theme
The Heatseekers End Boss (Pure 16-bit approach)



A Small Team from Sweden

The founders behind Huntdown consist of two geeks from Sweden, Tommy Gustafsson (Design) and Andreas Rehnberg (Programming). We are passionate about arcade games and retro games. We both grew up in the 1980s, feeding Commodore computers with cassette tapes and floppy disks while trying to do some magic. With the two founders in the center, the rest of the team are ready to be assembled. Resources in graphic design, level design, sound engineering, programming and QA will form a dedicated team with an equally clear vision and passion. The studio name is now under consideration, but the company is already started with the temporary name 'Huntdown HB' (Handelsbolag) in Sweden. 

Tommy and Andreas. Photo by Niklas Eriksson



Fellow Geek, we need your help!

We worked day and night in secret on this project, without any payment for almost 2 years. Now we have come to a point where we need your help in order to remain independent and make Huntdown a reality.

Today we have a fully playable unshared demo build. Our work to date has consisted of a massive work of concept, gameplay development, testing and overall game structure. The fuzzy and uncertain time-consuming phase of the work like brainstorming, sketching and conceptualizing is already done. All formats are prepared. In short, we are ready to produce the rest of the game, level by level, enemy by enemy, gun by gun.

This work is all about passion -
Our vision is to make the perfect platformer we always wanted to play ourselves.


We would love to receive your opinions about the game in any way. We are very open minded and truly want to hear from your point of view. It would be super cool if you would join us on our journey to perfecting this game.

Official website:


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  • Tommy Gustafsson
    Works today as a designer in his own company in Sweden. In project Huntdown he´s working with all the graphics, concept and music. Tommy is an outright nerd when it comes to gaming and cheesy action movies, especially those from the early 80s. He grew up with his beloved Commodore Amiga 500, where he first pixelated in Deluxe Paint and did frame-by-frame animations back in the late 80s/ early 90s. He also made music with tracker programs like the primitive 4-channel Startrekker. Little did he know that all these practices would come in handy in designing Huntdown.
  • Andreas Rehnberg
    Andreas is an experienced programmer with a passion for great gameplay. Andreas was there from the beginning, as a kid he started coding on a C64. He grew up with them all: Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Amiga and he basically spent all his youth in arcade halls. He also shares Tommy's love for 80s’ action movies and games. Andreas has spent over 20 years creating games with millions of players, but now it's time to make the game project of his dreams.