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Legend of Lumina

A monster raising RPG with farming, town building and multiplayer on PC.

Legend of Lumina
Yes 94% No 6%

Genre: Action, JRPG, Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation

Developer: Apex Frontier



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Platforms: PC

Legend of Lumina is a monster raising RPG with farming, town building and multiplayer.

You take on the role as a Hero conceived by the Mushroom of Light and fulfill your destiny by restoring your village, Lumina to it's former glory. 

Lumina Farm is all you have at the beginning and it is a place for you to farm and raise your beloved monsters. There are more than 50 types of plants to grow throughout the year and more than 500 monsters to tame and collect in the world.

There are also crafting, fishing, logging, mining and many more features in the game.

We were inspired by Rune Factory series and Digimon World to create Legend of Lumina. We are all gamers like you and we really love monster raising especially when you can mount all of them! <3

Legend of Lumina will be released on Steam(PC/MAC/Linux) for the initial launch and we hope we will be able to release it on PS4, PS Vita and XBOX ONE in the future.

Legend of Lumina revolves around taming and raising monsters to aid you through your adventure. In order to progress through the game, you will have to tame and raise lots of different monsters. 

But before taming and raising monsters, you will have to acquire enough resources to sustain them. By resources we mean food and Lux(Lumina currency). Both of them can be found through farming as crops can act as a source of food or be sold for Lux in the village. Taming feature will be covered in more details down below.

Last but not least, while you venture the world you will come across many wandering NPCs. You can recruit them and have access to more resources to expand Lumina village. Make sure to keep an eye on the people or monsters who needs your help.

Basically the game features the following points:

  • Grow crops for food and Lux(Lumina Currency)

  • Tame and raise monsters

  • Adventure(Story, Crafting, Fishing, Mining, Logging.etc)

  • Recruit NPC(Village expansion)

  • Unlock new region and resources
    ->Back to growing better crops and raising stronger monsters

But of course you are free to do whatever you see fit in your current stage of progression as this is just a rough idea of how the gameplay is going to be. You are free to explore the game at your own pace.


Monsters are the center of the game and they fit in your everyday lives. They will help you out in every aspects of the game as you acquire more monsters. Each of the monsters posses their own strength and weaknesses and they can pick up certain role in your adventure.

Most monsters can serve more purpose than just combat as some of them are better suited for watering crops and some are better at defending your farm, so pick those that suits you the most in your current situation.

Although all of them are different, they share a similar trait, which is all of them are mountable! Every single monster that you see in the game is tamable and mountable, including the gigantic bosses.(Gigantic bosses can evolve further as well!)

Riding and raising monster is really awesome but you will have to tame them in the wild first. In order to tame one of these mythical beasts, you will have to figure out their favourite food and feed it to them. 

Once the monster is fed and satisfied, you can climb on it's back and start taming it. Monsters will try to shake you off while you are at it so you need to keep your balance behind their back. If you manage to hold on to their back until they give up, the tame will be successful.

But if you fail, you can always try again in the near future. Just make sure to stock up on the tasty snacks.


 Your beloved monster partners does not stay in one form forever and they will metamorph as you feed them different food that you come across in the world or your farm.

Each of them prefer certain type of food and those food will trigger their morphing. Most of them have multiple metamorph pattern so try to feed them different food and observe the outcome.

Not all monsters metamorph with the same method, some require slightly different method so keep exploring to find the clue to unlock all the monsters.


You can mount your beloved monsters once you have acquired enough affection from them. It is really easy to raise the affection level if you feed them and pet them on daily basis.

Once the affection level is above certain level, you can mount them into combat and each of them possess different skills. You can use all the monster’s attack and cast all their skill once you are mounted on them.


 Monsters come in different shape and sizes and some can be rarer than others. You can find different rarities of monsters throughout the world and the rarer they are, the stronger they get so keep an eye for those with strange looking pattern and particles around them.

Here's the normal Nurago(left), Shadow Nurago(Middle) and Luminous Nurago(Right).

The Shadow monsters are usually stronger than normal monsters and Luminous monsters are usually stronger than shadow so make sure to not let them get away if you managed to find one. Each greater rarity will result in higher general stats for the monsters and will even affect their skills.

The rarities are not limited to Shadow and Luminous but we won't spoil it here. =)


This is Lumina farm and it's the place where magic happens. You can grow all sorts of magical crops here and they are your best source of food and income. Each crops varies in sale price and will net you a lot of Lux(Lumina currency) if you sell them to the local stores.

If the crops are well taken care of, they will fuse together and become extremely huge and nutritious. It will require lots of hard work and dedication to allow the crops to transform. Nine of the crops will fuse together and form a gigantic crop and they will sell for much higher price and serve more purposes.

Crops can also come in different rarities and rarer ones require additional care to grow. Even though it is more challenging to grow rare crops, the result is usually worth the wait as they can fetch a good price and are required for legendary monsters to grow.


Lumina Village is your home and is filled with lovely mushrooms. But due to a catastrophe in the past, it is no longer a prosperous and wealthy village.

There's only a few villagers and stores in the village at the beginning of the game so it is your effort to recruit and attract more villagers to join the village.

There are many ways to recruit NPCs to the village and one of them is to recruit sufficient monsters to the town so the villagers will acquire help to rebuild their stores and homes. As you work your way to make Lumina Village a better place, you will find yourself closer to the truth of your identity.


Villagers are your main source of progression and they will unlock special features of the game for you if you build enough relationship with them. Each of the villagers is unique and you can befriend them by interacting with them.

Residents of Lumina village are not limited to humans. Some of them can be really different but all of them will work together in harmony in the peaceful village.

Meet “Curry”, the angler! He will sell you fishing related items and help you through your fishing journey once you have unlocked him as a resident in Lumina.


Interactions with villagers include and are not limited to:

  • Gifts: Present them with gifts to improve relationship. 

  • Quest: Villagers will request for your aid once in awhile and will reward you with something unexpected.

  • Crafting: Some villagers are skillful at certain art and you will require their aid to acquire certain items.

  • Trade: Some villagers will setup their store in the village so you can buy and sell your items with them.

  • Marriage: By accumulating enough friendship, or finishing a series of quest, you can marry some of the villager in Lumina.

You will unlock more villagers as you progress through the story and you only start with a handful of villagers and limited resources. Help them and they will help you restore Lumina village.


Explore the world around Lumina and you will find plenty of unique biomes and all of them are inhabited by special monsters. No two area is identical in the wild and they are all filled with puzzles and secrets to unlock. 

Beside normal monsters, each biome is filled with Mini-bosses, Hidden-bosses and Champions. Each of them spawn under certain circumstances and some can only be encountered if you are lucky.

Here’s some sneak peak of the biomes:

You can also find different skill spheres in the biomes as you venture through the wilderness and those spheres enable you to cast certain skill at will at a cost of your stamina. Only 2 skill spheres can be equipped at any given time so make sure you have picked the right skill before engaging in combat. 


In order to restore Lumina, plenty of resources are required to build and sustain the village. Lucky for us, those can be found across the land and every biome offer specific resources. Travel around the world and you will find the material that you and your village needs.You can find many resources by logging and mining.


Plenty of fish can be found in the water and they can be used as food or crafting materials.Craft or acquire a fishing pole and you can start fishing in the wild. There are more than 100+ species of fish to catch around the world!


Remember to upgrade your fishing pole when you try to challenge the legendary fishes in each biome as they can put up a tough fight!


As you venture deeper to find the truth, you will need better equipment as you can be easily overwhelmed by the monsters further down the road. There are plenty of equipment to craft to combat that issue. Here's some sneak peak of the equipment:

You can also craft lots of other stuff such as tools, food, gift, house decorations, materials and much more. Have we told you that some monsters are only obtainable by crafting...? Yes, you can craft monsters! We will not spoil too much about it here as we want you to find out in the game on your own.


Adventure can be fun with your monster partner, but wouldn't it be more fun if you can do it with your friends? That is what we have always been experiencing while playing RPG games so we would like to remove the barrier between players so they can share the experience together.

You can plant crops and take care of your monsters together with your friends in the farm. Everyone can be responsible for different task such as plowing the land, planting seeds or watering the plants.

We plan to allow up to 4 players co-op for Legend of Lumina as any number of players beyond that limit would make the game unbalanced.


Most of our art is directed towards chibi and cool so you will find a mixture of both in Legend of Lumina. We are using cubes for the environment because we feel that it represent modern and retro at the same time and players can easily identify the landscape as they explore the areas.

Here's some concept art that brought Legend of Lumina to life and hope you like it.

We have been developing Legend of Lumina full time for about 9 months now so we think that it's about time to start receiving feedbacks from the community.

Let us know what do you think that is cool or what do you not like about the game and we will go through every single one of them. We want the community to be involved in our development process to bring the best out of the game.

We are constantly updating our website, facebook and twitter so you can leave us a message on either one of them and we will reply them as soon as possible.

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More Updates


Villagers plays an important role in Legend of Lumina as they can help you in your adventure. Lumina only start with a handful of villagers and you can invite more of them to join the village by helping them out. Each villager will serve their own purpose and provide you with different resources throughout the game.

Besides being useful, they can also become your friend and participate in your daily life routine. You can take part in village events with them if they like you enough. Befriend them and they will reward you!

At the beginning of the game, you can find the following villagers in Lumina:

Meet Dylan, the forest doctor. He will heal you when you and low on health or when you are sick, for a fee ofcourse!


Here we have Claudia, the item shop keeper. You should be dropping by the shop pretty often because this is the place where you buy or sell your goods.


Next we will be introducing Owayne, the village miner. You can acquire different raw material from him or sell him ores for a greater price. He love lying around staring at the sky...


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  • Welson "Popomaro" Gan
    The creative mind and concept behind the game. ​ Welson is obsessed with monster taming and raising game since young and devote his life to game development after graduating with a Games Development Degree in Malaysia. ​​ ps: He loves whale for some reason.
  • Lilen "Popomaru" Lim
    She is the 2D Concept Artist behind Legend of Lumina. She can be seen drawing all kinds of cute stuff. ​ An artist by day and a gamer by night, she enjoys good RPG games but shun horror games entirely.
  • Joshua "RedScorpion" Loo
    ​A big, loud, stubborn but sociable panda like human with a constant jolly demeanor. Big Brother to many who gets to know him and a big heart to share to many. Skill wise, he has an unhealthy obsession for technical art drawings, and great love for all giant robots or mechas. He may seems to produce large amount of mecha art but on contrary to popular believes, he does draw other things such as characters and monsters design at the side.
  • ​Lai EeC​hing
    Talented artist with great passion for 3D modelling. She learn and adept really fast when it comes to art. But she can be forgetful sometimes...
  • Lum "WCLuckz" Wai Chee
    Addicted to games since childhood and really passionate about creating games. He always play games whenever he have free time. ​ He once pursue Game Programming Degree but dropped out of the course after learning that he could learn more on his own.
  • ​​Crimson Flare
    A fiery night owl, usually having trouble with day time routine. Likes to explore 3D software and go nuts with it, and also love to make animation parody. Enjoys watching behind the scene more than actual movie/ games and he will study how professionals from the industry produce them.