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A tower defense game that introduces elements of education, new TD mechanics and an awesome story. And I want to make it gorgeous.

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Genre: Strategy

Developer: Haris Game Studio



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Platforms: PC

"And only then, Haarmu knew. He knew the time for him to finally control the machines from his own world has come.

It was time for the elements of his drawings to come to life.”

Before we start talking about how Haarmu will come into the rooms of players around the world, we will first take a look at the very beginning of the idea. The name Haarmu emerged as a combination of the first two letters taken from my name and the names of my friends that gave me huge motivational support. 

Haris – Ha

Armin – Ar

Muhammed – Mu

When we combine these fragments name Haarmu is born. 

What is Haarmu

It's a tower defense game in which I wanted to introduce some elements of education, new TD mechanics and an awesome story. Before Haarmu I made a couple of games for Android, Windows Phone and PC. But this game is my favorite work. And I want to make it gorgeous. 


  • 12 towers
  • emotional story to divine into
  • more than 100 levels (separated in episodes)
  • smartphone version with tower training and mini games
  • different tower defense mechanics 
  • education and much more

The game is a collision of two stories that talk about a boy named Haarmu. He dreamed every night about his own world, a perfect combination of joy and happiness that a boy could imagine. But right now we have to correct ourselves. He was not just "one" boy. His ability to convey his drawings in the dream was not ordinary. In fact it was so unusual, that these drawings came to life. He liked to draw machines that would save the world. However, this perfect combination began to be the ground for an enormous shadow named Romid. Romid wanted to get to Haarmu’s dream and disrupt the balance that ruled there.

Finally, it was time for Haarmu to call his drawings, and with the help of them, defend his dream world. 

Read more about the story:

Screenshot 1. Enemy mothership, approaching the playfield

1. \\ 

Setting up a tower on a tile is important in Haarmu. Each block contains an element. Also, each tower has its own element. Setting Firecooker (fire tower) on the tile with the element of fire, would give Firecooker better performance. If you put the same tower on a tile with the water element, its performance will not have full scope. 

Screenshot 2. Firecookers, fire-type towers on their mission to destroy Romid army

2. \\

Usually setting up towers within the tower defense game is final. In Haarmu certain towers will allow movement on a new tile. 

3. \\

In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, Haarmu contains another new mechanic. If a player is not satisfied with the accuracy of the tower which is set, there is a possibility of controlling a tower! Yes, by pressing a button the player moves the view of the tower and within his perspective has the ability to manually shoot at enemies. Of course, these mechanics will be limited to only certain types of towers.

Screenshot 3. Be Tower mode

+One \\

Last, the fourth mechanic is related to the hardest level while playing Haarmu. In addition to the dangerous enemies, the player will have to answer a chemistry question before defending that chemistry element. That’s a really good space for promoting knowledge in video games.

(see The Unbearable Lightness of Defense) 

Haarmu’s story is deeply connected with the basic drivers "under the hood". Therefore, the player will feel the need to save the world in Haarmu’s dream. Because there is this spark.

The main enemy in the game, Romid Army, comes in Haarmu’s dream because of chemical elements. To take them. For the great power of movement.What the author wants to say to you, dear reader... Your mission is to save the elements.

So first level is H - hydrogen.

Each periodic element is a level or one phase of that great defense. 


The game will be three levels of difficulty. The first level gives you the option of playing with a very weak opponents. The second level introduces smarter enemies, the ability to unlock additional towers. The third level brings a whole new element. Before defending a particular chemical element, the player will be asked a question about chemistry, which, if answered correctly, can move on to the gameplay and defense. Herein lies the educational features of the game. Because there is no better way of learning than doing it with fun, especially if we think fun as a video game. 

Haarmu and its main story, levels will be playable on PC only. Everything you saw is work in progress, but these things are only for desktop experience. 

But your smartphone may help you reach your goal faster. 


Screenshot 4. Firecooker (levels), fire-type tower, render (just a placeholder models for the game)

Smartphone version will be a training center build from bricks of mini games.

For example, if you take Firecooker tower, select it and take time to train his accuracy, line of sight, speed, rotation, his performance is saved in the cloud (only if you want it). Finished with training your tower at your favorite local coffee shop? Great. When you come home, your Firecooker tower in the desktop version will be much better, perform with better scope, accuracy etc. This mini-train-center game for Haarmu will be on Android, iOS and WIndows Phone. 

Everything you see here is created by one guy, including assets, code, story, marketing. This guy wants to make great games. And thanks to this great community I finally have a chance to tell you about my work.

AlsoI want you to be involved as this game and universe, evolves. With that great support, and support by amazing people at Square Enix and IndieGogo this could be something great.

I hope you will give me a chance and opportunity to do so. 

Also, I will post more updates and more info about the game once I see you are interested in more. There is more to this game. 


Game is a work in progress. Right now, I am focused on developing and implementing features. After that, I will start to work on better assets, animations and polishing. 

If you have any kind of question, about the gameplay, story or anything else game related I am happy to answer here. 

Haarmu is social



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  • Haris Mujkic
    Started developing games in 2006. Using C#, Java and C++ (still learning) to talk with computers. Loves writing shaders (HLSL) although having a lot to learn. Using XNA and Unity engine with ease. Until now released a game for Windows Phone, two games for Android, one for BlackBerry and one for PC. Haarmu represents his favorite project, but also the first adventure in 3D graphics, 3D math and writing shaders. In particular, strong supporter of a good story and narrative in games. Big fan of RPG and strategy games. Favorite games: Dragon Quest VIII and FF12. Also enjoyed the Gothic 2 worlds. When not working on serious projects, he writes his own Direct3D/DirectX engine. One day wants to make a game that is constantly changing, and each iteration offers a different ending.