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VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness

VEmpire is a history-based digital deckbuilding-game about the resurgence of the Habsburg Dynasty as terrific vampires!

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness
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Genre: Strategy

Developer: VEmpire Entertainment

PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android


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Platforms: PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android

VEmpire is a turn-based card game about building an empire that is stronger than your opponent's!
As soon as one player has 50 points in his empire, he is going to win. The opponent has three turns to catch up. The player can choose to play against the AI, invite a friend for a casual game, or play a match against a selected opponent.

VEmpire is a deckbuilding game like Dominion or Ascension, just to name two popular games of this genre. It provides innovative mechanics and an exciting, atmospheric theme that is about the resurgence of the Hapsburg rulers as terrific vampires!
VEmpire includes more than 100 unique cards in four classes, it will have a fixed-price and it comes to PC, MAC & Linux first through Steam. The iOS, Android & Wii-U versions will follow soon!


    It is the goal of the game to build a strong empire of cards on the game board not in the decks!

    You decide which Class you want to play with. Depending on this you get your private deck in the Market-Place to acquire cards from!

    You collect and play Groups, the most powerful unities in the game, which are designed after its historical examples (e.g. Pairs like 'Sisi' & 'Franz Joseph'). They count twice if completed in your empire, but not at all if not!

    Location-cards give you holding-ability which provides you with more strategic flexibility and control!

    Play three different types of Power-Cards for fast and surprising play!

    Vampire-cards can be played for acquiring new cards or into your empire to gather realm points - but there is no way back, so decide wisely!

    Use offensive or defensive Spell-cards depending on your strategy!



For hundreds of years the cruel Kings of Hapsburg have ruled Europe making history all over the world. Now they are back again: Bloody and bizarre shine the emperors, kings and dukes of the days gone again - dangerous but glorious - as Vampires of the Empire - the Kings of Darkness.

At the same time, different generations have returned into the old world to meet each other again at the battlefield of power and influence. Four classes of power are fighting for taking control of the dark kingdom. – Where will you fight?

The history of the Hapsburg dynasty is the inspiration for our extraordinary theme.
Our artists did an amazing job in turning mighty rulers into terrific vampires. Our cards are subtle interpretations of historical characters, places and events.
The artwork and its music and sound makes VEmpire a stunning game with unique play & atmosphere.
Horrible but always elegant and of course lurid, but just a little!


VEmpire is a digital deckbuilding game. A deckbuilding game is a card game where building a powerful deck is part of the game itself - in opposite to a CCG (Collectible Card-Game) where the deck is being assembled before the match starts.

In a typical deckbuilding game both players start with a weak start-deck. They can acquire better cards with a “currency” that the already owned cards are providing! Newly acquired cards go into the discard pile of the player, they will be drawn later. At the beginning of the game and at the end of each turn a hand of five cards is drawn from your deck. If your deck is empty, your discard pile will be shuffled and become the new deck. All cards, which lead to victory (or defeat) are available within the game through normal play!




It is the goal to gather empire-points. They can be collected by playing cards with empire-points from your hand into your Empire on the board.

If the empire-value of a player is 50 or more points this player is about to win.
He will win if the opponent cannot catch up
 within the next 3 rounds!


The game starts with the flip of two cards. The same card twice means that you will choose your class first and play first. The opponent will therefore select his class from the remaining ones. Each player starts with a start-deck of 10 cards: 9 Mercenaries and one Location-card.


You could buy new and better cards from the Market-Place with the gulden-values from your cards by playing them from your hand for acquiring.

As the game starts, the Market-Place is built out of the cards from both selected classes.
The two leftmost cards are your private deck and consists of vampire & realm cards of your selected class.
The two rightmost cards are the private deck of your opponent. Only he can buy those cards.
However with spell-cards you can banish cards also from your opponent’s private cards.

The three cards in the middle of the Market-Place are the location- and spell-cards of both classes!
This means that each class-duel combination provides a fresh and unique collection of cards which offers different tactical and strategic challenges and possibilities.


At the beginning of the game and at the end of each turn each player draws 5 cards from his deck.
The player in second place draws 6 cards, but only in the first round.
If you have not enough guldens to buy a card, but you have a mercenary in your hand, you can sacrifice it for as many guldens as you need for buying the most expensive card!
Before the cards for the next turn are being drawn from the player’s deck, all played cards (except the “held” ones) go back into the players discard-pile.
This means that played cards will stay in the game and will appear again later because if the deck is empty the discard-pile will be shuffled and becomes the new deck.
This is not true for cards, which were played into the empire, or cards which have gone in the graveyard!

(Be aware: already played cards as well as currently acquired cards cannot be played twice within a turn!
If such cards are in the discard-pile and this needs to be shuffled, those cards will stay in the discard-pile!)

In your turn, you can:

  • Play vampire-cards from your hand into the Market-Place for acquiring

  • Play vampire-cards from your hand into your empire to increase your power

  • Play location-cards from your hand into your empire for additional guldens each turn

  • Play spell-cards from your hand for immediate effects

  • Play power-cards and surprise your opponent

  • Hold cards until the next turn



All cards belong to one of four specific classes.
Each class is equivalent with a specific time-period. This means that the original characters or items were relevant at this time.
At the beginning of the game the player can select the class he wants to play with.
This means that he tries to build his empire with cards of this class.
Therefore, both players have their own private-decks available for acquiring at the Market-Place exclusively.

  • Class I (1237-1526)

  • Class II (1526-1648)

  • Class III (1648-1792)

  • Class IV (1792-1914 )




The most important cards in the game provide Empire- and/or Gulden-values.
They can be played into the Empire or for Acquiring new cards with their Gulden-values by playing into the Market-Place. If played into the Empire the cards will stay there, if played for acquiring they will go back into your Discard-Pile after each turn.
The 9 Mercenaries in the start-deck are also Realm-Cards!


Group-Cards are special Vampire- or Realm-cards that belong together (⚭ symbol). They are the most powerful entities in VEmpire!
If a whole group is being played into the player’s empire their values will count twice, otherwise they will not count at all!
If a group is being entirely played into the empire within one turn, one extra point is added per card!



Three types of power-cards are available:

    If you acquire a card of this type it goes into your hand immediately!

    If you play a card of this type into your empire you can take any card from
    the Market-Place into your hand without paying it's cost!


    If you play a card of this type into your empire further cards will be drawn from your deck!




"Locations" provide additional guldens and hold-values each turn. One hold-value means that you can hold one card in your hand until the next turn! They can be played into the Empire only, but be careful they can also be banished by a spell-card!




Spell-Cards provide various additional effects depending on the Spell-Type:

    You can banish a card from the Market-Place or the opponent’s location-deck

  • DRAW
    Draw additional cards from your deck into your hand

    This card is played into your opponent’s empire and deals a certain amount of damage

    A card from your hand or discard-Pile can be cloned

    A card from the graveyard can be revived


First of all: In VEmpire you can play against the AI without beeing connected to the internet!
If logged in you can invite a friend for a casual game or play a match against an opponent that the server find suitable for you!



After three years of work the game is almost done in it's core, also the hard parts like PvP!
We've also had a successful alpha-phase and gathered great feedback from our players.
Many suggestions have found the way into the upcoming Beta, and have made the game to an
even more exciting experience!

The game is also already greenlit on steam, thanks to our amazing community!



Although the game is almost done, you can already subsribe to the beta (web-version) on our website, it is still effort required to bring the game to the target platforms in a quality that fulfills your & our expectations!
Also the PvP modes requires a huge amount of additional testing.
All this means more time and money.

Therefore we want to check if there is potential for VEmpire on Kickstarter, simply because additional money would speed up the time to release a lot!
Additionally we could need any kind of valuable and free promotion we can get!

Collective is brilliant and a real powerful way for us to find and chat with players and collect feedback.
Thanks for all the support in advance!


Please follow the project here:

I hope that the current state can already pique your interest and excitement!

Thanks for reading & looking forward to your feedback and support!

Yours Wolfgang! 

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  • Wolfgang Lueger
    "We" this is mainly me, Wolfgang, I’m the developer of VEmpire. I do this game in my spare-time, but i do it seriously! Since three years I have been working on this project with just my own money. A few very talented and passionate artists are “supporting” me. I'm a professional software developer, architect and team-lead in a big company in the automotive industry in my main-job. Besides my beloved family this project has become the most important thing in my life! And - i love how this constructed world of "just cards" engages and excites me and others!